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Breaking: fifth and final Barking ward votes to trigger Hodge

Five of eleven branches vote for full selection process – well ahead of minimum required in Labour’s rules. Others did not vote once threshold reached
Margaret Hodge, speaking to the right-wing Policy Exchange think-tank

The final branch to vote in the ‘trigger ballot’ on whether to force Barking MP Margaret Hodge to face a selection contest has voted for the trigger, bringing the total calling for a selection to five of the constituency’s eleven branches.

Under Labour’s rules, one in three branches must vote for a selection to ‘trigger’ it. The threshold had already been crossed, with four branches voting in favour earlier.

Ms Hodge will automatically be shortlisted, but must then face an OMOV (one member one vote) ballot of local members to hold onto her position as candidate.

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  1. 5 of 11 could be a close call her. Can’t say I’m unhappy about it, don’t think I’ve heard or seen anything from her relating to the Tory Party and what they’ve put this country through.

    1. I’d be more comfortable with a 7 of the 11 this will be a close run thing I feel , watch closely for the dirty tricks and I hope the powers that be will police this very closely .

  2. We’ll have to hope that the Corbyn supporters in Barking actually get their act together and vote to oust her.

  3. Could be something or nothing, need more info on numbers, is there anyone coordinating this, if they need help to get it over the line

  4. Read the great book ‘Bloody Nasty People’ on Barking, it argued whilst the vile BNP posed a threat to Labour, Hodge put out a leaflet which some claim pandered to the Far Right. It was basically car loads of the Left pouring into Barking which crushed the Far Right and bailed the Right Wing tax dodger’s ass out!
    Hodge with absolute gall on TV was to later claim that she beat the vile BNP?
    Well done 5 out of 9, hope the comrades choose a left wing democratic socialist!

    1. The BNP sent her a bouquet of flowers after she said that “indigenous Britons” should get priority in housing.

      1. Some further context…
        “In the summer of 2018 Prime Minister Theresa May admitted on behalf of the British government that torture had occurred under the Blair regime and publicly apologised and compensated victims—Fatima Boudchar had actually been pregnant when she was kidnapped along with her husband for rendition to then-aligned Libya…However, not only did BBC News play down these admissions but within weeks it hosted—in an act of ‘balance’?—former Labour minister Margaret Hodge alleging that the present (anti-war) Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, was an anti-Semite because of his position on settler-colonial Israel. This was followed by a similar appearance by her colleague Frank Field. What is significant is that by long-established convention these former ministers shared cabinet responsibility for this torture and yet they were not subjected to any BBC questioning that referenced the phenomenon, let alone any commentary critical of it.”
        See –

    2. The local by election results into early 2006 clearly showed that the BNP was losing support. But then Hodge opened her mouth and revived them. The only consolation was that her remarks came after nominations closed and so the damage was more limited than it would otherwise have been. But in another newspaper article, she even admitted asking voters on the doorstep if they were thinking of voting BNP!

      She might as well have canvassed for them.

      She helped them in so many ways. I hope she is replaced.

      “The poll confirms the fears of Labour MPs that Mrs Hodge’s warning about the support for the BNP among white working-class voters has given the party a valuable boost. In recent months, almost no one had been telling YouGov they would vote BNP, but publicity following her comments has highlighted the party’s existence.

    1. I hope there is and I pray that theres a kind of Hell somewhere for the treacherous scum that have tried to destroy the victims of Tory policy by infiltrating the Labour party.fowl mouthed fish wife with a lying evil mind Apart from that she’s ok!

  5. 200 vexatious claims of AS
    Your a fucking anti semite and a racist,
    JC I’m sorry you feel like that
    Pure class from next PM

  6. Vote for a left wing democratic socialist who will back JC and perhaps who will stand on the front-line to confront the Right Wing Barbarians!

