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Byrne receives huge support – including SKWAWKBOX’s – for West Derby selection tomorrow

Local hopeful Ian Byrne backed by unions and array of left members, councillors and MPs – including Shadow Cabinet members

The selection hustings and vote take place tomorrow to choose Labour’s parliamentary candidate to replace the retiring Stephen Twigg in the Liverpool constituency of West Derby.

Labour favourite Laura Pidcock tonight issued a video supporting local man Ian Byrne for the role:

Byrne has also been endorsed by other members of Labour’s Shadow Cabinet and by well-known local councillors on the left of the party:

Local left group West Derby for Corbyn, the local Momentum branch and other Labour figures have also come out in support:

Byrne’s local community links are also impeccable. As well as the widely-praised Fans Supporting Foodbanks initiative, which Byrne co-founded, he has forged strong links with minority communities:

The SKWAWKBOX asks all West Derby Labour members to make time to attend tomorrow and vote for Ian Byrne, the Fans Supporting Foodbanks founder who has received endorsements from the left locally and across the country.

The selection meeting takes place tomorrow (Sunday 3 Nov) at the Devonshire Hotel. Doors open at 1pm and members are asked to bring either their membership card or photo ID, or preferably both, to ensure smooth registration.

Ian Byrne’s campaign video can be seen here and his statement of priorities here.

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  1. West Derby will be well-served by Liam Byrne – and, if he re-enters the Treasury under the wonderful John McDonnell, I’m looking forward to seeing him show the vile austerity-enabling libdems that not only is there plenty of money left, but that it’s being used by the first decent government since Clement Attlee’s, to undo the harm and havoc that LibDem orange book austerity wreaked.

  2. SKWAWKBOX again top notch!!! No other alternative political news source, focuses on the necessary nuts and bolts… the foundations, to build meaningful change as SKWAWKBOX does.!!! ALL others, as things stand, are little more than noise. Worse yet, they are noises, far removed from implementing change.

    Sadly, too many are busy reading more sophisticated books, attending more talks… with no end, protesting, and reporting on what is being done to us and to the most vulnerable in our society. Fortunately Skwawkbox realises that we cannot change our society without being in control. We need delegates, councillors and MPs to implement the excellent policies we ALREADY have. It is POINTLESS to canvass for MPs who have proved they are nothing but parasitic, toxic self-serving wreckers. Self-servers convinced that their oily MSM appearances equal leadership material. Their veneered grinning are as artificial and superficial as their Blairite/Thatcherite rust… After all, the Thatched creature itself sulphured that Blair was its best creation.

    Fewer of ANY of that lot, is no loss.. Very good riddance to to extremely foul tripping rubbish.

    P.S. We can triumph at this GE without the usual suspects. No one keen for meaningful change, will erode their shoes and brave the autumn clime for saboteurs. Even after a Corbyn victory, despite the polls and MSM rehashed laughable attacks on Jeremy, even after victory, they will shamelessly launch their choreographed front bench resignations. TAKE NOTE!!!

    PS NB how little MSM coverage of the PEOPLE’s VOTE BUST UP. I hear that Amber Rudd’s very wealthy brother, a big cheese in the PV cabal, has had to attend their offices with bodyguards!!! YES I kid you not!!! There has been staff walkouts and everything. Wonder if bust up had anything to do with the Ruddy one throwing hat into the ring 3 weeks ago, to be “Unity Prime Minister”??? Ruddy hat hath been ruddy trampled beneath muddy hooves… blame the mud on this erratic weather. But what JOY!!! ps ps nb nb. Asstair Bellendcamp was v scathing on the wireless, about ruddy one’s v wealthy PEOPLE’s VOTE brother. Peeps, could you imagine if such turmoil was in our J’s office? Could you?? Would have been wall to wall coverage on MSM + Twatsons would have been choking as they spread the news to the world. No???

    REJOICE & hope we will soon see the back of the ruddy lot!!! ALL OF THEM🔴🔴🔴

    1. Chris, Ken, Jackie, Mark, George et al should ALL be welcomed back with a full public apology for their unfair treatmeant and shameful denial of the “kind & gentle” treatmeant lavished on the most repellent and undeserving torch bearers of Thatcherrite toxins infesting our party.

