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Video: MSM silence as Johnson messes up Remembrance Sunday – twice – while Corbyn pays double tribute

Then dashes off to ‘VIP dinner’ – while Labour leader heads to pay further tribute to the fallen

Johnson: lack of respect

Tory Boris Johnson made a hash of his simple duties at today’s Remembrance Sunday service twice – while Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn paid double tribute to fallen servicemen and women.

First, Johnson set off prematurely to lay his wreath – and then laid it upside down, causing considerable offence.

Perhaps Johnson was distracted thinking about what to have at the ‘VIP dinner’ he then sped off to enjoy:

Corbyn headed from the service to speak at a further tribute in his home borough of Islington, before spending time talking to veterans and families while Johnson hobnobbed with the ‘elite’:


The Establishment broadcasters appear to have been silent on Johnson’s disrespectful sloppiness. Imagine how different it would have been, had Corbyn been the culprit.

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  1. Cannott beleive . Something that is watched by millions , the person who is HM,s first Minister and represents the Govt turns out looking like a tramp on a bad day. utter disrespect for fallen and country

    1. But an open goal and major PR coup for “threat to national security” Jeremy Corbyn! πŸ˜ƒ At this rate he’s gonna stroll into No.10!

  2. Jeremy Corbyn attends a Remembrance event with ex and current service personnel in Islington every year. While people like Johnson (and Cameron and May before him) go to a VIP meal Jeremy always attends the event with local service families.
    Every year Jeremy is savaged by the MSM following the Remembrance Service – his bow wasn’t deep enough, he wore a jacket with a hood over his suit . Nothing is too petty for them to make an issue of. However by exploiting this event to create animosity towards Jeremy they are showing total disrespect towards the veterans and the fallen and all those who gather to honour and remember them.
    The MSM will not mention Boris Johnson’s mistakes at the service. This will be for purely political reasons not because it is the right thing to do. As far as they are concerned errors by the Tories can be overlooked and forgiven while errors by Labour are exaggerated and mentioned at every opportunity ( witness the treatment of Diane Abbott),
    People have caught on to this which is why despite wall to wall vilification of Jeremy in 2017, we got 13 million votes, deprived Theresa May of her majority and several of her cabinet ministers and took Canterbury and Kensington from the Tories for the first time ever.
    2017 was a great result but this time we will do better and get a Labour majority and a government led by Jeremy Corbyn . A Corbyn led Socialist Government is the very best Christmas most of us will ever receive.

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