Remember Cameron in warehouse? #May can’t fill hall from whole of Scotland

Anyone who follows politics even a little must remember the fiasco of David Cameron’s speeches to ‘packed’ crowds of enthusiastic Tories gathered to hear his words of ‘wisdom’. Except, as a less flattering camera angle revealed, the listeners were no more a crowd than Cameron’s words were wise:


Thanks to the excellent @rachael_swindon, the SKWAWKBOX can reveal that Theresa May is even less successful as a crowd-puller than her predecessor:

may scot.png

Mrs May spoke to the Tories’ Scottish conference this week and, in spite of the Conservatives’ supposed resurgence in Scotland and the presentation of the conference by the Tory-owned media as if May was queen of all she surveyed, this candid picture of the audience reveals a very different truth:

tory scot conf.jpg

Maybe not quite as rare as rocking-horse turds, but they’re definitely sparse and, well, they also don’t exactly look… vibrant? If it was a bus-load of pensioners whose driver took a wrong turn, they should definitely be demanding compensation.

If you need any more proof that the way the Tories and their pet media present them bears no resemblance to reality, this ought to do it for you.

This, on the other hand, is what a crowd looks like:


But of course, Corbyn’s ‘unelectable’, so what would he know?

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  1. Mrs May, by reason of her mental incapacity, constitutes a danger to herself and others. She should be detained for assessment under a section of the MHA.

  2. The obvious and sickening and not only partisan, but deflamitory, unrepresentive of the truth and tribal and down right lies of the media corporations from the BBC to Chanel 4 and the in press in general has become so see through, that people everywhere are realising they are being manipulated and lied too on a daily basis . Their only problem and one that is voiced time and time again is ” What can we do, how can we change the system ? It’s always been like this”
    My biggest worry now is that the voting system and way our ” democracy ” is elected to power is not now open and democratic.

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