      Too many of us are forever timid… forever afraid of upsetting the MSM and unappeasable cuckoos. Jeremy won the leadership and survived the two shameful coups despite the most intense and sustained hatchet jobs on any political leader in my lifetime. We and Jeremy can triumph without their approval. If not, then what are we? What ate we for, if we wilt and collapse even at the thought of heat.

      Chris and co should be welcomed back. They in turn should 1️⃣ focus on the clear steps to transform the situation at home. 2️⃣ Say only what can be defended with evidence in public. 3️⃣ Think BEFORE speaking. eg. If one feels a need to promptly apologise for what one has said, then why say it??? (thinking of Chris gere).

      We all need regular quality rest, recuperation AND reflection. Rushing from even to event, I suspect, comes at the expense of reflection, ongoing self assessment, and pausing to ask, “Does this need saying?”, “Now?”, “Should I be the one to say it?”, “Can I defend what i say with courage, clarity and confidence?”.

      It may be that well meaning people have over 30 – 40 years, maintained a passionate determination to do the right thing…. pursue a noble aim, but rarely stop to assess if their method is working. Result??? A generation of dedicated sincere effort and solidarity, but no change. NONE.

      So absolutely welcome back to all those like Chris, measured comparatively harshly. And, at the same time, encouragement to reflect, reassess methods to solving problems that are crying out fir solutions.

      Just some thoughts off tge top of my head, hilary.

    2. Hillary. I believe that he will loose his loose his job and his income all because he pointed out the obvious and the Labour membership Will pay the costs if he takes the Labour party to court!.

    3. Thanks guys but I actually meant in the GE, will he be reinstated to fight it or what will happen if he isn’t. I’m a big fan of derby Chris & Jackie,Marc & Ken should be reinstated not too sure about George though, I used to think he was great & even supported his crowd funding to stand against Tom Watson but of late not too sure.

      1. Ah! Not sure hilary. This GE being called changes a lot. So give it a week or two. I feel he should and with robust, flipflop free support. Anything less, encourages the MSM and usual suspects. The attacks on Chris et al were contrived to isolate Jeremy from his most loyal and effective supporters. The contrivance worked and works only as JC appeases.

        Re George, he has considerable gifts and abilities but as all of us, from time to time, he needs a good thorough break. Politics-free for three full weeks!!! at least. A compete change of activities and setting. It may be that people of his vintage, like Ken and Chris, AND Jeremy, have NEVER had a proper deeply restorative break. Ongoing self-assessment and proper breaks / diversions from their routines are not their forte.

        Years ago it was clear that Ken was in a loop. We ALL need to schedule regular quality breaks, no matter how urgent issues seem. We cannot deal with them effectively while trapped in unreflective mental loops within loops, in one position, one direction, without nimbleness of mind and flexibility to surmount varying hurdles. We cannot be our best selves without ongoing reflection / assessment, AND anticipation of challenges, and plans to dispatch them. (Scenario Planning).

        Anyway Hilary, never give up! NEVER lose hope!! The necessary IS possible!!!

      2. I think there is an NEC meeting on Wednesday to decide on Williamson’s fate as a LP member and as a LP candidate.

  3. A true Corbyn, real Labour Govt, burdened by parasitic self-serving, over inflated Coiledtwstsons on the payroll, will be an ever uphill struggle. Implementing any of our 201 excellent policies, will be frustrated at every turn by the usual suspects. One brazenly said they would “knife Jetemy in the front‼️“ Better put the Thornycoiledflippingtwatsons out and p*****g out, than in and p*****g on us. Less of them, is more positive energy for us. We cannot afford to expend time snd energy mopping up the deliberate spills of the usual suspects.

    There will be YEARS of celebrations when we encourage the self-declared parasites and pests masquerading as Labour to join their fellow DimLibTingedCucks NOW. Only when rid of them will we be able to implement 201 plus transformative positive policies from conference.

  4. Chris Williamson is being thrown under the bus by an NEC decision to ignore the decision to reinstate him and allow a none decission to destroy our best MP….it needs saying but put aside for the general election,but afterwards win or loose we need to swing the axe on the whole of the NEC for collective inability to do their job!

