Left sweeps board of top Warley AGM positions in spite of Spellar pleas as trigger approaches

John Spellar

The Labour left won the top five executive posts at last week’s annual general meeting (AGM) of Warley constituency Labour party (CLP). Members report that Spellar was meeting members on their way in to plead with or admonish them to support his preferred candidates. The SKWAWKBOX is waiting for confirmation on the results on the more minor positions.

The losing candidates included Gurinder Singh Josan, who has stood on the slate of Spellar’s ‘Labour First’ pressure group in recent National Executive Committee elections.

Spellar, considered the ‘godfather of the Labour right’, is expected to face a trigger vote shortly after a string of delaying tactics by the CLP’s previous ‘exec’, although attempts are still being made to postpone the process – and has threatened to try to challenge the AGM results.

So far, the left has failed to mount a serious ‘trigger’ challenge to any of the West Midlands’ entrenched right-wing MPs. However, if members do successfully trigger the right’s ‘godfather’, it will be a seismic event.

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  1. Shouldn’t that have read: ‘Spellar, the Godfather of the Labour right mafia’?

    Anyway, I just came across this, which has Jeremy and Watson voting the same way and losing, which is confusing in itself – ie that Watson would vote the same way as Jeremy – but what are the ramifications of this new selection process? Is it a step backwards? I can only assume that it is if JC voted against it:

    Tom Watson, Labour’s deputy leader who sits on the NEC, argued unsuccessfully for a more member-led process. This would have been identical to the normal selection process, but significantly sped up.

    Jeremy Corbyn pushed for this more member-led process, but neither the leader nor the deputy leader were successful in making their case. This is because other NEC officers had concerns about a fully member-led selection taking place over just seven days.

  2. Steve are you there. Many people on groups that have supported you all the way are questioning your reporting of splits in the Leaders office and more widely. Please could you help clarify things if possible

    1. Could you elaborate Tim? And how do you explain away John Macs love in with AC? And which groups are you referring to just out of interest?

      1. Not sure who AC is and Corbyn supporters 50+ group 10K + members

      2. Alastair Campbell Tim. So just the ONE group then? And yet you referred to ‘groups’? And you didn’t elaborate either as to why they are questioning Steve’s reporting of splits etc. You imply of course that some of them disagree with Steve,so could you explain what they are saying exactly (and direct me to where they’re saying it). Thanks

  3. The left swept the board at the Yardley AGM but we are still lumbered with Jess Phillips.

    1. Yes, Jess Phillips, who within months of becoming a Labour MP tells Diane Abbot to “fuck off”, and says she’ll “knife Jeremy Corbyn in the front….”

      Not a fascist psychopath of course!

      1. It’s weird, but I was just thinking to myself a while ago that the reason Phillips came out with these comments was so as to quickly get herself known in the public domain (via the MSM reporting them). Anyway, I just did a search re Phillips and Diane Abbott, and low-and-behold came across the following article (from January last year) which undoubtedly confirms what I was thinking:

        Diane Abbott says fellow Labour MP Jess Phillips ‘never told me to f*** off’

        And just to be clear, Phillips – so she claimed at the time – did this at Jeremy’s first meeting of the PLP after he was elected leader in September 2015, and it WAS of course widely reported across the MSM at the time. Yes, Jess was just letting the fascists all round know what her agenda is/was AND that she was one of them/on THEIR side!

      2. I would have been happpy to refer you to comments by colleagues on the site I mentioned if you were not defensive about the question I raised. Alienating people is the biggest problem we have in trying to change this countries politik

      3. Yes Alan I had heard before that she didn’t swear but boasted that she did. You are absolutely right about her motivation – a self publicist of the worse kind. But have you heard the latest – she is considering putting herself forward for the leadership at some time in the future as she wants to be PM. Vicky Pollard in No10 ! She’s be an even bigger national embarrassment that the current blonde occupant. LOL

    2. Maybe you could post it as a seperate comment Tim just so everyone knows that what you say is true. If not, I perfectly understand.

