Phillips facing trigger ballots on Monday

Birmingham Yardley members to vote on whether to hold full selection for next general election
Jess Phillips

Birmingham Yardley MP Jess Phillips is currently promoting her new book – after telling the SKWAWKBOX at the end of last year that “I’m writing no book” – but on Monday she faces a vote by all four branches of Birmingham Yardley CLP (constituency Labour party) on whether she should face a contest to remain as the area’s MP:

Phillips’ neighbour, Roger Godsiff, was ‘triggeredearlier this week, with Barking MP Margaret Hodge suffering the same result the week before.

Yardley reportedly only has some five hundred Labour members. In spite of her book promotion, Ms Phillips is said to have been working hard trying to cultivate their favour.

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    1. Indeed.

      The odds on the media whore NOT squealing about ‘misogynistic, ultra hardline leftist, antisemitic, racialist bullies within the party’ are even shorter than philips becoming as useful to the party as the daily heil.

      jess philips – f**k off.

    2. Some context…
      “Historical Labour icon Beatrice Webb supported the cooperative movement, and championed trade unionism to the point of coining the phrase ‘collective bargaining’. (Jess) Phillips, by comparison, does paid side work for Michael Ashcroft, the Conservative peer, former deputy Tory party chairman and party donor, and infamous offshore tax avoider. Phillips, like a number of her femocrat contemporaries, is an advocate of the Western imperialist agenda, which she spins as ‘intervention’. When Tory prime minister Theresa May ordered air strikes on Syria, Phillips boasted, ‘I regret that were wasn’t a parliamentary vote on this issue. But I wish to tell the prime minister and the house that she would have had my vote had I been asked to give it’. By contrast with Phillips’ agenda of Western expansionism, Sylvia Pankhurst, representing that deep feminist tradition of peace and female solidarity, has a memorial in her name in Addis Ababa and was made an honorary Ethiopian for her role in championing the country’s resistance against invading Italian fascist forces.”
      See –

      1. Yes the radical socialist feminist network in the New Left Review nailed the likes of Harman, Phillips, and Reeves et al, “They vote to bomb our black and brown sisters!”

  1. No worries about the decission then they can always be set aside if they don’t vote for Philips.?

  2. Feeble monstering of Labour MPs like Phillips is a new low for Sqwawkbox – you need to step back and take a look at yourselves.

    1. Actually, Phillips is a shallow and notorious self-publicist who does need to be called to account with her ‘woman of the people’ schtick.

      That said, there is too much time wasted in attacking members of the Labour Party when balanced against a healthy analysis of how to be effective against the Tories and their press.

    2. I hope your operation goes well, mauricen11.

      Not sure which one, but whether it’s to separate your tongue from your cheek or remove the poker frome yer arse, I sincerely hope it’s as successful as the mouthpiece’s eviction.

    3. I’d watch what you write, Mauricen. The SkwaWkbox will block your comments, like he does mine, if
      you’re not an unbowng disciple of his.

      1. And yet here you are commenting without hindrance.I find Skwawky treats my criticism the same as he does my support,he ignores both,which is the correct response.

      2. Skwawkbox is perfectly entitled to block (paid and unpaid) Tory propaganda pedlars on this site .

      1. That little gem tells us all we need to know about Phillips.Thank you Bernie.

  3. Wont happen .Her supporters are as thick as she is and will vote her in. She also says the electorate in yardley even though they voted to leave the eu are not interested in brexit and she is acting in their best interest .It would appear they enjoy being patronised.

    1. Liz Jones refers to the electorate in her post but Jess Phillips arrogantly calls them ” my people ” Every time she says “my people this” or ” my people that” I feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing up. She really is obnoxious and Yardley will be doing us all a big favour if they deselect her.

      1. Jess Phillips keeps trying to pull off this ‘woman-of-the-people’ lie. But the reality is that she had privileged paid education at ‘King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls’. Currently the fees are £13,230 per annum. She became a councilor before even finishing her post-grad degree and then immediately segued into the MPs job (picking up both salaries simultaneously – see previous posted link). While questioning the real world credentials of socialists like Corbyn her own CV is padded with employment in her parents company ‘Healthlinks Events Management Services Ltd’

        Given her privileged background, many local people complain that her faux working-class accent is patronizing carefully cultivated performance!