    1. Indeed Joseph. Core problem; NEC and too many of us prioritise the few over the many. Ironical and sad. Rather than being attentive and caring to an exceptional and faithful MP like Chris, the NEC caves in to bullying from the few ie the MSM and their pundits.

      The MSM pundits and certain MPs in the party were wrong about EVERYTHING… Wrong judgement re: Trump win, Brexit ref, JC win, JC triumphs against the coup plotters, JC outlasting TWO Tory PMs, etc etc etc AND they are WRONG ABOUT THIS GE too.

      Labour will do MUCH better than they predict with a slim majority. LimpDims will disappoint those who jumped ship to them. Brexit Party will do much better than expected at the expense of the Tories and sadly in Labour heartlands.

      And before the end of the campaign, more voters will realise that the Johnson NEVER ever had ANY intention of delivering Brexit in ANY meaningful way. So BoJob’s Tory vote share will decrease even lower than it actually is.

      Ignore YouGov polls in particular. Those polls are meant to propagandise rather than give an accurate snapshot. If the commissioners of those errant polls believed them, we would not have had, nor continue to have the never ending project fear re a JEREMY CORBYN led GOVERNMENT. Do the Tories not believe their OWN Tory owned YouGov pollster??? Nor the multitude of Tory sympathetic other psephologists??? One of the few pollsters I trust to provide a snapshot to inform rather than mislead / manipulate, is SURVATION. There are two or three other reliable ones but definitely not the ones on MSM speed dial.

      ANYWAY, i digressed with my predictions above. So back to purpose. There are those amongst us and in the NEC, who feel we must please the perpetually wrong few, rather than the over 500,000 membership.

      The many members who deliver the votes and the victories DESPITE the MSM propaganda, are taken for granted. They are used as campaigning fodder, door knocking, shoe eroding machines, to be ignored after victories are delivered. JC and we the membership will win this election. Yet it is sad that certain MPs who openly try to destroy what we build, will be indulged again and again with “kindness & gentleness”. A devoted MP like Chris Williamson, conversely and irrationally, will not see a fraction of that “kindness and gentleness”. This must be out right.

  5. CW should be reinstated and we should go on the attack over vexatious claims of anti semitism
    Defend our proud record of fighting all forms of racism and hatred
    Tories going low,
    Front page of Torygraph ‘Jews will leave the country if Corbyn gets in”
    Turns out to be Chairman of Conservative Party James Cleverly has a Jewish friend who is threatening to emigrate
    Do not reinstate Chris if the party is incapable of standing up to our enemies and defending our members and supporters
    Geordie Galloway could win us 27 seats in Scotland

    1. Doug, well said! I believe the party IS capable of standing up to our enemies and defending our members and supporters. The timidity & rot sets in when the MPs incl JC reduce their QUALITY time, interaction, LISTENING and RESPECTING the LIVED experience of our Labour heartlands. The appeasement disease takes hold when we in London, value the heartlands less than the metropolitan areas, ESPECIALLY London.

      We must cure that blindness, deafness and gross insensitivity to the hard working people in Hartlepool and Sedgfield, to name just two places used by, and exploited at the claws of the Mendacious creature and its puppet, the warmongering Iraq bloodying Blair.

      We must respect the WIDE electorate OUTSIDE London. And I say that as an ex Islingtonian, and previous to that what is now Jeremy Hunt’s constituency in Surrey, and in between those, a stint in in the garden of England, not far from Michael Howard’s home.

      So, if this writer can feel the urgency to respect and value the traditional Labour voters, for whom our party is meant to serve, then surely those ensconced especially in Islington now, could feel that urgency too.

  6. Learn something new every day…Always thought ‘Noggzy’ (Norris Green) was in the Walton constituency.

    I digress; best wishes to Ian. I’m sure he’ll make a sterling MP.

  7. A confidential Tory election dossier obtained by Sky News reveals details of the “attack messages” and “lines to take” for candidates at the upcoming election.

    The leaking of the 22-page internal briefing document is likely to embarrass Conservative HQ as it exposes the party’s strategy ahead of the 12 December poll.

    It also reveals areas where the party feels it may be vulnerable to claims by opponents, such as on the NHS, with suggested responses.

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