CUK ‘Islamophobe’ Mulready ‘nearly wet herself’ when tackled by Corbyn aide during attack on Milne

Murphy described as ‘like a lioness defending her pride’ when Change UK candidate launched tirade against Corbyn’s comms director
CUK candidate Nora Mulready, left, and Corbyn aide Karie Murphy

‘Change UK’ (CUK) candidate Nora Mulready has been accused of Islamophobia by outraged Muslim groups and commentators because of a series of tweets, including a comment validating the views of the far-right Tommy Robinson.

She has dismissed the complaints as ‘a smear campaign’. Many of the tweets have been widely known for well over a year and were compared to comments that would be expected from a member of the far-right English Defence League.

Mulready, a former right-wing Labour member, quit the party one day before a hearing into allegations that Mulready had bullied an Asian woman member.

But a lighter tale has also emerged in the form of an account related to the SKWAWKBOX by eyewitnesses.

In 2016, Buzzfeed reported that Mulready complained that Jeremy Corbyn’s chief of staff Karie Murphy had wanted to have her thrown out of a Liverpool hotel during Labour’s 2016 conference after she had ‘a bit of a discussion’ with Corbyn’s communications director Seumas Milne:

Mulready admitted the discussion had been ‘robust’, but claimed that it had finished by the time Murphy intervened:

It ended and I thought no more about it then two minutes later Karie Murphy, Corbyn’s chief of staff, came over and tried to take a picture of my pass so she could identify me and wanted me thrown out of the hotel

But Labour officials said that Mulready had been abusive toward Milne:

A spokesperson for the Labour leadership team confirmed that the incident had happened, but insisted that Mulready had been abusive towards Milne, and stood by Murphy’s actions.

He also said that a complaint about her behaviour had been sent to Iain McNicol, the general secretary of the Labour party.

“She [Mulready] was very angry, very agitated, and was having a massive go at him,” the spokesperson said.

Buzzfeed’s 2016 report of the Mulready/Minle incident

Eyewitnesses painted a vivid picture. One told the SKWAWKBOX:

Nora took on Seumas but didn’t see Karie standing round the corner. Karie confronted her and vented at her and she nearly wet herself.

She tried to rally and throw back some insults, but Karie wasn’t having it. Karie’s a sweetie but she was like a lioness defending her pride – and she gave Nora’s mother a few words too when she got involved.

Nora’s not a nice person, but the look on her face when Karie appeared was a picture. It wasn’t a sad day when she left the party.

Karie Murphy hit the headlines two years ago when a newspaper revealed that she had donated a kidney in 2014 to save the life of a seriously ill young north-east boy, whom she did not know. Murphy broke her silence to encourage others to donate and to back the Daily Mirror’s “Change the Law for Life” campaign.

Nora Mulready was asked for comment but did not respond. Karie Murphy was not available for comment.

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  1. Wasn’t Mulready one of those councillors who tried to push people out of socuso housing in London?

    Name rings a bell from somewhere…

    1. She wasnt a councillor but a massive supporter of the privatisation project and also supporter of the leader Claire Kober.

      Shes absolutely nuts.

  2. I disagree with you Skwawkbox that Karie ” hit the headlines” when it was revealed that she had donated a kidney to a stranger an act of extreme altruism and courage two years ago. Her magnificent act of selfless bravery got a couple of lines at the bottom of Page 20 in few publications. Others ignored it completely (I don’t recall hearing about it on the BBC either) as it is not MSM policy to draw attention to anything which would show anyone on the Labour Left in a good light.
    What did hit the headlines was the fact that Diane Abbott sipped M&S alcopop on a Train recently. (It cost £2 so you can guess how much alcohol it contained) I lost count of the number of photos I saw of her with the small can in her hand or at her lips along with calls for her prosecution and saying what a ” disgrace” she is.
    The reason for this is that it is MSM policy to take any misdemeanour however minor, on the part of someone on the Left,exaggerate it, bring in some self righteous Labour back bencher or ” grandee” to express outrage, call for the wrongdoer to be punished preferably by the harshest means available and then give it extensive coverage in the hope it will discredit the individual, the Left of the party and Jeremy Corbyn. ( the wrongdoer or more frequently the alleged wrongdoer is invariably referred to as a “Corbyn ally”).
    Luckily most people now seem to be wise to this as we are polling well and our membership is increasing – clearly very little of the mud sticks.

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