      But if you do, could you post a link to the site in question. Thanks.

      PS And *prior* to you pointing it out, I had thought that the smear campaign against Jeremy and the left and falsely accusing members and Labour politicians of A/S and them being suspended and expelled as a consequence was our biggest problem, so thanks for setting me straight.

    Her name’s on this list with all the others. ‘She’s done so much for women with her feminist agenda, you know'(!!!!!!)
    As Corbyn said in his speech in Northampton, women are disproportionately affected by the Tory/Lib Dem cuts.
    I heard on Sky news a commentator saying she is one tipped to be next leader of the LP if Corbyn goes, ‘Oh, and she’s hugely popular you know’.
    As a woman I would feel much better represented by CW (or similar woman) than an MP who pushes bills through parlaiment on domestic violence while ‘pulling the rug’ from under so many womens’ feet and sending them to the food banks. She is enabling state violence against women (and of course men that are affected).
    How many women have died from the cuts she refused to oppose? Perhaps she could research that.

    1. Just clicked on the link Carlene (and it then goes to an Indy page), and it says ‘Sorry – we can’t find that page’.

    2. Yes and her and the likes of Harman, Rachel Reeves etc were happy to vote to bomb countries like Syria perhaps as the radical socialist feminist network (New Left Review) said “to bomb their black and brown sisters.”
      These people including the Right Wing men in this area and elsewhere it could be argued are simply not good enough human beings to take part in a left wing democratic socialist transformation of society.
      Diverse working people deserve better.

    3. As far as I remember it was Germaine Greer who in the 1980s said that Margaret Thatcher was “a woman but not a sister” The same could be said for female MPs who did not vote against the Welfare cuts and who are listed on the roll of shame- they are a disgrace – every one of them .

  5. Well Allan Howard,that link was very educational and left me feeling depressed regarding MacDonnal….

    1. Yes, and all one can really say is: Ee i ee i oh

      Not to put too fine a point on it.

  6. Yes Mc can be a dickhead at times.
    Blair and Bush should be on trial at The Hague and Campbell has questions to answer too though he would say ABC – Anyone But Campbell!
    But what an example to show the World and particularly the so called Less Developed World – Western Barbarians can face justice too!

  7. The Right are devoid of ideas, passion, imagination and vision.
    A New Left Review piece argued Labour has 50 socialist MPs, 150 opportunists, and the rest Neo-Liberal Blairites.
    If the Right won they would lose, Labour would once again stand for crumbs for working people and hundreds of thousands would drift away, it would end up like Pasok in Greece with something like 80 MPs, an irrelevance.
    The Corbyn Dream still has a shout but it depends on JC continuing to go direct to the people and the mass membership to get out on the doorsteps to sell the great 201 policies.
    Time for Left wing democratic socialists not to walk out but to step up!
    As ELO sang: “Hold on tight to your dreams!”

      1. Can someone inform me of what Chris Williamson has been doing in Derry.. I am not on Twitter and have tried Google

      2. Thanks steve but I am told to log in with my password?I will keep searching…regards comrade

      3. Joseph – If you click anywhere on the page (apart from the logon popup) the popup should vanish, if you are using a phone for access then you may have to also choose ‘Not Now’ in response to an offer to download twitter. It works for me on both my PC (win 10) and my android phone. If you are using magnification because of eyesight problems you may have to reduce magnification so that the popup doesn’t cover the whole screen.

  8. Cos Mack needs a kick up the ass for exonerating Blair, naively flirting with the liberal if not right wing idea of a basic income, sounding out a referendum before a GE ( protecting his own ass in his CLP).
    Get with the programme JM though you are mainly a decent socialist or move over for a heavyweight who should be back in.
    Perhaps 3 strikes and you are out, though being soft I will give him one more chance and that’s it!

  9. They are still in the tunnel and the murkey world of Irish politics and centre right love in is about to burst into light and understanding and Treesa may will be livid…regards comrades

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