Butler to Swinson: investigate Angela Smith’s office for ‘particular problem’ with racism after husband/manager’s ‘gaslighting’

Labour front-bencher says ‘cowardly bullying’ Wilson ‘actively promoting racism’ – requests investigation into ‘particular problem’ in ‘funny tinge’ Smith’s office and urges ‘firm disciplinary action’
Dawn Butler MP

Labour’s Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary Dawn Butler has called on LibDem leader Jo Swinson to investigate new LibDem recruit Angela Smith’s office for a ‘particular problem’ with racism, after Smith’s husband Steve Wilson tweeted that Butler had made up racism that she had suffered in Parliament.

Dawn Butler’s reaction to Wilson’s apology

Wilson – a former Labour councillor who quit when his wife defected to form the ill-fated ‘Independent Group’ – was forced to apologise after publicly denigrating Butler’s account of an incident in a Commons lift in her early days as an MP, when she was told “this lift isn’t for cleaners”.

However, Ms Butler has not accepted the apology – which Wilson did not make to her directly – and has tweeted a copy of a letter she has sent to Swinson, in which she:

  • accuses Wilson of ‘intimidation and cowardly bullying’ and of ‘gaslighting’ her
  • says that the MP’s husband’s conduct is ‘actively promoting racism’
  • recalls the outrage triggered by Angela Smith’s racist ‘funny tinge’ comment on the day of the Independent Group launch and asks Swinson to investigate immediately whether the two incidents demonstrate a ‘particular problem’ of racism in Smith’s office
  • asks Swinson to ‘take firm disciplinary action’ against Wilson

Ms Butler’s tweet accompanying the letter reads:

Dear @joswinson please find below my letter emailed to you yesterday. I hope you will take seriously the racist trope, trolling and gaslighting by a @LibDems member. Especially as he works for his wife, a Lib Dem MP, who referred to people like me as having [a] “funny tinge”

Ms Butler told the SKWAWKBOX:

I am urging Jo Swinson to investigate this incident.

Swinson has not yet responded to Ms Butler’s letter.

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  1. I’m not really that arsed, seeing as smith won’t even be an MP, come the next election 🙂

    (Hopefully that’ll apply to swindle, too)

  2. So its not just Bulgarian Nazis shouting at the England team of monkeys and other vile racism.Look no further than the libdems for funny tinge racism.In some way it’s even more shocking because the racism is not on the football ⚽ terraces but racists inside parliament and local authorities…..makes my blood boil and my blood pressure rise and we are still in 2019,trying to teach people that the colour of skin doesn’t matter….

  3. Strikes me that defector MP Angela Smith and her defector councilor husband are just petty people whose racism is so strong that even though they are both in politics they cannot even be bothered to use the ‘disguise measures’ used by other reprehensibles and not-racists-but… s.

    Good riddence to them both – and to the rest of the Tiggers/Change UK /swinsonite orangebook defectors from Labour. They’ll be history once the next amazing GE happens and Jeremy enters Downing Street (and turns its massive back garden into allotments for the duration of his tenure).

    But I worry more about the absolute arseholes who manage to use the ‘disguise measures’ to cover much, much worse.

    1. And this from Jonathan Cook:

      Uninhabitable: Gaza faces the moment of truth

      Israel has ignored warnings by the United Nations that Gaza is about to become uninhabitable, acting as if Palestinians there can be caged, starved and abused indefinitely. Now crises are unfolding on all fronts – social, economic, political and humanitarian – and Israel is running out of time to find solutions

  4. The woman talked about people having funny tinges and is pro fracking but was still welcomed with open arms by the Lib Dems despite them claiming to be anti racist and anti fracking. Total waste of time writing to them as they are totally without principle.

    1. Anything that highlights the hypocrisy of the libdem chancers is a smart move smartboy!

      1. Yes You are right – putting it on the record and highlighting it is important .

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