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Video: Corbyn – UK faces 1945-like choice between opposites in ‘once in a generation’ GE

Labour’s new campaign video recalls creation of NHS out of rubble of WWII – and the stark contrast between Labour’s vision and Tory cuts

In the Labour Party’s rousing new video, Jeremy Corbyn contrasts Labour’s visions for rebuilding the UK after a decade of Tory austerity and sell-offs with the Tories’ plans for more cuts and more sell-offs – and reminds the UK what Labour achieved when the country was in ruins after the Second World War.

The creation of the NHS and state system that provided security for the UK’s people:

In 1945, the UK faced a choice between a Labour Party that would build and create – and a Tory party that would inflict ‘more of the same’ on the nation.

The people chose – overwhelmingly – to build for the future and elected Labour in a landslide that stunned the Establishment, giving Labour a majority of 146 in the House of Commons.

The country faces the same choice in December – and needs to make the same decision, for our children’s and our grandchildren’s sake.

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  1. A choice between a cheap and nasty Tory party Brexit that will sell our NHS to American Health Companies
    Or a Brexit that destroys our faith in democracy
    Then theres Labour fixing the nightmare that is Brexit and offering a deal that will protect jobs, the economy and environment v Remain

  2. I do hope that we can convince the voters that we face a Tory regime far more dangerous and manipulative than the Tory party of 1945.Adolf wanted to dominate Europe,The modern day Torys work with like minded individuals across the world for global Capitalist expansion..and a stranglehold on the working classes.!

    1. Indeed. the struggle of the 30s against fascism and the struggle today are remarkably similar. Decency and democracy against an irrelevant and dying supremacist philosophy. Fascism, neoliberal-excess, Adolph, Donald and Boris, only the names change. Socialism and Democracy, indivisible partners, persist.

  3. The question is now a practical and tactical one – not just stating the bleedin’ obvious, but to impress the truth of the bleedin’ obvious on that section of the electorate who are gullible enough to – if only marginally – support the Tories and believe their patently dishonest guff in the face of a massive propaganda machine reminiscent of a country like Turkey rather than an advanced democracy.

  4. I wonder if the Labour party can.manage a campaign TV broadcast that mentions Johnson’s and Cummings names are in a file passed on to the CPS by the metropolitan police with a veiw to criminal prosecution against The vote leave campaign.IT seems once again that there is a news blackout on Johnson’s and Cummings dirty tricks.?

    1. Don’t count chickens at this juncture.

      The CPS has yet to make a decision. Then there’s the question of proving the case. Then there’s the direct connection to be established. Then there’s the question of whether the Tory voters will actually give a toss – they’ve swallowed everything else offered by Blo-Job.

    2. Could this be the reason why Boris won’t publish the report into Russian interference in our elections?

      Labour questions Dominic Cummings’s links to Russia

      Emily Thornberry writes to government asking for details of No 10 security vetting

      The shadow foreign secretary, Emily Thornberry, has written to the government with questions about Dominic Cummings’s connections to Russia and the levels of security vetting to which he has been subjected in Downing Street after an official-level whistleblower raised serious concerns.

  5. I’d say “Labour will never ask the British people to endure ten years of austerity to save five hundred or five thousand bankers and investors from the consequences of their own reckless stupidity.
    Instead of facing bankruptcy those same people are today richer by 180% than before they crashed our economies. Are you doing that well?”

    The Tories will dispute those numbers of course and bleat “Labour overspending” but that gives us another chance to do what Brown should have done – and could have done if he hadn’t previously claimed every five fucking minutes to have cured boom and bust – which is to defend Labour’s record on the economy and lay the blame for the crash squarely on Thatcher’s deregulation where it belongs.

    1. The banks will fall into our hands before to long, then we get to press the reset button

  6. “Bankers? Ah! … You mean rich Jews, don’t you? – Antisemite!”

    “That’s right – condemn entrepreneurs and those who pay the most tax!”

    “What’s wrong with being a success? It’s just envy!”

    I can see the accusations and distortions already.

    Sorry – I’m suffering an excess of cynicism – or realism – this afternoon.

    Serious question – how do we counter this hold on the media that will produce these attack lines? My top option has to be swamping the doorsteps. Can it be done? Can the troops be mobilised?

    1. RH, the MSM need more than the words ‘banker’, ‘investor’ or ‘rich’ to conjure such an allegation. All they can do is rehash what’s gone before, which they’re doing anyway as we speak – but more weakly than before because of the complete absence of cases proceeding to court, much less anything approaching a conviction except by the kangaroo NEC.

      It wasn’t entrepreneurs or the successful our piss-weak governments bailed out with our money – they were all dismal failures and bailing them out was against every ‘principle’ capitalism always pretended to uphold.
      If capitalism had ever had a single thing remotely related to a cousin of a principle it would have have blown its own brains out in shame.

    2. Oh yes, forgot. My ‘top option’, as previously stated, is to declare today Labour’s intent to criminalise the publishing of political falsehood for financial or reputational or any other gain – and to make the Subversion of Democracy Act retrospective.
      Knowing they could go to jail in two years for something they write or say – or distort the meaning of in the editing – today will concentrate MSM minds on what can be supported with actual evidence, rather than repeating hearsay and allegation straight out of CCHQ.

  7. Perhaps it’s the labour of working people that really creates the wealth and makes societies work political simpleton RH.
    Is it now time to show your true colours?How main owner of Sports Direct answers all those phones and shifts all those goods through warehouses – it’s a miricle I tell you!
    Perhaps the problem is also the rich and Corporations paying too little tax.

    1. Telling Granny to suck eggs isn’t very sharp, Bazza.

      Do get a grip on the actual import of what is written before you pontificate.

  8. Yes I understand ‘Let Us Face The Future’ was the 1945 slogan so this one is apt.
    We win by Jeremy continuing to get out direct to the people.
    And hundreds of thousands of us getting on the doorsteps and engaging with citizens as we sell our great policies – 201 Christmas Crackers!


    Say the big bosses of the NHS in unison, only three days after the doctors and nurses at Addenbrooke’s BOO Johnson out of the building because THEY KNOW which party has its hands around their throats.

    The doctors and nurses had no reason to report themselves to the big bosses and the BBC kept BloJob’s humiliation secret – so what’s going on here?

    The doctors and nurses have nothing to gain from the sell-off of the NHS. We the many have nothing to gain either. So who gains?

    The only people in the NHS – OR IN BRITAIN – who have anything to gain from the NHS being sold off to Trunt’s crowd are the Tories AND THE BIG BOSSES OF THE NHS.

    So… are the big bosses really bothered about “weaponisation” as they claim?
    Are they fuck.
    The NHS itself can only GAIN from financing being the battleground and politicians competing over which party is offering the best financing package.
    The ONLY people in the NHS who LOSE from the NHS NOT being privatised are the big bosses, who can expect to make quite a bundle from the US healthcarjacker industry, thank you very much.
    (Oh… and the beancounters. Mustn’t forget the beancounters)

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