Video: everywhere he goes, the UK public is sticking it to Boris Johnson

Compilation of the people giving Johnson shirt shrift

Boris Johnson’s short tenure as PM has been a disaster – and his start to the general election campaign has been as bad or worse, as the British public has taken him to task for his and his government’s abysmal performance and lack of humanity:

Here’s a compilation of your ‘best bits’, made by the excellent Matt Thomas:

Enjoy, then share.

Then vote Labour.

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  1. Good God!

    For a nanosecond there, I thought the old girl at the end was my dearly departed mam.

    And me mam’d have said the same; probly with a few added extras! God rest her x

    1. I thought it was me nana
      She had knitting needle arms and could knock you out with one punch,
      From the Isle of Dogs but had the good sense to marry a Jordi and move to Newcastle

    2. The Scottish religious TWat son who spewed froth at Jeremy in Edinburgh, has just been suspended by his church as he has a record of dishing out nasty homophobic and base anti Islamic post. Talk about Equal Opportunity bigotry‼️‼️‼️

      More joy – Amber Rudd’s multimillionaire People’s vote brother has just resigned from the PeeMendaciousArslisterBellendBliar’s Remain scam. Rudd’s hissy fit may be due to his darling sibling’s (Amber) evaporated campaign to be “PM of national unity”. Another one bites the dust! GOOD!! Harman rejected as speaker. BETTER. Harman dumped as MP would be best!!! A Labour victory with those parasite will be a burden.
      NB also: A creature abusing space as our MP, has his cabal, phoning people asking if they support him (NEIL COYLE). SPREAD THE WORD, The correct answer is “No! I’m supporting Labour! I’m supporting Jeremy.”

      The Coil is trying EVERYTHING to prevent the use of posters and material from Labour central office. His cabal is instructing foot-soldiers to ask on the doorstep, if they support Jeremy. The Coil’s leaflets scream about its victories. Never mind the foot soldiers. Never mind the phenomenal appeal and vision of Jeremy. Totally predictable. Coil by name. A coil by nature. An off switch.

  2. That is ALL Fake News it is the “””FACTS””” that matter at the end of the day! Pfffffft!!!!

    What have we seen of Jeremy Corbyn Love Everywhere, just one or two Deranged Freaks going on about the Terrorism or Antisemitism Bullshite!
    I bet the EC-whatever AS report will also make a very DELAYED but Well Timed Appearance full of MORE Bullshit! They have worn that out so thin that I think there are few people, of any persuasion, that actually take any of them seriously!

    1. Did you not hear about the results of the survey that the authors of Bad News For Labour commissioned – ie that on average, participants thought that 34% of Labour Party members had been reported for anti-semitism.

      And THAT was just a few months ago. So much for it wearing thin!

      There are TWO contingents generally who know that it’s all a smear campaign – ie those on the left, and the blue, red and yellow Tory fascists, and there are several million of the latter.

  3. British Jews will do themselves no favours by backing Johnson’s Tories whether it’s by voting for them (80% voted Tory in 2017) or for False Flag Swansong. They are constantly threatening to leave the UK but oddly don’t. It’s not easy to chuck up 100 years of power, (politics), influence (media) and good money (law etc). I wonder if Berger will leave if Corbyn wins? She probably will if she doesn’t get a seat. Nobody knows for sure where she came from until Blair parachuted her into a safe Liverpool seat. British Jews suffer much less than blacks and browns in this deeply racist country. That’s still the case of course. British Jews had support from a wide range of Society from Socialists in particular during the early days of the kibbutz. Their influence on the Left was profound. Now they want to chuck it in. They were also known for their high education and a sort of very respectable demeanour that makes the viciousness of Dame Margaret Hodge shouting at Corbyn that he’s ‘a fucking racist and anti Semite’ and the hate filled rants of Woodcock and Austin really quite surprising. Coupled with the viciousness of their beloved Israel none of it is the least attractive to ordinary Brits. If they really believe the nonsense they spout maybe they should go?

    1. “British Jews will do themselves no favours …” “Now they want to chuck it in”

      FFS. You’ve gone from justified criticism of the Tories using ‘antisemitism’ as a weapon to slipping into an actual antisemitic trope in one dumb step. Nothing like feeding the enemy, is there?

      ‘They’!!! : Be specific rather than falling into this sort of sloppiness.

      There are plenty of jewish people who are horrified at what Tories are doing to enlist jewish identity in support of their cause. Go and read the mass of intelligent articles on the JVL website. I’d particularly recommend the recent one by Robert Cohen :

      Do get a grip on this.

