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Excl video: ‘mayhem’ at Barking AGM

Footage shows just some of the outcry that forced annual general meeting to be abandoned last night

As the SKWAWKBOX reported exclusively last night, the annual general meeting of Barking CLP (constituency Labour party) was abandoned amid ‘absolute mayhem’ last night after hundreds turned up to vote that many suspected only just joined the party and were therefore ineligible under Labour’s ‘8-week rule’.

The SKWAWKBOX has obtained footage from the meeting that gives an idea of the level of anger and chaos that arose:

According to witnesses present at the meeting, many in the meeting believed that the ineligible members were there to help re-elect an executive committee friendly to Ms Hodge ahead of the selection contest she must face since being ‘triggered‘ by the right of the local party.

Those objecting to the new attendees included a former protégée of Ms Hodge, who was heard repeatedly shouting that the meeting was being rigged.

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  1. What an utter shambles. Totally unprofessional fiasco.
    You need to do a lot better than this Labour.

  2. There has to be a better more reasonable and controlled way to run this show. Its chaotic , maybe that was the intention of Hodge who full well knows the rules re attendance but seems nevertheless appears to have tried to usurp them by acting as a “teller” for any vote count .
    This is how the right wing fights to retain its power and there now has to be imo some sort of investigation at National level , for what that is worth , but just maybe it will be a little more transparent than thro the corrupt Regional office there .

  3. Unfortunately, as we know the right wing have been manipulation CLPs up and down the country for ages even bullying. If it’s true some are ineligible members then what else can be done other than protest and get the meeting cancelled. Can’t see why in future Labour membership cards having the join date on them. That way they can be shown on the door. The cards also need up-dating making them more professional maybe electronic swipe instead of just a cheap piece of carding.

    1. Excellent idea re the card , when I go to my gym to keep fit I swipe my Council card its read electronically and cross checked for membership details on the PC there and then .
      There is NO reason whatsoever for the same not applying to CLP meetings , esp really important voting ones .
      Mind you guess whos’ in charge of the Labour digital revolution programme !!! yours truly TWatson

      1. Rob but you go to a gym and enjoy the experience of keeping fit and the adrenalin boost..You probably leave the CLP meeting with dangerously raised blood pressure and a severe headache

    2. The prior issue is that in properly run constituencies, with door procedures simply normal routine, such conflicts don’t arise IME.

    3. I always assumed that the membership numbers were in some way sequential and could be used to identify joining date.
      The electronic version would both massively increase expense and open up the problems of data protection, and could of course be made to stop working, so either you would have to exclude anyone who’s card didn’t work or go back to manual checking anyway, and if the exclusion were being used, you’d have to watch out for the purposeful manipulation of members cards to exclude them.

  4. margaret hodge, paedophile enabler.

    Never let it be forgotten – or forgiven.

    1. I don’t think hyperbole helps. She was an apologist for the managerial inadequacies – not an ‘enabler’. Resorting to Hodge’s own techniques only validates them.

    2. Every time her name is mentioned the children’s issue should be raised. Why she should be glorified and enriched instead of being on the dole is still beyond me. Regards.

  5. A sort of democracy going on. Out of chaos ……………….. Good to see a level of interest. Officers get your act together or maybe let someone who can do the job takeover

  6. They should know the membership numbers for their CLP and book an area big enough for the meeting. In our branch meeting to trigger our MP or not, I’ve received an email saying I’m eligible to vote. I knew this of course but it isn’t rocket science.

  7. Will the Labour Party Executive order an investigation into this embarrassing fiasco masquerading as democracy in action? The ‘Good Name’ of the Labour Party is @ stake.

  8. Makes me wonder if the disruption was purposeful to allow those who were newly joined to vote in a later meeting…

  9. Pleased youve got the life and times of a foul mouthed fish wife on video…will the above be used at conference to demonstrate what happens to a CLP when they ignore the rules and go Barking?

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