  7. At some point I expect she’ll claim triggers should require more than half the branches voting ‘for’ to be truly democratic.
    Sadly MP’s with even a marginally high profile like hers get a boost in the polls just from appearing on TV and typically apolitical constituents actually knowing their names.

    1. Hit ‘post comment’ by accident. Meant to add that some members might feel it’s better to win with a right winger than lose with an unknown new left wing PPC.
      I assume that judgement will depend to some degree on the strength of opposition candidates.

      1. Maybe not. A future social democratic lab govt will have enoughopposition to cope with without trouble from neo-con fifth columnists on its own benches!

      2. David I used to think better a right wing Labour than a Tory or lib.I changed my mind on that after serving on a Lib dems Labour coalition on the council.If I had ever met Hodge I am sure I would have left the Labour party sooner than in the Blair years.And Watson would have driven me into the communist party.

    2. That’s usually less than 5% of vote isn’t it? It’;s a chance to get rid of a known troublemaker and disloyal member.

  8. I attended this morning. My ward lost the vote for open selection by one vote. Hodge’s stance on anti Semitism was not mentioned once although her lack of support for the leadership was. Many voted for open selection simply because they don’t think it’s unreasonable for MPs to face local scrutiny every five years. One ward,Longbridge,voted heavily for open selection otherwise things were tight. In her written address to the CLP Hodge calls us her friends and praises us for having transformed our local party saying ” we are now genuinely representative of our community in age,gender and ethnicity.” Now it seems we are all bigots and anti Semites.Hodge has been our MP for twenty five years,ours is,sadly,a moderate,indeed conservative CLP yet now members are being abused and defamed by Labour figures. MPs called for respect and restrained language this week,this should equally apply to the language they use about ordinary members.End of sermon.

    1. Jim…Thats not a sermon its a factual report from you on the difficult job of ridding the party of a self serving infiltator,who’s worked the CLPs with lies and flattery to cling on.Getting rid of traitors under our rules is not fit for purpose and was put their for that reason.Thank you jim!

    2. Can you find out the scores in all the branches and email to tips@skwawkbox com?

      1. Hi Steve, hope well. My comments & replies all still awaiting moderation. So u must b super busy as usual. Keep up the great work. Martin G
        Fresh Vision Now

      2. Sorry struggling to get any info. Gather affiliates voted 90% against trigger ballot. Lots of internal politics at work,suggestion is that right of local party(and this is a right wing CLP) have a grudge against her. Definitely not a Corbynista plot as media and some Labour figures suggesting. We tried to establish a local Momentum group but there was hardly any interest.Hopefully yesterday’s result will galvanise those on left but currently no obvious candidate

    3. Jim thanks for the info , I have to say it doesn’t fill me with optimism regarding the numbers , I hope and wish you and your fellow comrades the best luck to get rid of this disgusting MP

    4. Jim
      Hope you already have your candidate, dont allow vote to be split, remind members of Pantomime Dames record, it is truly appalling,
      Could be early christmas present for party, members and supporters

  9. I don’t mind *AN* Israel Lobby within Labour – just not one that accuses it of anti-semitism because it objects to Likud’s hard-right apartheid and land-theft in Israel.

    Corbyn’s 2-state solution is good for Israel and good for Palestinians.

    On Hodge, this person exhibits a vicious hatred of Jeremy Corbyn. I am amazed that she wants to be re-selected – unless, of course, it is to weaken Corbyn and weaken Labour, and, let’s be honest, Tom Watson is better at it than she is.

    Do the right thing Margaret. Apologise before you leave.

    1. The 2- state ‘solution’ is dead, if not buried. Israel has ensured that with its constant theft and fragmentation of land and continued persecution of Palestinians. I don’t know anyone with close knowledge of Palestine that thinks otherwise now.

      Corbyn can’t possibly take on this fiction, given the worldwide pretence that it can still happen. That’s not his fault – there’s only so many battles you can fight. But it isn’t now a solution – if it ever was, and JC is too intelligent not to know that.