      1. I have read the article and Yes, it’s sane and I’d support it. But your all too predictable accusation of anti Semetism rather proves my point I think. “Lock him up” is your solution I imagine? ‘They’ is not ad hominem when over 50% of a particular group espouse the same view.

      2. You’ve just doubled down on your own actual antisemitic statements. Not very clever – unless you’re looking to support the Tories and their allies by trolling!

        If you can’t distinguish between my criticisms of your thoughtless incomprehension of the issues involved and those who are manipulating the ‘antisemitism’ scam, than you are sadly lacking in the ability to discriminate.

        For your information, I have frequently posted on the iniquities of false antisemitism allegations and their cynical use – which is why I am pissed off at you giving ammunition to the enemy by not having a clue about what you write.

        I don’t think that you are ‘antisemitic’. Just not very well informed, and my advice would be to stay away from the topic until you’ve got a better grasp.

      3. Your condescending tone is infuriating.- especially when you are so wrong.

      4. Sorry – but dickheads blithely spouting antisemitic tropes don’t deserve to be listened to. If you haven’t clocked the problem, yet, you really do need to engage the brain.

        Otherwise – sorry you think I’m ‘wrong’. Perhaps you are indeed really antisemitic rather than just misguided and unaware.

        Oh – and – yes – that is a bit condescending. It’s the only way I can offer you an excuse for feeding opposition by confirming the narrative of the nutjobs like Austin, Woodcock and Co. with your clodhopping references to ‘Jews’ as a unified sectarian group.

        That is prejudice – and the same as any other utterances of that ilk. Get to know it. Then sign up to Labour opposition to it.

      5. Moral hazard
        There are no sanctions for those making vexatious claims of anti semitism
        Until it’s made a hate crime and prosecuted then fuckwits and Cockwombles will continue to get away with it

    2. Paul, there are Labour members who’ve been unreasonably suspended – but if you were suspended for what you just wrote you’d get no support from me.
      There’s more casual racism in your comments than I remember reading in anyone else’s replies here.
      I suppose it’s just about possible for someone honestly to believe they have no racist thoughts or feelings and still use such language as yours – but it’s stretching my credibility.
      I believe Labour offers help to members who are unwittingly using racist tropes, possibly due to societal influences – but first I think people need to want to change.

      1. We seem to have got to the stage where even saying (or singing) the word ‘Jew’ is enough to get you censured. It’s nonsense. Anti Semitism is one thing but criticism of Israel and the Jewish lobby in the UK is another. They aren’t the same.

    3. “It’s not easy to chuck up 100 years of power, (politics), influence (media) and good money (law etc)” is the epitome of an antisemitic trope – the assertion that Jews are the unseen hand controlling the world.

      “British Jews suffer much less than blacks and browns” “blacks and browns” ffs? Unbelievably crass.

      “and a sort of very respectable demeanour” implies that Jewish respectability is no more than a veneer.

      “their beloved Israel” ignores the fact that many Jews are critical of Israel’s actions and implies that “they” are all the same.

      “ordinary Brits. If they really believe the nonsense they spout maybe they should go?” They don’t spout. Some Jews are implicated in deliberate exaggerations of Labour AS but so is the whole of the Tory party and the whole of the MSM. Should they “go” too?

      I tried to be non-judgemental but your denials indicate you really are a racist. Get help.

    4. British Zionists are doing British Jews no favours by backing Johnson’s Tories! It is the Zionists in the CP, LP, LD, BP who are ALL Tories through and through not the Jews, British Jews are British Citizens and they only have Britain and the British People at Heart NOT the Establishment!
      All that Hate-filled Ranting is coming from Zionists, Jews and Non Jews alike!
      They Hate the Left and they Hate Socialism therefore they will do everything in their Power to keep Corbyn out of Nr10.
      The Danger is that the Zionist hides behind the guise of the Jew with that PERSISTENT message ‘we speak for ALL Jews’ as they make their Fake, Racist and Timely attacks BUT will happily sit back when the REAL antisemites come, dare I say History repeats itself!
      Thankfully this time there are many Jeremy Corbyn/s rising to prevent the Fascists and Racists from rising!

      1. I’m sure you are right. I worked in a profession where there were many Jewish people, Solicitors and Barristers. With one exception they were all lovely people, talented and humane. I haven’t heard ANY compliant from them about ‘anti-semitism’ in Labour. and most think we are silly to take such crude Israeli State propaganda seriously.

  4. Our first taste of the new Jewishness for me came with the viciousness of Woodcock screaming at Ken Livingstone that he was an anti Semite. I thought we’d soon hear he’d been ill but it turned out to be the start of a trend of abuse and lies.

