Foy wins Durham PPC slot for the left

Mary Foy

Pro-Corbyn councillor and CLP chair Mary Foy has won the contest to stand for Labour in City of Durham constituency at the next parliamentary election.

Ms Foy’s victory continues a positive week for the Labour left in selections to replace retiring MPs and defectors. She will replace Roberta Blackman-Woods, who announced that she would step down at the next general election.

As the SKWAWKBOX reported, Foy once wrote to right-wing pressure group Labour First to protest against their decision to back her candidacy for Labour’s National Policy Forum, after the group attempted to muddy the electoral waters by including left-wing candidates in their list.

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  1. More good news hope she takes on the RW of the Labour party,somebody needs to and soon.!

  2. Good to see.North West Norfolk CLP (my constituency) have also selected a solid left candidate, Jo Rust. At the 2017 election the only significantly sized votes in the constituency were 29,000 for the incumbent Tory, Sir Henry Bellingham and 15,000 for Jo (double the 2010 nadir of 7,500 when there was a parachute candidate).

    1. Thomas with a knight of the realm,I would be tempted to run a campaign on the haves and have nots……the majority and nail him on the entitled titled.. but don’t mention any of our own titled scumbags,its far more effective on the Tory boys.!

  3. Regardless of her politics the selection process breached NEC rules and disenfranchised local members.

    1. Adelaide Raimundo….a Can you explain your allegations or is it more sour grapes from the RW…..Rules only apply to Corbyn supporters when they are sanctioned..don’t you know

      1. Good grief, I’m not right wing! I can explain but it will be a bit lengthy. First let me say, it’s not sour grapes. I really hope Mary Foy is genuinely left wing. At the hustings she gave a good speech that mentioned socialism and the desire to bring about a Jeremy Corbyn led government. I just don’t know her so can’t judge. I was left thinking: she certainly talks the talk but does she walk the walk. Who I do know and completely trust is someone local that put herself forward as a candidate. She’s the kind of person that gives me hope for our future, she has worked and campaigned tirelessly in the constituency for the last 3 years, and is an inspiring young woman that understands local issues and was, in my opinion, our best bet to retain this seat for Labour. She, I can vouch for. But our selection process was deeply flawed. It was taken out of our hands so members had very little participation and we were denied the opportunity to make branch nominations. Before the process was taken over by the NEC she had the support of 12 out of 13 CLP officers and over 50% of branch delegates. But she was excluded from the long list even though she met all the relevant criteria and was not given any explanation. Shockingly, it was then revealed that a significant part of her application had not been provided to the long-listing panel and that 2 NEC members of the long listing had not been informed that she had requested to be treated as a BAME candidate. One of the Shortlisting Panel members was a known supporter of one of the other candidates. It was a completely flawed process that led to the resignation of our Procedures Secretary. So that is why I say, regardless of her politics, she should have won fair and square and she would have more support from the members. I abstained from voting and was thinking of ending my membership in disgust over the contempt shown by the NEC towards us, the members. And when the CLP decided to hold an emergency All Member Meeting before the hustings, the regional director removed all IT access from all CLP and branch officers. We were effectively bullied. So unfortunately I am left wondering what is going on. Especially at this time when even Jeremy Corbyn’s close friends and allies are going off script and seem intent on undermining his position on Brexit, one agreed at conference. Unfortunately I don’t think the Labour party belongs to the members.

      2. Adelaide Raimundo thanks for the detailed information and making the efforts to reply for clarity.I understand your concerns about the NEC and.I would wish for better.I have researched this lady and I would take her word on supporting Corbyn.! Solidarity Comrade

    2. Thanks for your detailed explanation (below). I have no insight into the constituency or the proceedings, but I fear that too little has essentially changed since the Blair years in terms of the management of the Party (except, perhaps a worrying level of simple incompetence being introduced as well). It does not augur well for retaining the new enthusiasm of 2017.

      1. Thank you Joseph and RH. I also worry that the enthusiasm of 2017 is dwindling. I know I find it hard to keep it alive sometimes! But then the solidarity and camaraderie of local members keep me going.

  4. Ms Foy’s election was an extremely close call, the votes were equal at the 2nd preference count and Mary won because she had one more first preference vote.

  5. Another win for the left

    Luciana Berger’s old haunt Liverpool Wavertree

    Paula Barker, backed by Momentum and a number of large affiliated trade unions, has won Labour’s selection contest in the Liverpool seat currently represented by Luciana Berger.

    The Labour left candidate won by a landslide against Southport Labour’s political education officer Katherine Summer and Wirral councillor Elizabeth Grey.


    Paula Barker – 191

    Kat Summer – 24

    Liz Grey – 7

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