      A real solution in a single non-sectarian state is a long way off, and depends upon key myths being abandoned.

      1. RH….unfortunately you may be correct but a single Palestinian state and who owns Jerusalem will drag in the extreme right wing Christian nut jobs inside the USA.I attend mass occasionally,but was shocked to see the traffic jams and enormous amount of people who attend the Churches every Sunday in the USA.The extreme right wing evangelical political movment dominate the Republican party and are in a hurry to bring about the end of days inferno in the city of Jerusalem as soon as possible.Its a bloody mess and god help us from these nut jobs that want to end the world..How do we deal with people that want to fulfil an ancient prophecy and actively work with Trump towards THE end of days and the coming of a messia.Maybe we should ask the DUP?

      2. You are absolutely right, Joseph. It is often forgotten that Zionism is actually ‘Christian’ in origin, and that mad Zionists are often ‘Christians’ waiting for the ‘End of Days’. They take their inspiration from the unhinged barminess of Revelation, coupled with the garbled mythology of the Old Testament.

        Then we have the use of Israel as a US satellite in the Middle East. There is a lot stacked against the Palestinians in the support of the colony that has disposessed them.

        Achieving a solution won’t be easy in this context, until, and if, it dawns that the head of steam that is bilt up by the support of such inhumane illegality doesn’t bode well in the ling term.

        My only point is that there is no way that two stable states can be created in this fragmented occupied Bantustan that is the West Bank and the prison that is Gaza. As I was saying to qwertboi,no-one that I have come across with much more on-the-ground knowledge than I have is anything other than deeply pessimistic. The amazing thing is the fortitude , restraint and humanity of the Palestinian people.

      3. RH, “no-one that I have come across with much more on-the-ground knowledge than I have is anything other than deeply pessimistic”

        I know quite a few Palestinians and others on the ground and surprisingly they are very optimistic that Zionism will fail. They do however ask for our continued support in their battle for equal rights. This is a video of one of the speakers at a conferece fringe meeting. At the start of his lecture he reads out a very moving message from Issa Amro the founder of ‘Youth Against Settlements’ in Hebron.

    2. Quertboi. The pro Israel groups in the Labour Party have one single aim, which is to prevent Corbyn from becoming our next PM. The influence of the JLM in the Party is so powerful that they can insist that anyone such as Chris Williamson who goes against them is suspended. They can even have a thug like Ella Rose who threatened violence against Jackie Walker speak in their support from the conference rostrum, while decent members get suspended before they get the opportunity to defend themselves.

      This is the extent to which the Israeli Lobby have infiltrated the Labour Party and it’s disciplinary procedures. It is blindingly obvious that top management are not doing their job to protect members and root out those who are intent on destroying Corbyn’s Labour Party with their screams of ‘anti-Semitism. Hodge is one of their number and should have been booted out long ago.

      1. Yes Jack, but it’s the corporate media (and the BBC) that engenders it all. And would continue to do so even if all the Hodges were gone (and No, I’m NOT saying she/they should be allowed to stay!). In the final analysis it’s the Establishment fascists and their fascist minions who have declared war on the left, just as they declared war on Ken Livingston’e GLC and the six Metropolitan County Councils back in the early 1980s.

    1. Dave Christos..I went to fill in the form and my name and phone ☎ number and email address came up immediately..Frightening really so was unable to put Joe barking from barking.

      1. Might be Joe that YOU don’t manage your cookies and settings as tightly as you think – and that it is this that’s letting LF repopulate(?) your page. Crooks don’t let GDPR stop them getting what they want from you.

        King of Kvetch advice – distrust every site you visit (even this one), clean cookies every day and block trackers.

