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Video: Corbyn crushes it in Edinburgh

No one campaigns like Labour’s leader – and message of hope is resonating: “When Labour wins this election, we all win this election!”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn continues to ‘crush it’ on the election trail. On Thursday he was in Edinburgh – and the audience response to his message of hope and solidarity shows how deeply it resonates:

Labour gained an average of over 4 points across all polls in just the first week of campaigning.

When Labour wins, we all win – a society for the many, not the few.

Real change.

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  1. When Labour wins, we all win – a society for the many, not the few.

    A society whose State is not the enemy, but its enabler.

    Mental health problems will stop escalating wildly.

  2. “No one campaigns like Labour’s leader”

    Agreed – and he’s genuinely and sincerely brilliant at the one-to-one in a way that Johnson can’t even begin to approach.

    But – an audience such as this is already largely converted, so is not an indicator of the wider picture, which, in Scotland still indicates a mountain to climb following that original catastrophic loss of seats to the SNP.

  3. … and not, despite assertions that the non-strategy of not countering scam accusations is working, that the ‘antisemitism’ issue is still running strong :

    “Labour antisemitism row: public figures say they cannot vote for party under Corbyn”

    – from the Groan this morning

      1. Can we have a sweepstake on 2ho we would like to see threatening to leave the country if JC gets in
        I bagsy pound shop Katie Hopkins, Julia Hartley Brewer

  4. Doing “everything they asked” as McD whined recently, has not helped. It will not help. Plus, it implies guilt with no sound evidence. Hence the desperate attacks run on and on. The attackers are enabled by the tremulous mouse approach. The silence then wet apologetic pathetic pleading only encourages further vile slanders.
    A benefit though: it flushes out into the open, the likes of Snow and the forever gurning Lumless of BloJobs’ public funded PRIVATE garden bridge.
    Tony, you can safely hold your breath, soon the swamp creature, will join Snow & Lummless on every MSM for their predictable pre-election, group slander fest of AS hits.

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