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Labour unveils GE ‘battle bus’ and campaign headline

‘It’s time for real change’ couldn’t be more true

Labour’s rally in Liverpool this morning to announce its groundbreaking plans to shift the ‘political centre of gravity’ and especially the country’s financial control levers north is also the scene for the unveiling of the party’s ‘battle bus’, which will carry Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his team on their campaign across the UK’s nations.

And the bus reveals the party’s headline for its campaign:

The message reflects Labour’s commitment to a campaign based on its vision for the country and its hugely-impressive policies to transform life for the people of this country – young, old and in-between – for the better for generations.

As in 2017, the imminent launch of Labour’s manifesto is also generating considerable excitement and rightly so.

It’s time for real change. It really, really is.

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  1. It’s a great message but it is let down a little by what appears to be a rather dull and wishy-washy paint (wrap) job.

    1. Indeed.

      Looks like it’s got a crease the entire length of it; from the top of the window, all the way to the rear…One ghastly looking charabanc, that.

      Still, I won’t be voting for a bus.

    2. Its time for real change NOT SHORT CHANGE , there that sounds a little better perhaps ? , Still like it tho and agree re the bus but maybe they can fix that

      1. To paraphrase the chorus of one of my latest songs:
        “I can see you.
        I can hear you.
        And the Change Bus is coming.
        And it’s Right on Time!”
        Doomsayers should watch the film ‘Sorry I Missed You’ AND VOTE LABOUR WITH PRIDE!
        Oh Johnson who did feck all to help the N.Ireland Peace Process today slagging off Jeremy – who talked to Sinn Fein and was vilified at the time but planted a seed for peace.
        As for Johnson, he has just sold N. Iteland down the river with the sea border and his Brexit is a Bad Brexit – so perhaps when it comes to N. Ireland it is Johnson who joined the I.R.A. – I Ran Away!

    3. Hopefully it was forward planning and they left that space so that if we want to splash an issue for a day or a week it can be done.
      Vinyl wrap’s easy and quick and can be swapped overnight.

  2. Does this mean that HS2 now becomes the train out of London & into the North?

  3. Although I now live just outside Liverpool I was born in the South West of Ehgland. If you want to understand the paucity of our transport system drive down to Exeter or catch a train & then……………..nothing.

  4. That’s about the most insipid, unoriginal and uninspiring slogan I’ve ever heard but it’s hardly surprising from a party that has, as George Galloway so accurately predicted, reselected every back-stabbing Blairite and Zionist in the PLP whilst utterly demoralising thousands of its active supporters by throwing Chris Williamson under a bus. Like others, I shall bite the bullet and campaign for a Labour victory (with the exception of Derby North) – but it leaves a pretty sour taste in the mouth.

    1. sour taste , couldn’t have put it better , very demoralised over this , to think if someone had worked in a job for 44 yrs like he has done , then is just sacked on a LIE …. still I guess in history other socialists have died for the cause but this ain’t right . We have to sort this out in the rotten discipline team in the NEC , I know Lansman had a hand in this but who else is on that team ?
      What happening to VAZ ? anyone know ?

      1. Rob – I may be wrong (and no doubt I’ll be corrected if necessary) but my understanding is that Chris Williamson’s fate was decided by the full NEC.

      2. SteveH, anyone on the NEC who voted to keep Chris Williamson suspended is a disgrace to the Labour Party. I have heard the patheric excuse proffered that the media would create hell if Chris wasn’t suspended.

        Are we now so scared of the right wing/Zionist media that we allow them to make our Policies and make our leaders culpable of gross disloyalty – solidarity my ar*e.

      3. “Are we now so scared of the right wing/Zionist media that we allow them to make our Policies”

        Short answer : “Yes”. (ref. IHRA definition)

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