      2. Appreciate the advice qwerboi.I am like many of my age not very knowledgeable about the internet.Although at my age and with all my travels they if if the powers that be will be led a merry dance through inhospitable jungle and swamp to have a chat to me.But thankyou very much and let it be a lesson to everyone.Maybe all of our Data is available to Labour first,progress,LFI andJLM.I was truly suprised to find Hodge supporters have all my details but not shocked realising who used to control the servers and databank at HQ.Watson and co have been busy boys.

      1. Just dial ‘Undermine Corbyn 666’ alexanderscottish- seems to work for LabourFirst, Progress Ltd. and LabFiendsIsrael too – and is picked up by CCHQ out of hours.

    2. “Margaret has been an outstanding anti-racist MP for Barking, from sending the BNP packing in 2010 to standing up to antisemites in her own party today. She won the majority of her local party branches, no one could be a better Labour candidate for Barking at the next general election. If you want to be part of her campaign to be reseslected as the Labour candidate for Barking, please sign up below.”

      How many lies can you spot in the first sentence?

      People who oppose Hodge need to work very hard to ensure that she is defeated.

  10. I just wish this sort of thing had happened to Tom Watson. How did he manage to get away with it?

    1. Ged Madden at 10:14 pm
      “How did he manage to get away with it?”

      That’s easy to answer – Despite TW’s high profile the left failed to get their act together. The bigger question is why they failed to get organised.

    2. Ged Madden Labour supporters are thin on the ground inside Watson’s constituency CLP and family members and friends rule to maintain the death grip.!

      1. Labour activists should decide that if West Bromwich East clp insists that Thomas Anthony Watson is its parliamentary candidate, then we just don’t work for his victory at the election.

        Sure, we’d lose the seat – but – just like when Gordon Brown created ‘Labour’s Deficit’ to give £80,000,000,000 to insolvent banks, WE’D HAVE BEEN BETTTER OFF WITHOUT PREDATORY banks and without Tom Watson.

        A price worth paying.

      2. qwertboi at 10:13 am

        “Labour activists should decide that if West Bromwich East clp insists that Thomas Anthony Watson is its parliamentary candidate, then we just don’t work for his victory at the election.”

        ….unfortunately it’s self evident that the majority of ‘labour activists’ within Watson’s constituency support him.

    1. In the Sun coverage they remind their readers about the EHRC investigation, as they do practically every time they publish an ‘article’ on the subject of ‘anti-semitism’, and it crossed my mind – which it hadn’t done before – that the EHCR will just happen to finish its investigation – purely coincidentally of course – and publish its findings a few days after a GE is set to take place:

  11. And here’s a Jewish Chronicle ‘article’ that I came across earlier from a few days ago, with the following headline:

    Chris Williamson says expelled Labour activist Jackie Walker should be Labour MP

    And at the end of the article it says:

    Anti-racism campaigners Hope Not Hate said the [LAW] event was a “reminder of the desperate need to fight antisemitism on the left. It is good that this event was outside conference, shunned by most delegates. But so much more work is needed in order to drive this scourge from the Labour Party and movement”.

    It is of course rather ironic that HNH claims it campaigns against fascism!.

    PS And if the event was shunned by most delegates, as HNH says it was, could it be that A/S isn’t all that prevalent in the LP after all, contrary to what the JC et al have been endlessly repeating for the past two or three years (not that the LAW event was in any way anti-semitic of course)! And why the “desperate need” to fight A/S on the left if it’s just down to a small minority, and not in fact endemic at all!.

    1. Thanks Allan Howard. I’ve noticed that parts of the Jewish press actually use the words ‘anti-Semitism’ about Labour in contexts that make it obvious they mean ‘threat to Israel’s (hard right appartheid and lond-robbing) behaviour.

      Their deception isn’t even trying anymore. They say anti-semitism, they mean anti-Likudist exansionism. More observant friends and relatives are slowly working this out too.

      (This is YET ANOTHER startegic reponse, where Corbyn is spot-on right)

      1. typo. I said “anti-semitism, they mean anti-Likudist exansionism ” and meant,

        “They say anti-semitism, they mean anti-Likudist EXPANSIONISM”.

