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Video: Corbyn 10 days ago – removing flammable cladding is ‘common sense’

Labour leader responded to Rees-Mogg’s arrogance – but his words ring loud today

Ten days ago, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn responded to Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg’s arrogant claim that he would have survived the Grenfell Tower blaze because of his ‘common sense’.

Corbyn told the nation that ‘common sense’ is removing flammable cladding from residential tower blocks:

As London mayor, Boris Johnson answered questions about his huge cuts to fire services with ‘Get stuffed’.

This morning, the nation is reeling in horror at the sight of molten cladding yet again falling from a residential block:

There is only one candidate fit to run the country. Vote Labour.

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  1. Not a single person who knows anything about building and insulation will be suprised that a repeat performance of Towering inferno and the Grenfell fire nearly happened again this time in student accommodation.Nobody in this government will make a decision or do anything about the firetraps built over the last forty years that are insulated with an highly flammable and toxic insulation bolted to the fabric of the building with an air gap between the fabric and the insulation that acts as a chimney to quickly engulf the whole building including the top floors..Corporate murder with government local and national stepping back from a decision that has to be made.And I do not have the figures but how many buildings have been covered with these insulation panels ITS not just a British problem ,but a world wide problem.It will take billions to sort this and very soon writs Will be flying around like confetti and step up the lawyers.But who will actually make a decision to save will not be Johnson and the Torys with their Corperate paymasters.We will need to realise that more lives rest on Jeremy Corbyn being elected,not just the poor the vulnerable but also the innocent victims of Tory inaction and passing the buck whilst our people sit blithely unaware of the towering inferno they live and may die in Ps I stood outside the monkey club in Bolton as a young teenager and saw the bodys carried out of young teenagers having a Saturday night out in Bolton town centre ,they were caught in a fire with only one narrow stairway to get out of a fire ,many chose to smash through the rear top floor windows and throw themselves into the river croal below only a max of a foot deep and less in this so called river.,many from my school and older freinds died because nobody made a decision until after the the event.I will never forget the smell of smoke hanging round the town and the young lives lost,but here we are again young students in Bolton.,

  2. Ps I am nearly seventy years old and my memory is of the monkey club fire and many lives lost in Bolton of the 1950s.National fire regulations were altered and multiple fire escapes enforcement on commercial buidings after the fire in the monkey club.including public meeting buidings and clubs over 2 stories high. Sombody actually made a decision!

  3. Funny how life works,I mentioned yesterday that the BOLTON news banned me after my criticism of the news and rank biased reporting for the unelected Tory council in Bolton.I also criticised the owners multinational owner the Gannet cooperation based in Washington dc.Now we have a fire with the previous coverage of the BOLTON news taking the corporate line assuring the students that their building was not like the grenfell building and was safe.I wonder what line they will support today.Come on BOLTON Labour,dont take this from the torys Youve a duty to organise with your mps and nail them.Dont forget to knock loudly to get Sir causby out of bed,Yasmin Qurishi will know how to deal with the torys One good female mp one limping knight of the realm and a smug tory mp.. You have plenty to fight for and Squawky has just given you the ammunition

  4. Once again Corbyn hits the nail right on the head with his insistence that common sense dictates the removal of inflammable cladding from buildings.

    And once again he demonstrates the qualities needed for a leader of our nation. He is indeed the true and de facto Prime Minister of the UK. We now have the opportunity to give him the title for real and with it the keys to 10 Downing Street. We must not fail to take advantage of this unique, historic opportunity.

    JC4PM. The time is now.

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