Remember the ‘independent’ NEC slate? Here’s one headlining Labour First gig

During the recent election campaign for three additional places on Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC), the main battle was between the ultimately-successful ‘left slate’ of Rachael Garnham, Yasmine Dar and Jon Lansman and the ‘independent’ candidates backed by right-wing organisations Labour First and Progress.

In spite of that backing, the candidates – and the right-wing factions – insisted that the candidates were independent.

However, a tweet today by a Labour First member sheds a different light on the matter:

gsj lf.png

It’s possible, of course, that Mr Singh Josan is simply at the Labour First annual ‘conference’ as an invitee, but his presence as the closing, presumably keynote speaker, suggests closer ties than was admitted during the election campaign.

Remember for next time – new elections are scheduled for later this year.

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  1. Is there actually a policy difference that the Labour right want to change from our last manifesto? There have always been left wing organisations and pressure groups in the Labour party but usually they were trying to influence and change policy, e.g.: colonial freedom, ban the bomb etc. What policy differences do groups like Labour First want?

  2. They want the continuance of neoliberal economics. They think it works and that any departure from it is a vote loser. They have said little on tax swindling , redistribution of wealth, have never admitted that capitalism needs reform (in fact they plotted against Ed Milibnd when he suggested it). Who they are representing is hard to tell. Their leaders are the Hillary Clinton tribute group of Yvette Cooper, Caroline Flint et al.

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