      2. “More observant friends and relatives are slowly working this out too.”

        This is the one hopeful thing on the horizon, and why the Israel Lobby is generating so much fiction – people are becoming gradually more informed, and no longer swallowing naive sentimentality about the neocolonial militarist regime in Israel.

        It’s a small, slow business, but some years ago, I started giving Palestinian cards, goods and info. at Christmas. None of our family has had any illusions about Palestine since they became politically aware.

  12. According to the MSM this am, only 15% of branch members bothered to vote. Not a good omen!

  13. I was just on the website of the Jerusalem Post, and they’ve got a section/page titled Antisemitism. So I clicked on it, and in a box at the top of the page it says the following:

    Antisemitism is hostility towards or prejudice against the Jewish people

    And there you have it!

    1. … which is why they were so keen on the IHRA distortion. It’s a bit difficult to label people who have never thought other than that Jews were just another part of their community as ‘anti-semitic’.

      And that was the reason thatthe Board of Deputies was, a century ago, antagonistic to Zionism – they saw precisely that it, in itself, was a dangerous idea that created the division that was at the root of antisemitism.

      1. Yes, it’s funny you should say that, but in recent months I sometimes find myself wondering half consciously if, for example, someone being interviewed on a news program or whatever is Jewish, or if TV personalitys that I’m familiar with are Jewish – like the astrologists etc that regularly appear on How the Universe Works, which I have never-ever done before. I mean I don’t perceive them any differently to what I did before, but I have no doubt that it’s the anti-semitism smear campaign that has led to me doing this sometimes, whereas before they were just a person and nothing else entered into it. It’s difficult to put in to words……. Oh, right, I was watching the documentary that Tony linked to in a post a couple of days ago about Who Killed JFK, and I found myself half-consciously wondering sometimes if this character or that character looked Jewish, or WAS Jewish, which would never-ever have crossed my mind before.

        I guess what I’m saying is that the A/S smear campaign has to some degree made me conscious of them, or has me wondering if someone IS Jewish sometimes or looks Jewish, albeit kind of in the back of my mind.

        I hope I’m not becoming anti-semitic!

        Anyway, I came across the following article a bit earlier from fourteen months ago:

        New poll reveals only 13% of Labour voters support Margaret Hodge in Corbyn antisemitism row

      2. Allan Howard. “I sometimes find myself wondering half consciously if, for example, someone being interviewed on a news program or whatever is Jewish”

        It would probably be more appropriate to ask if they are Zionists? Many Jews are in full support of Corbyn, whearas very few Zionists, be they Jews or not will support him. They certainly would not support a fully democratic State where all could live together under one constitution.

      3. That wasn’t the point I was making at all Jack, although you could say that zionists have played a key part in helping to create the change I described. That said, it is first and foremost the fascist mindset that is responsible for the plight of the Palestinian people in general.

        Anyway, here’s an excellent piece by Tony Greenstein that perfectly describes the parallels between Israeli State and Nazi Germany in the 1930s:

      4. Allan Howard, “you could say that zionists have played a key part in helping to create the change I described”

        But if Zionists have only played a key part, who are the others who have assisted, are they not also Zionists?

      5. As I said Jack, you somehow completely missed my point…… as you so often DO, and yet it was simple enough to understand – ie I didn’t give a thought about whether someone was Jewish or not before, but now I find myself doing that sometimes AND I have no doubt that it’s as a consequence of the anti-semitic smear campaign. Got it?!

        If something IS what it IS, it can’t be something else. But maybe you were just straining your brain to find fault, where no fault existed! And how on earth can you possibly tell if someone is a Zionist by their physiognomy anyway!!!

      6. Allan, what is puzzling is not that you DID wonder if someone was Jewish but WHY you questioned if they were Jewish when accusations of anti-Semitism are more likely to come from Zionists be they Jewish or not. Maybe you are becoming anti-Semitic?