    1. “Our?” … “The new Jewishness?” As evidenced by Woodcock screaming at Livingstone?
      The new Jewish what – militancy? Evil? Zionism? Religiosity? Conservatism? What?
      “The new Jewishness” paints Jews as an undifferentiated horde.
      By your logic all Pauls must be antisemites.
      Get help.

      1. Calm down! ‘Our’? Us readers? I don’t understand the objection. ‘New’ Jewishness? Yes! as soon as Corbyn was elected there was talk of recognising Palestine in the UN. Soon Israeli diplomats were filmed offering Rightwing Labourites £1m to ‘bring him down’. That was new! It was back in the 1940’s that the British actually fought the Zionists. Relations in the intervening period were good/excellent. If your real criticism is that Jewish lobbies are referred to as ‘they’ then I wonder what you call a room full of Tories? The problem with the campaign to stop a British Government backing Palestine is that it rarely ever says that outright so they are left with blowing clouds of mis-information – and actually they are so short of ideas it’s little more now than straight forward abuse (‘dickhead’ is v popular for some) amid clouds of innuendo. After 3 years it gets only too obvious. Hodge, Austin and Woodcock are worthy of our respect? That totally devalues your opinion on this subject. Nobody likes to be emotionally blackmailed, vilified and bullied in the name of an Imperialistic war in the ME. What is infuriating is the way what is a Geopolitical issue is treated as some primitive racist reaction from the deepest English pits. The truth is we (so sorry!) don’t want to be treated like America.

      2. Can I suggest Zealots perhaps…a small Jewish sect uncompromising and fanatical,Racial or denomination criticism doesnt do justice to the fanatical hatred of socialism and Jeremy Corbyn..Massada was a defining point for the jews enslaved by the Roman empire.and the goal of a capital in the end game for evangelical Christians praying for the end of times in Jerusalem..Zealots are an historical fact and neither jews or Christians would argue with that.

    2. Actually, it was John Mann not Woodcock. As a longtime Labour supporter and British Jew, I’m not so ultra sensitive about so-called anti-Semitism. I grew up around Ridley Road and was there when Mosley had his last rallies there that ended in riots. I was in the middle of it. In the early 60’s I worked in Smithfield Meat Market and regularly confronted Mosley’s bodyguard, who was a Bummaree porter, when he tried to address a crowd in one of the avenues. One of my bosses on my rank , when I was a porter, was an early National Front member , who put up notices of their meetings on the rank wall, which I would tear down as soon as they went up. Sometimes reaching over his shoulder to do it as he put them up. I got jumped by 3 porters and took a kicking for that, although I still didn’t stop.
      I don’t know any Jews that believe in the rubbish about Labour Party ant-Semitism and where I live in Stamford Hill in a very Hasidic area, Labour Party anti-Semitism is not a topic of conversation that I hear.
      My personal view, you might think a little extreme, but I would send in NATO to take out the settlements on the West Bank. After all, they don’t seem to be doing anything useful, at the moment.

      1. Paul Rechnitz…nice to hear what’s happening amongst the Hasidic community in Stamford wifes a jew from Brighton via the east end.and she like me have never encountered any AS at meetings of the Labour party..But to deny we have a problem with AS is not true.We have a problem with the Hodge berger and lansman stoking the fires and I honestly can’t understand the lodgic,although I can see the target..Socialism and Corbyn..We can only speculate but the long term damage to the Labour party they have spent so much time in makes no sense at all.I suspect that Israeli ocuppation of the west bank is only one of the arguments that the zealots have with the Labour party and Corbyn

      2. “I don’t know any Jews that believe in the rubbish about Labour Party ant-Semitism”

        Paul (the other one) – That is gratifying to hear. It is also the reason why some of us are so wound up about careless use of generalized tropes here.

        Many, like us, will recognize and be in touch with the reality, but those who are perpetuating the ‘antisemitism’ scam *love* the sort of lazy-minded (at best) generalisations that they can quote from left-wing sources that are prejudiced in effect – even if not in intent.

        Apart from that – it’s simply inaccurate to treat any cultural, racial or religious group as an undifferentiated mass. Talking about ‘blacks and browns’ simply compounds the error..

      3. So what do you call ethnic groups? Minorities seems inadequate. Tinged is one recent suggestion from the white community. In a very diverse culture it’s impossible and irresponsible to lump everybody together. What’s the point of laws against discrimination if minorities aren’t allowed to identify themselves?

      4. Paul – Your question is a reasonable one. There can be too much pseudo-sensitivity about names. But this is different from the issue that wound up myself and David – which is that of assuming generalised characteristics/behaviour on the basis of a particular identity. That is prejudice.

