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Video: Tory MPs mock Corbyn’s Grenfell tie – even after May warns them off

Ex-PM tells jeering Tories to back off. It makes no difference
Solidarity: Jeremy Corbyn – with Grenfell badge and green tie

Tory MPs loudly mocked Jeremy Corbyn for wearing a green tie during Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) today, jeering as Corbyn congratulated retiring Speaker John Bercow for, among other things, reducing the amount of pomp and costume in Parliament.

As the Daily Mirror’s Pippa Crerar noted, the only Tory MP with enough awareness to object to their behaviour was former PM Theresa May:

But it made no difference:

Corbyn was wearing the tie – and an accompanying heart badge – in solidarity with victims and survivors of the Grenfell Tower blaze, who have been in the news again this week.

The families of Grenfell victims were watching from the visitors’ gallery.

Boris Johnson also wore a badge, but clearly it was just a token for boorish PM, who did not admonish his MPs. Hardly surprising, since he told London Assembly members challenging his swingeing cuts to fire services as London mayor to ‘get stuffed‘.


If there is anything you can trust a Tory for, it’s being heartless, crass and oblivious to the suffering of working-class people.

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    1. Good on Ken Loach. Was this today’s Victoria Derbyshire show? Never watch it normally, but would’ve if I’d known he was on it.

  1. The tweet’s dated yesterday. I got an email about it earlier on today.

    What an arrogant prick. And politicians wonder why people are getting increasingly violent towrds them? I wouldn’t bat an eyelid if I saw that knobhead getting filled in in the street.

    I very much doubt I’m alone in feeling that way, too.

  2. “And politicians wonder why people are getting increasingly violent towrds them?”

    Trouble is – the self-righteous ‘they’re all the same’ brigade also vote for utter toe-rags like Johnson even when such are proven liars. Don’t get too gooey-eyed about the attitudes of the GBP at large.

  3. I was brought up to have nothing but contempt for the Torys and the establishment.I am nearly 70years old,but that trait has been with me and coloured my whole outlook on life.In all these years I have seen nothing to deviate from that centurys held veiw across our extended family veiw.The current bunch of corrupt degenerates do nothing to stop that veiw of contempt lasting for a few century’s more,but hopefully the current scum will be cleansed and gone by Xmas

  4. News tonight about the numbers of MP’s, particularly women & particularly Tories, leaving politics because of abuse and trolling etc.
    By the public ffs.
    This as they studiously ignore the fact that Corbyn is the most abused MP ever, particularly by the Tories at the direct invitation of the journalists themselves.
    Spy, traitor, terrorist sympathiser, Marxist, racist, antisemite and the greatest danger since Hitler to Queen, country, our way of life and the planet – every one of these slurs have been mainstream in the last couple of years.

    Abuse of MP’s – by the PUBLIC?

  5. The bbc had that utterly awful and catastrophically impotent liddington on this morning crying zbout ‘abuse’.

    Except he wasn’t pulled about stopping money from terminally ill people, or people 2 minutes late for an appt at the jobcentre, hounding people for bedroom tax, making them work all hours for piss-all, having them rely on foodbanks etc etc etc.

    Of course he just HAD to throw Jo Cox’s murder into the mix, with little or no mention (I didn’t hear oqt about it anywa) of the hateful narrative of the rothermere/murdoch toerag supporting press, which indirectly instigated her murder…

    ..Oh, no, he and his MP friends have been ‘abused’ (by nasty lefties).

    …And now he’s going. Well good fucking riddance, you absolute shithouse. You want my email address to find out who I am, davey boy? Skwawky has my permission AND blessing to give it to you if you ask nicely

    Be in NO doubt I’ll say the same thing to his face to spite his crying that people never would. Unlike him asnd the vast majority of MP’s I have the courage of my convictions. I’m not remotely arsed about him or his ‘sensitivities’ just like he doesnae give a fuck about anyone but him and his wealthy cronies.

    The snivelling little shitehawk can GTF.

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