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Corbyn’s brilliant one-liner on Sky broadband breakdown becomes viral campaign hit

Corbyn’s response goes instantly viral

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn gave a perfect demonstration this evening of the wit and humanity that the Tories – including Calamity Johnson – cannot hope to match and which has helped Labour make a storming start to its campaign.

When media announced that Sky’s broadband service had stopped working, Corbyn quickly retorted:

Corbyn was, of course, referring to Labour’s ground-breaking plan to provide free high-speed broadband across the nation by renationalising parts of BT Openreach – bringing genuine equality to modern communications and access to information that the Tories have denied to millions.

Corbyn’s tweet went instantly viral, shared thousands of times across social media in the first hour or so after its publication.

Labour’s genuine status as a popular movement with huge numbers of grassroots activists rightly terrifies the Tories.

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  1. Capatalism broke down in 2007, 2hat we have now is socialism for the 1%
    Brexit broke down 3 years ago, this is a cheap and nasty Tory party Eton mess,
    What we have now is Team America ready to destroy the NHS
    Corporation Tax cuts generate more income, was that another lie,
    If we reduce it to zero, how much that would generate
    How much have tax cuts for the 1% cost since 2010

  2. Russian oligarch says to his grandson what would you like for Christmas,
    A cowboy outfit says the young lad
    So he bought him the Tory party

  3. How do you know when the PM is lying to you
    When his lips are moving
    Ask if he has any Russian mistresses
    Anyone for Tennis

  4. Diane Abbott was once asked about the lamentable record of the Labour party in government:

    “The Labour Party is under new management.”

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