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Johnson’s launch ‘crowd’ is tiny. Now where’ve we seen THAT before…?

Cameras set up to create appearance of support – but candid photo shows 5-10 supporters alongside journalists, MPs and aides

Boris Johnson booked Birmingham NEC for his campaign launch this evening – or more precisely a part of it. And his event only filled a tiny portion of the booked part – as a candid snap showed:

Even the number of people visible in this picture is deceptive. Closer analysis reveals approximately one hundred journalists and camera crew, fifty MPs and fifty Tory aides – with a mere handful of actual supporters.

Of course, the scene was filmed by media to give a very different impression:

The misleading framing of Johnson’s launch

But the candid picture shows the embarrassing reality.

If this seems somehow familiar, that’s because it is. In 2017, cameras captured almost empty buildings around Theresa May:

And David Cameron was as embarrassingly unable to draw a crowd as his Bullingdon Club buddy Johnson:

The Tories’ general election campaign launch day has been one disaster after another, with a Cabinet resignation over rape cover-up allegations and party chair James Cleverly being empty-chaired after hiding from a Sky interviewer when he was supposed to be defending Jacob Rees-Mogg’s astonishing arrogance.

And it has been capped by the accidental revelation that Johnson’s supposed ‘man of the people’ popularity is as fake as the rest of him.

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  1. It is looking like Boris and his ‘infamous’ sidekick Cummings aren’t quite as clever as they they like to think they are. Boris must be shocked to find out that a sense of entitlement and bluster is not a substitute for integrity and substance.

  2. Well I believe its looking good for a happy Xmas for many of the victims of the Tory party and relief for all of us..Surely the British public can’t return these clowns.

  3. The Tory campaign’s disastrous opening day won’t be saved by TWatson’s resignation, timed though it was to cause as much damage as possible to Corbyn’s flying start and take the heat off Boris.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!

    1. timed though it was to cause as much damage as possible to Corbyn’s flying start and take the heat off Boris.

      Exactly! Even fatberg’s parting gift to the ‘rags went off with a whimper.

      Couldn’t even get THAT right, the utter plum.

      1. And Austen’s slimy performance on both Radio 4 AND Sky news this morning indicates a co-ordinated follow-up to exploit the Labour Divided narrative that is now pretty much the only hope for JC’s enemies.

  4. Yes and Tories with their new Aussie Attack Dog seem to be pushing the line “Labour Marxists” but we should promote political education re the Tories being captured by Neo–Liberalism as market fundamentalists.
    Neo-Liberal Tories and privatisations, de-regulation, outsourcing, flexible working – in short a drive for CHEAP LABOUR which restricts working people from buying things.
    The Tory Neo-Liberal Ideologues start by worshipping the market and search for the lowest cost and cheapest option so the Neo-Liberal Tories know the price of everything and the value of nothing.
    Go for the cheapest following Tory Neo-Liberal ideology – end up with Grenfell.
    Expose the Neo-Liberal Tory ‘Economic Evangelicals!’

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