Lucy Burke wins Bury South PPC with overwhelming vote

Local left hopeful Lucy Burke has won the contest to be Labour’s candidate for Bury South in the next parliamentary election – winning around 130 votes out of 180.

This in a CLP (constituency Labour party) represented since 1997 by hard-core right-winger Ivan Lewis.

Congratulations to Ms Burke and her campaign team.

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  1. Well done Lucy! The margin of victory is quite remarkable, but speaks volumes about the obvious enthusiasm for a campaign against this appalling government.

    1. There is a concerted effort at the moment to turn the Labour Party into a pro-Zionist Party. We have seen this by the number of JLM members who have managed to get themselves into positions in the Party where they can exert influence over suspensions or nominations. It appears that those who have suffered most are Jews and others opposed to Zionism!

      Any Labour MP or concillor/candidate who is a member of the JLM has one overiding objective, it is to support the racist state of Israel by removing Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader. Labour politicians who are members of the LFI are also complicit in the attacks upon Corbyn either deliberately or through naivety.

      This is an extremely serious situation in the Party which hardly anyone in ‘management’ appears to be combatting, in fact the opposite seems to be the case.

      1. JLM are not the only threat to democracy and free speech in the Labour party. The Labour Friends of Israel are even more dangerous.

        My MP was very supportive of me, having been falsely accused of (among other things) “racism against Israel”. This was subsequently changed to the more emotive antisemitism for the purpose of the kangaroo court hearing.

        But then he was accused himself of antisemitism and after issuing a grovelling apology, has appeared on the list of supporters of LFI.

        Bit of a coincidence don’t you think? He was trying to help me, then gets accused of antisemitism himself, by Gnasher by the way, the serial complainer who appear to have a hotline to Jennie Formby’s office. But to then capitulate and join LFI is unforgivable – especially for a front bencher. So what’s the deal? Power for supporting a self declared apartheid state?

        He has been asked to confirm if his inclusion on the supporters page of the LFI website was correct. His response? I am a member of LF of Palestine. Not what was asked.

      2. Nemtona, it’s a bit like good cop bad cop. The JLM are the heavyweights. They are in the Party to bring down Corbyn and anyone else who attempts to halt their intention of swinging the Labour Party behind Israel.

        The LFI are trying to be the acceptable face of Zionism, pretending in their words, “to promote a two State Solution”. In more than sixty years since they were formed, they haven’t got very far, in fact things have gone backwards and illegal settlements have increased, making a two state solution impossible.

        The Labour Friends of Palestine is a sham, many of them are in both organisations as a way of salving their consciences whilst doing little or nothing to help the Palestinians. Let’s face it, the Isarelis don’t need help, they help themselves to Palestnian land and resources.

      3. Jack T, I don’t disagree with much of what you say, except I think the LFI are as much a threat to Corbyn and Labour adopting a pro Palestinian approach in government as the JLM.

        What I find sinister is after being accused of antisemitism, an MP finds it necessary to join the LFI. Before he was accused of AS my MP had been supportive of me (also falsely accused of AS) and had tried several times to contact Jennie Formby to sort out the injustice. Then, Gnasher gets involved and he no longer wants to know. Coincidence? Or is somebody in legal and governance involved?

        Compare that with the treatment of Chris Williamson, who was and still is standing with members falsely accused.

        Standing up to the Zionist lobby has consequences and few of the MPs we work to get into Parliament are standing by the membership. In fact, they are standing back as the witch hunt intensifies.

        This is a good summary of the mess that the party admin have got themselves into.

      4. Nemtona. I guess whether we think one group is a greater or similar threat to the Labour Party than the other, can be summed up by saying they are both a threat in their own way.

        Because the JLM have such an influence at Southside, at least in the recent past, who knows what’s going on now? their actions have an immediate and direct influence on the witch hunt taking place in the Party. They can have LP members suspended almost instantly without the member having any chance for a prior response.

        On the other hand, because the LFI have members such as Barry Gardiner, seen as an ally of Corbyn, LP members may not have recognised them as the undoubted threat they are.

        Thanks for the link, a good summary indeed.

    1. What is twaddle is scumbag’s pathetic assertion that all Labour needs is a bit of self-confidence.
      In other words, when Labour loses an election don’t blame scumbag and his fellow-scumbags for printing nothing but Tory propaganda – anyone’d do the same with enough money waved in front of them, right?

      Let’s face it, Danny does it for a fucking biscuit.

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