        But, yes, over-sensitivity over names can be tedious. I’ve often cited the case of my mother who, quite neutrally used the term ‘coloured’ to describe people whose skin wasn’t pink or lightly tanned. This term is currently frowned upon.

        But that old lady, I remember, also stood in the middle of a busy newsagents and confronted another customer about their racist behaviour towards the girl behind the counter who was of south Asian origin. How many wittering about terminology would have done the same?

        So – I appreciate your concern about posing sensitivity. But there is a difference between that and bald generalisations.

  5. The Johnson regime is following the Cameron and May regimes in the arbitrary detention and torture of journalist and publisher Julian Assange now incarcerated in a British max security prison where he is treated worse than the most violent convicted criminals and terrorists. UK is a rogue state where democracy and rule of domestic and international laws are blatantly ignored or treated with contempt.
    EU parliament session “Journalism Is Not A Crime – The Assange Extradition Case”

    I note LP MEPs didn’t bother to ask questions, did any even bother to attend? Who knows.

    1. ” UK is a rogue state where democracy and rule of domestic and international laws are blatantly ignored or treated with contempt.”

      Indeed. It should not behave like Russia if it wants credibility – not a good model.

      1. Russia?!?!

        That describes America more than anyone else

      2. RH the cold war is over and don’t confuse the Russian mafia with the much maligned Russian state.Perhaps listen to the RT broadcaster and give the BBC biased broadcaster a rest and expand your horizans….solidarity comrade.

      3. I’m talking about the current state, Joseph (what makes you think otherwise?) – and RT is even more controlled by their mafia elite than the Beeb is by ours.

  6. I was hoping for the “toe rag” clip. But that will do to be getting on with

    1. Florence I don’t see RH as a toe rag….but I do sometimes feel like I am trapped in the Shakespearian mid summer nights dream with puck the mischievous fairy…

  7. As a rule: NEVER GENERALISE and lump people as one homogenous group. Read our diverse views on Skwawkbox, yet the MSM this very week described us as all the same, Jeremy Corbyn fanatics. Of course the MSM are wrong and blind. They fail to recognise decency and vision.
    We here, have different perspectives, so we should never reduce others to a simple unified group. Even RH is sometimes right.

      1. Surely yes. Strange times… almost too interesting.

    1. Decency and vision will soon be a crime and all the partys are guilty of trying to influence the minds of the public by manipulating the beliefs of individuals who do not automatically conform to whatever our Manderins dream up….beware we are being watched and controlled.!

      1. Some generalised descriptions of races and religions (however dubious) may stem from a sincere deeply felt empathy for those at the sharp end of injustice, since 1945. Right decent champions of FACTS that many suffer thousands of casualties and death. Simple maths. Honest observations.
        Killing BY a few, with high tech equipment is no less terrifying than any other murder any other terror.
        And surely, cold blooded bloodshed of many, over decades, demand more weeping, many more calls for justice. No??? Basic morality. Elementary maths. Yes!

        A sense of powerlessness to implement long overdue change, to stop the clear obscene injustices, leads to some well-meaning righteous anger and lashing out with words of generalisation. It is unfair and inaccurate. We must not do it. No one should.

        Yet the MSM & little helpers should reserve their faux outrage for the acts that stealing land, demolishing homes and kill men women and children BY THE THOUSANDS. Which is worse, misjudged words or wholesale murderous acts? Words of frustration or the terrible deadly attempts to permanently subjugate people???

        This very week, I was in the company of Jews, from Hendon and elsewhere, passionate supporters of Jeremy. We see the choreographed tired worn out accusers, squirting out their foul AS hits. They squirt their effluent like clock work, before EVERY election since Jeremy was elected by us. We do not have group lack of thought. The accusers know that JEREMY CORBYN is the ONLY party leader who has consistently and passionately campaigned against racism ALL racism.

        The opposite are ANY who promote exceptionalism. THEY ARE RACIST. Many suffer throughout the world. No one group should be on MSM speed dial to whine about words while people abroad and right here at home endure acts of injustice, inequity, homelessness, failed Tory outsourcing of care services, flogging off of state assets, decimation of our industries, wrecking of our high street, HMRC cups of tea for the big Amazons, Starbucks, Apples and Googles and Nick Clegg new puppeteer, while squeezing medium and small businesses.

