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Breaking: Johnson to attempt early general election under FTPA

Boris Johnson is to attempt to call an early general election via the Fixed Term Parliaments Act – which mandates a two-thirds majority must vote for a new general election to be called.

It is to go to a Commons vote on Monday.

Johnson appears to have chosen the FTPA route because of fears that MPs might amend a new bill, which would only need a simple majority to pass, to give votes to 16-year-olds. Support for the Tories among under-40s has collapsed and lowering the voting age would guarantee defeat for Johnson.

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  1. Proof positive that, despite the expected flak, Labour should keep cool and not fall into the trap, lured by the siren voices of the politically naive and political opponents.

  2. Labour should vote against. In a situation where Brexit hangs in the balance a ‘Get it done! Tory call would be popular whereas Labour’s ‘renegotiate’ isn’t appealing. The Tories.cry that Labour is chicken is correct; sensible chickens. But Johnson is desperate for an election because he thinks he can win it before Brexit – but not afterwards. Let Johnson have his Brexit and lets see how it works out over the next few months. Opinion is likely to shift significantly if Brexit was done. It’s fairly meaningless anyway when the real negotiations start and then we need a Labour government to do that.

      1. Highly predictable – as is the result; as is the propaganda line to follow.

    1. ” just in case the working class voters have forgiven us for betraying them on Brexit by then.”

      You mean the ‘working class’*Labour* voters who voted in the majority for ‘Remain’ or the lumpen Leavers who followed the Sun and Mail etc – and mainly voted Tory?

      You’re not clear.

      Do stop this posing as one of an imagined proletariat dreamed up to fit a dated 19th C. model. Marx would not be proud.

  3. The General Election trap? Too much democracy for the ‘I’ll do anything but Leave Labour MPs’ who never wanted to accept the result of the Referendum.

    1. If you’re so democratic then you must be in favour of a new referendum to decide brexit,now that people are more aware of the repercussions and have facts as opposed to the lies pushed by the msm and the politicians.This whole brexit disaster needs resolved before any election.Boris is pushing for it now in the hopes that there are enough people out there who’ll back his supposed deal (whilst ignorant of its ramifications)to get him back to power.Labour must stand firm and oppose his plan.

      1. You are, of course, absolutely right.

        One clinching reason is that the last joke of a referendum excluded so many younger people. The Leave ‘electorate’ was heavily weighted towards old farts who will not live to see the consequences of their SunMail crafted delusions, whilst the issue is one about the future.

        The young, whose future it is, need to be given more of a say. Beyond those now rising 18, the franchise needs to be extended to 16+. As an old fart myself, I’d happily be excluded from the vote in order to rebalance the electorate more realistically.

  4. The whole Brexit issue is now a culture war which does not represent the vast majority of people.

    Remain is little more than a global corporate love in – corporate citizens of the world who love Uber, G4S, Virgin Trains and HSBC and want to open the borders worldwide even to rogue states like Saudi Arabia.

    Leave is now effectively a bunch of people who act like they did National Service and served in the 2nd World War, despite the fact that National Service ceased for anyone born after 1 October 1939.

    Both sides are an utter embarrassment.

  5. This is revolutionary..Why not follow the agreed policy and back Corbyn and the Socialist Labour party for government,…might be a good plan!

  6. Mini-MeDel-boy Fwanswoisie-Boycie, chawwenged on va BeeyeBeeyeCeeye Nyoowse abaht it beeyin’ dysonyst ter send an ansoined letta ter va EE-YOUWE, cloiymed va fack’ vat soinin’ va letta woahrn’t percifickly ahsked fowah ment it woahrn’t dysonyst a’awl NOTT ter soin it, see?
    Perfyckwy wogyckwe inni’?
    Nuffin’ ter see ‘eahr, nah fack orf.

  7. Even Kuenssberg accused Johnson of blackmail on his “OK, Cutie, you can look the flat over before you rent it – but only if you sign this here contract that says you guarantee me a blow job on 12th. December whether you rent it or not.”
    “Oh, and I mean you, not your Grannie. I’m not falling for that one for a third time.”

    1. Yes – I noticed that straight right hook from the normally compliant K. It’s obviously got that bad now.

  8. How about trusting people to see through the bullshit, weigh up what’s important to them and vote accordingly
    Hate to shit in your custard but this will not be a brexit GE
    In case you haven’t noticed it will be 2017 x 10, there could not be clearer red water between us and cheap and nasties
    Under FPTP it’s a handful of swing seats that will swing it, with the brexit party and LibDems going to war with tories and labour it will be last man standing in those seats,
    Peterborough was a perfect example
    Complete bonus will be Blairites not following whip on monday who will be deselected

  9. “How about trusting people to see through the bullshit, weigh up what’s important to them and vote accordingly”

    Sounds like a recommendation for a new referendum. I’ll go with that.