      7. Jack, just for the record, why do you strain so hard to come out with complete B/S. I wasn’t referring to anyone making claims of A/S in the LP, and YOU know it, and only a troll/shill would go to such extremes to pretend to misunderstand the point I was making, and THAT is precisely what you are of course!

  14. What happened to the antisemitusmckaim against Hidge. Steve can you find out? This should not disappear from the public realm.

  15. I see Twatson couldn’t keep his mouth shut and has just waded in with a piece in the Graun.
    Perhaps Lansman would like to try again ?

    1. He says the “hard Left” are spoiling Labour’s chances through reselections like the Hodge one.

      In fact the polls indicate that it is the Second Referendum – urged upon us by the likes of Tom Watson – that is killing Labour with the electorate. We have not topped an opinion poll since July. Labour flip-flopped (looking weak and feeble) over the summer in favour of a fraudulently named “People’s Vote” and now that policy is annihilating the Party in the heartlands and in the 70% of Tory-held target seats which voted Leave.

      Now to crown it all Conference has supported that we “maintain and extend” the Free Movement of Persons, i.e. the Unlimited Labour Supply which would continue to crush working class incomes regardless of what happens with Brexit. When voters get wind of this it will be curtains Labour

      Labour isn’t merely sliding into the dustbin of history, it is double-back-summersaulting into it of its own volition. It is a horrible sight to behold but has absolutely nothing to do with reselections.

      1. Danny. We keep hearing that 17.4 million voted leave therefore we should do it. That vote took place more than three years ago and because so much more is known now about the consequences of leaving, how do we know 17.4 million still support Leave? Another vote is the only answer.

      2. I agree with Danny re free movement.
        Labour should support democratic control of labour supply, people needing job offers and we can take workers we need from any country and not just Fortress Europe.
        Some citizens were negative re immigration but when the idea of job offers being needed by migrants they accepted this.
        Left wing democratic socialists may just about have bailed Labour’s ass out with it’s current Brexit policy (unless it’s a case of “Brexit, when do we want it? Now!’) and us working class socialists will have to utilise all our skills on the doorstep) and now we need to bail Labour out again re niave Free Movement.
        Oh dear why are some poorly read Labour members so intent on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory?
        Socialist analysis and planning is our only hope!

  16. She brought the party into disrepute. I penned a complaint on those grounds to the Complaints Unit – was it one year ago or two years ago? – and never heard back!

    What a mitzvah that the CLP is to consider alternative candidates. I hope they get rid of her.

    1. It should be encumbent upon any Jewish Labour MP or councillor who claims they have received a barrage of anti-semitic messages (or however many), to pass them on to the LP/NEC so that THEY can confirm that what they are saying to the media is true, and ditto for otherwise abusive comments to both Jewish and non-Jewish MPs etc, and they should be warned that they will face serious sanctions if they are found to be exaggerating, or if some percentage of them aren’t from LP members when THEY have claimed that they are.

      And they should be told that in the event that they are suspended as a consequence, and so as to combat further media disinformation, the messages will be posted in a special section of the LP website absent the names so as to show how many there actually were and whether they were actually anti-semitic or abusive or just someone being critical or disagreeing with them. And the whole of the MSM and the Jewish newspapers informed of the details of course as to why they have been suspended. And ALL members should be made aware of the fact if and whenever it happens, and given a link to the page.

      Hopefully this would act as a deterrent in most cases.

  17. Just saw headline story Sunday Times on newstand – American woman who seems to have got £130k out of Johnson’s Mayoral office and Govt departments for her business company, friends say she told them she was having an affair with him!
    Johnson in deep doo doo?

    1. Yes you can see why hedge funds were given £145m of tax cuts by the Tories (and Lib Dems) then hedge funds donated £50m to the Tories!

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