        Do the usual MSM suspects have some timed release AS hit laxative??? The usual individuals KNOW they are vile liars. Where do their false evidence free allegations go between elections? Where??? Their AS hits go back up them. There they should stay but the MSM truth haters LOVE to feast on their muck, their sewage. MSM little muck worms, frantically extract the filthy diet on which they thrive. You can see them, with their aggressive provocative intimidating nasties with their notebooks and tape recorders right up under noses. Confident they can browbeat and silence all. Their acts are nothing but wicked SINISTER and hypocritical in the extreme. Their noises, worn-out hackneyed scripts, well coached then squirted with little or NO INTERRUPTION by the MSM radio hosts.
        The muck merchants, as polling day approaches, will increasingly phone particular radio presenters who bait them to say “they were driving but had to pull aside to call”. Prepare also for increased CANNED WEEPING and oh so moved presenters.

        Tell me, when last, if ever did anyone hear sustained hours devoted to the the people murdered by the police? Almost always black. When are the Windrush victims, EVER contacted on speed-dial, to weep on radio to say how “frightened they are”, “have a suitcase at the door”??? I saw an EXCELLENT documentary “THE UNWANTED”. When the police rammed the door of one of the Windrush victims, they were kind enough to tell him pack a few things. You will not be returning here. They then took a British citizen to a detention centre. After great cost and effort, he is one of the fortunate few who won his case against the long planned injustice of those invited to help rebuild this country after the battle against the Nazis. What gratitude???

        Interestingly, the fellow smiled and laughed throughout the documentary and at the end he said “I always felt British. I always loved Britain. They tried to throw me out and even they have decided that I am British. I feel even more British now!”

        Those who feel they are the sole recipients of injustice, should learn from that Windrush victim, in particular the smiling laughing fellow. Who had no suitcase packed with somewhere to go. His home is here. Those with somewhere else to go have a rare luxury. The should have basic gratitude and be less selfish and self centred as if they are the only humans that matter.

        The excellently researched Windrush documentary, sadly featured one woman who like many, DIED before the documentary was completed. The heartbreaking injustice was too much. Has anyone heard ANY wall to wall coverage with hysterical weeping for any victims of real tangible injustice in our country???

        Or to the blatant unequal justice system where self-declared cokeheads and dopeheads like Gove, Cameron and BloJob remain without criminal records, out of jail and ruling our country? While the poor and vulnerable are criminalised for less. Surely, the Gove’s and Camerons and Boris Johnsons should be punished harshly because they had all the advantage. THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER. They should be “Stopped and Searched”. They are the users maintaining the drugs trade. Their excessively moneyed type are the wholesale importers. Which little pusher can afford and arrange an helicopter to land in a stately home with tons of drugs? Or a luxurious ship? Or containers PACKED with coke and dope for Gove, Cameron and BloJob? If drips fall from above, who runs about trying to plug the drips instead of closing off the source???

        These issues above are all connected. The usual suspects determined to maintain the status quo, using every putrid means know exactly why they do.
        We need to observe, analyse, anticipate and plan effective rebuttals of the expected MSM dishonest attacks. Rebuttals without unfair generalisation.
        No “group” is of one view.

  8. The shenanigans between cheap and nasties and Brexit parties at what stage do they break electoral law when inducements are offerec

  9. I think justified anger takes over our thought process somtimes…..But we are only human!

  10. …. .Doug I was banned by the BOLTON news for pointing out that the gannet corperation that operates out of Washington DC also controlled the local newspapers and many other networks including TV and radio.and was a particular threat to the information that we receive.I had also attacked the unelected Tory regime in Bolton whom the electors did not actually vote for but were put in that position by libs and so called independent councillors.The football club went into receivership whilst the city cockney spiv the Chairman of the club continued to donate to the Tory party and tax exiled in a Caribbean island.Many local traders,the Labour council and even the police were left unpaid.and we had to set up a foodbank for the minimum wage employees of the club..Now I find that I am also banned from many newspapers across the country despite having never corresponded with them.I persume that the apptly named Gannett corperation have a wide remit and control if you don’t sing from the Tory hymsheet ..I also found out recently that I couldn’t comment on Chris Williamson in the Argus group of newspapers when I tried in Brighton….The gannets have a long greedy reach.!

  11. Your selection missed out that elderly lady who is one of his constituents. Good though.

  12. This appears to be the case. But – the Tories have had a lead ever since Johnson took over.

    No – I don’t understand it, either, in terms of human perception … except to fall back on my cynical streak as an observer of Joe Public. Despite all the knee-jerk shite about wanting ‘authentic’ politicians and other such whining tropes, a chunky percentage are either too dim to clock the reality and see through the propaganda, or – in actuality – don’t much care about a lying sociopath and serial philanderer being in charge as long as their sleep isn’t threatened..

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