  10. Note that the SNP wants to go for a pre-Christmas election (allegedly).

    That should immediately flag up that it’s not an option that Labour should pursue.

    The SNP is the most consistently successful of the UK parties, albeit only in Scotland. Their confidence is well-founded, and the point is that their current optimism flags up a red light for Labour – obviously in terms of Scottish seats, but also more generally.

  11. At the time Theresa May called a GE in 2017, Labour were polling more-or-less the same as they are now, but the Tories were around eight or nine points ahead of where they are presently/recently.

    1. You are broadly correct, Allan – but history doesn’t simply repeat, and the preceding pattern and circumstances are different.

      There are also myths to contend with : the polls weren’t as wrong as portrayed : the moving average shows a clear Labour gain after the election is called, so that the result, from that trend perspective was within the bounds of probability.

      .. and, of course – we still lost.

      What I’m saying is that the current situation favours the Tories more than I would be willing to place a bet on a Labour surge.

      1. I wasn’t, of course, implying that history WOULD repeat itself, simply pointing out that despite the increased support for the LibDems AND the emergence of the Brexit Party, Labour are polling at more-or-less the same level they were when the GE was called in 2017 AND the Tories worse than they were.

        And who’s to say that there won’t be a clear Labour gain AGAIN once a GE is called. And there WASN’T any myth, ALL the pollsters WERE wrong just immediately PRIOR to polling day, apart from Survation of course.

        Needless to say, but for all the lies and falsehoods and smearing that’s been going on since Jeremy was elected leader, the LP/JC would undoubtedly have won the 2017 GE AND be set to win again. In fact without their propaganda machine, the Tories would have been history for the past seventy years or so.

    2. True, but what happened last time is not necessarily what will happen this time.

      I hope there will not be a general election this year.
      For one thing, is there not a postal strike looming?

      For another, Johnson wants it to be purely about Brexit. He should not be allowed to do this.

      In today’s Guardian it says that some Conservative MPs do not want it this year either.

  12. Remainiacs
    ‘The vast majority of a Labour members support Remain’
    Possibly the majority
    The overwhelming number of members support JC and conference motion, it has been rock solid from day one
    80% of the electorate just want us out with the best deal for the country
    Stop relying on dodgy polls, if you need insight check out Paddy Power or Ladbrokes
    Invoice in the post

    1. Doug 25/10/2019 at 11:47 am

      “80% of the electorate just want us out with the best deal for the country”

      I’m curious Doug, where did you pluck the 80% figure from?

      1. Doug 25/10/2019 at 12:15 pm

        Thanks for confirming my suspicion that you just plucked your 80% figure out of thin air and that it is based on nothing more your own prejudices..

      2. SteveH
        How do you think bookies work out the odds,
        I’m busy at the moment so will come back to you on the chances of you or I being correct

      3. Doug – I will wait for your update with eager anticipation.

      4. Odds on General Election 1/6
        Odds on 2nd Referendum 5/1
        Remainiacs not in the game, which is what happens when you rely on dodgy polls paid for by Peoples Vote,
        Bullshit and bluster

      5. Doug 25/10/2019 at 3:31 pm

        …. and?

        It is more than a bit of stretch to extrapolate the above betting odds into your bold statement that “80% of the electorate just want us out with the best deal for the country”

  13. There is a new dominant ideology on the MSM block which originated on Channel 4 News, with echoes in the Guardian……’an inter-generational war’ is being constructed as a part of a divide & rule philosophy. A dangerous & particularly nasty generalisation that is being adopted by politicians & journalists of the so-called left that blames one entire generation for the injustices of the world. It appears that the ‘baby boomers’ are responsible for all the world’s ills. The generation that created the NHS; stopped Facism in its tracks & challenged the world’s elites to make a better world for all is now mocked & told ‘we had it all’ & ‘now it’s our turn’. The elderly must hurry up & die so that the children can vote. Ignore the wisdom of age @ your peril as I shudder to think how naive, inexperienced & ignorant I was when I was a child aged 16.

    1. You are conflating two separate issues.

      Firstly- you are absolutely right that there has been an initiative to distract from the actuality of austerity by pretending ga war between generations.

      But the second issue is entirely separate – that younger generations should have a right to vote over the Brexit issue that will affect them, but not those of us that are going top drop off the perch in short order.

      Sorry that you were ‘a child’ at age 16 – but don’t thrust retarded development on all of that age. The question is quite specific relating to their future. Wisdom isn’t suddenly gained at age 18 – and can be lost to senility and poorer education at the other end.

    2. Steve Richards 25/10/2019 at 12:31 pm

      So to sum up – Your contention is that it was wrong of Ch4 to highlight factors that had an impact on the referendum result including the rather obvious fact that the majority of us oldies voted Leave whilst the majority of those naive youngsters who lack life experience because they are under 45yrs olds voted Remain.

