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Video: Johnson’s THIRD show of disrespect to fallen troops – also ignored by media

As other political representatives stood still in remembrance, Boris Johnson’s shifty eyes were wandering

Shifty Johnson and Corbyn’s solemn remembrance

As the SKWAWKBOX reported earlier, Boris Johnson made two separate blunders during today’s Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph in London. First Johnson – mind seemingly wandering – set off before his turn to place a wreath at the monument; then he placed it upside down in a show of ceremonial disrespect.

The Establishment broadcasters appear to have ignored Johnson’s actions entirely – in stark contrast to the blanket coverage that would have followed had it been Corbyn.

But a sharp-eyed SKWAWKBOX reader spotted that by this point Johnson had already shown disrespect to the memory of fallen servicemen and women.

During the silence at 11am, as other political leaders stood still in remembrance, Johnson’s eyes, head and attention were wandering all over the place:


If Corbyn had done any one of the things Boris Johnson did today, the media would not stop repeating it for a week or more – every half hour at least.

But Boris Johnson’s indiscipline and disrespect has apparently prompted nothing but profound silence among broadcasters – during a period in which balanced reporting rules are supposed to apply.

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  1. Much as I’m usually happy for Johnson to be nailed, I’m not sure about this aping of the Remembrance Police (remember Michael Foot?). I’m sick of the two world wars being used for displays of poppyist virtue signalling. Like so many anniversaries/commemorations/celebrations, its being demeaned by extended trivialisation.

    The best remembrance would be to simply boot out the Tories and Brexit.

    1. I understand what you are saying. Think the point been made is if the media could have found anything whatsoever regarding how slight they would crucify Jeremy Corbyn. Making him seem as though he was the devil incarnate.

      1. You are, of course, right, Maria in terms of the media. I just think we’ve not got to copy them – it just adds to the corruption.

    2. You mean he was wearing an expensive duffel coat from Harrods that’s popular in the Royal Navy…that “mistake” Michael Foot made?

  2. mauricen11 would the MSM have given it a rest if it had been a Labour leader? No chance. Remember vilification of Foot because of his coat. The old adage “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”

  3. Never cottoned to Remembrance Services. It’s just a show piece for poxy political chancers to show how much they care for the dead! If they cared for them that much they wouldn’t go around starting wars and adding to the number. I believe that If you have lost family a private thought is enough. This band jamboree and old men wearing hats are just memoirs that need putting to sleep. Soon there will be no one who can remember WW2 as there are now few who remember the slaughterhouse that was the First War. My father fought in Spain to save Socialism and watched the Politicians throw the towel in and sentence hundreds of thousands of good men and women to death. He arrived back in England was hospitalised for 6 weeks then given the choice to join up or return back to Ireland as an alien subject to arrest on landing for desertion. Still, fighting against something was better than fighting for something! Wars should remembered rather than lionised There is no honour in death. Just sorrow and memories

  4. Missing from the Remembrance Celebrations are the names of those rulers – monarchs, military chiefs, merchant companies, industrialists, financiers, press barons – who caused all the millions of ordinary people to kill each other. The roll-call of dishonour.

  5. I couldn’t disagree with any of the comments on here,they are refreshing and what must always be remembered is that the people who sent working class lads to be butchered did it for little more than Royals and the Establishment in Europe falling out amongst themselves.Many of these reletives of these hypocrites were on show yesterday to insult the memory of our relatives that were slaughtered and maimed.. for what.!

  6. Ps my father a Royal marine crippled by shrapnel wounds NAfrica.Irishman.My granfather mustard gassed N france lrishman.My welsh granfather Trench feet toes rotted away and crippled returned to a country to be unemployed and starved…..what for?

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