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Video: McDonnell issues direct challenge to #ChickenChancellor Javid – “Come and debate me”

McDonnell calls out chancellor literally scared of his ‘shadow’

Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell yesterday derided his opposite number Sajid Javid for ‘bluster and bravado’ about a potential televised head-to-head debate – and then running scared when it looked like the debate might happen.

Now McDonnell has put out a direct challenge to the Chicken Chancellor to meet him in a direct contest of ideas and credibility:

Will Sajid Javid overcome his fear of his own Shadow? Don’t hold your breath…

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  1. Good for McDonnell. Just shows how Sajid Javid is not prepared to be accountable for his fake numbers. The man is showing how spineless he really is. What a loser!

  2. They don’t debate just copy and change their mind later after the BBC has backed up the lies….what can you expect from the regime,banana republic economics and propaganda

  3. Javid’s incompetence was clear for all to see when Bercow ruled him out of order more than once for trying to abuse his spending review speech to score points over Labour.
    Any government Minister incapable of instantly adjusting his speech to comply with the Speaker’s instruction is thoroughly deserving of his public humiliation.

    That a British Chancellor of the Exchequer could have so little understanding of his own spending review that he’s unable to do anything but continue reading it aloud … in fucking Parliament … not only shames himself, his party and the PM who selected him for the second-most important position in government … he shames the whole country.

    In times past when the privileged maintained the public pretence of ‘honour’, a Grand Poobah so comprehensively humbled would have blown his brains out – or at least retired to quiet anonymity in some far-flung shithole where he was no longer an embarrassment to his class.

  4. I just read this – obviously I’ve always been aware of tax havens but US states offering even greater tax, privacy and security benefits to the 1% than other tax havens is extremely worrying. There’s worry in the US too but no obvious way to stop the trend growing.
    It gives the US yet another weapon to bully the world with – the same weapon May tried & failed to bully the EU with.

    I think it massively reinforces the argument for remaining in a powerful group of nations able to oppose the US becoming the world’s only banker, its bunker for the 1%, its army, its policeman, its largest criminal enterprise and its dictator.

  5. Thanks for pointing out this piece. It gets to the parts that a lot of the babble about deregulated financial neoliberalism doesn’t reach.

    … and, as you suggest, makes fatuous the idea of these islands floating free in mid-Atlantic. Unless, of course, you factor in some aspiration to become an off-shore financial haven like South Dakota … which, of course is a redistribution in precisely the opposite direction to that which Lexiteers imagine.

    The concluding paragraph says it all … and could be about Brexit

    ““The voters don’t have a clue what this means. They’ve never seen a feudal society, they don’t have a clue what they’re enabling …I don’t think there are 100 people in this state who understand the ramifications of what we’ve done.”

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