      I am concerned that the language you use in your post is exaggerated and intentionally inflammatory in its tone. Your own language is far more divisive than anything I’ve watched on Ch4 News.

      As far as I’m aware nobody is mocking the achievements of the older generations, we got it right more often than not, but we did like all generations make mistakes. I think what confuses the younger generations is why having built the welfare state for the benefit of ourselves and future generations a substantial number of the self same oldies seem determined to put it all at risk by voting for Brexit. You really can’t blame them for wondering what the fuck some of the older generations are playing at by voting for something that will damage their future prospects.

      As for your comments about 16 year olds. My personal experience (from my 18 yr old daughter and her friends) is that they are far more politically aware than I (or my cohorts) were at their age.

      1. SteveH
        From my grandson it’s great to watch
        From an early age they are bombarded with information,
        But they know what they want and they discard the rest,
        In a nanosecond
        Hopefully the electorate will also cut through the cheap and nasty Tory party blether

    3. I’ve just clocked this typification of the ‘baby boomer’ generation …

      “The generation that created the NHS; stopped Facism in its tracks & challenged the world’s elites to make a better world for all is now mocked”

      … which is a total fantasy.

      I’m of the ‘baby boomer’ generation – those born around WWII. And *none* of those attributes belong to my generation.

      They belong to the *previous* two generations – those of my parents and grandparents, who fought in two european wars, and then made sure we had something better.

      They would be ashamed of the narrow-minded self-indulgence of the elderly Tory Brexshit brigade.

      This afternoon I had a lengthy telephone conversation with an old friend – one who has spent his life seamlessly between the UK and Germany. He and his wife (German) have decided, finally, to give up on this country and its backward march to insignificance, and to return to Germany for their final years. He mentioned the emergence of knuckle-dragging xenophobia as one reason for now feeling ashamed of the UK. It’s this sort of thing that puts all the pathetic Brexit nonsense into perspective and emphasizes the regressive descent into incontinent senility of the UK.

    4. It’s not so new Steve, and is of course just a ‘rule and divide’ tactic by the Few. And a diversionary tactic!

  14. I see the Royal Mint has postponed the release of the new 50p coins celebrating commemorating Brexit coins😉

    1. SteveH, I’ve looked and looked and looked but I can’t see any £100 million Tory advertising campaign.

      Am I looking at the wrong part of the Moon?

      1. Here’s the smiley face I forgot, sorry 🙂
        You’re right though, it was a very poor stab at a joke…
        I’ll try to do better ‘~’

  15. RH, your friend may be seeing Germany through his wife’s rose-tints.
    I remember examples of West German youth rebelling against flowers, peace and love in the sixties with Shitler worship. Again.
    On unification the East also appeared instantly to turn hard right, going by the ubiquitous vox pops.

    Doug, bookies only ‘poll’ gamblers – who, while definitely representative of dumb kippers I’ve known, are hopefully not representative of the population at large.
    I hope most viewers find the TV “see the super-clever gambler calculating the odds as he plays with his chips – you could be cool like him and win easy money too” adverts as laughably transparent as I do when they imply that gamblers, not bookies, set the odds?
    See my related previous comments on pollsters and the self-selecting, MSM-propagandised minority who, in agreeing to express “their” views, define themselves as unrepresentative of the majority who never answer pollsters’ questions.

    Propaganda rules polling as surely as it rules the MSM and elections.

    1. David
      Dont telll SteveH but what talks to bookies is Weight of money, which is where someone like me spends the best part of 50 years looking for an edge, an event where they have plainly got it wr9ng,
      The last few years have been particularly profitable in the field of politics
      The only bet I could not bring myself to take was on Trumpton, my biggest loss was to much heart not head on Scottish independence
      5/1 on Labour for most seats is a decent bet
      Stick by my point on bookies having it spot on for remainiacs, vast majority want us out with a decent deal
      Enter JC and Labour brino

      1. Doug – It’s puzzling that you don’t appreciate the difference between what people want to happen and what people think will happen.

        Your wild extrapolation above still doesn’t make sense.

    2. “RH, your friend may be seeing Germany through his wife’s rose-tints.”

      No, David. Not at all. I’ve known her for nigh on 50 years, and have had painful discussions about various issues (her father was an officer in the Wehrmacht and served in the occupied Balkans). She has usually been more critical and open-eyed about Germany than myself.

      They’ve both maintained roots in both countries, having lived in Berlin before unification. The judgment I heard yesterday about deciding where to live in their dotage was based on a cool assessment of the current state of the two countries now, and the actual effects of Brexshit on friends, not some idealised notion of Germany. Rather, it was a statement about the observable decline of the UK.

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