      2. Yes Bernie Thats what makes her Vickie Pollard act so very offensive to real working class people like me. Presumably she thinks we all go about effing and blinding at each other and communicate like fog horns.
        One thing you have omitted in your excellent post is Jess’s alleged work with victims of domestic violence. Again she mentions this frequently but hers was an office job – head of fundraising – and it is doubtful if she ever set eyes on a someone in distress let alone helped them get to a place of safety.
        Jess is a fake and is always on the lookout for ways to advance herself whether it is ducking out of a meeting of the Womens PLP to rub shoulders with the dregs of society at a Rupert Murdock Christmas do or criticising Jeremy Corbyn in loud and uncouth terms.
        She also has a well honed sense of entitlement and was outraged when Jeremy Corbyn -the party leader who she sets out to undermine at every opportunity – did not support her for a place on the Parliamentary Standards Committee.
        Jess has an ego the size of a house and despite her own conduct wanted to stand in judgement on the conduct of others.
        Of course it may have been the extra money that attracted her to the post- members of Commons committees get additional payments and Jess may need the money – her wages, expenses, fees for newspaper articles and TV appearances ,her books, her work for Michael Ashcroft, to which you refer may not be enough LOL

      3. Phillips use to tell the media that her parents were an NHS worker and a teacher. Actually her mum is CEO of a couple of NHS trusts and both her parents are company directors, which is how they afforded her huge school fees.
        More recently did anyone see Phillips performance at one of the local school protests earlier in the year? First of all she tried to talk to a tv crew about a Muslim protester as if he wasn’t there. Then despite there not being significant differences in their ages she tried infantilising him as a mere ‘young man’. Anyone who recalls the history of referring to Black males as ‘boys’, will know how offensive this is. When she did talk to him it was with her eyes shut like he was something unpleasant beneath her. Then finally she told him to be quiet while she told him what Islam was about and the ‘real?’ character of the local Muslim community – which given her privileged life-history she couldn’t really know anything about. Given the current antis-semitism moral panic, imagine her talking to a Jewish Briton this way?
        Thanks to Smartboy and everyone posting their J-Phillips data/recollections.

  4. From those who in her CLP Phillips has alienated (got suspended) I’d not put too much faith in the Trigger Ballots as it seems she’s got quite a big cookie crew that does her bidding. Still, would be a nice thought if her cohorts could be outgunned via sheer numbers, which means the Left needs to organise a little better than we seem to be able too at present, so, will be watching this one carefully.

  5. Don’t know why Squawky lumps Philips and Hodge together with godsiff Godsiff was never a traitor or a coup supporter.and should never be viewed as that bunch of scum. or mentioned in the same sentence.

  6. As Skwawkbox has previously stated Jess Phillips walked out / left the CLP AGM early when the CLP elected candidates who reflected the Socialist views of the members which of course Jess does not hold. Since then her relentless attacks on the leadership have quietened down not because she has had a conversion to Socialism but because she is a shrewdie and saw this coming.
    In February her husband left the gravy train – he was “employed” as her office manager – and got himself a job which again indicates he/they guessed that she would be facing re-selection.
    This year she has spent her time writing and promoting her book when not disgracing us in the HoC by exposing her total hypocrisy. She warned Boris Johnson to watch his words – this from a woman who BOASTED about telling Diane Abbott to F*** off and who said she would stab Jeremy Corbyn in the front.
    In my opinion Jess Phillips behaviour falls far short of what is expected of a Labour MP in the modern Labour party. I am pleased Yardley has commenced the trigger process and hope and they select someone with Socialist principles to be our PPC at the next election.

  7. ‘In February her husband left the gravy train – he was “employed” as her office manager – and got himself a job which again indicates he/they guessed that she would be facing re-selection.’

    Nepotism’s still rife…

    I read on bbc text this morning that Walthamstow CLP are after a ‘locum’ MP to replace stella greasy who will be taking maternity leave. The post will last 7 months and will only cover constituency matters; i.e. no HoC voting etc.

    Given that greasy’s family have the CLP pretty much boxed off, I wonder just who the lucky imcumbent may be…

    1. If what you are saying is correct -and I have no reason to doubt it- the temporary job salary etc will go to a relative of Stella..
      If she wants to avoid the accusations of nepotism and unfairness in the appointment she should hand the whole recruitment process over to an independent employment agency who will ensure the appointment is based on merit alone.

    2. Talking of nepotism – take a look at your Labour local councilors. If it’s like Weaver Vale, many of them will be of a certain age, (give or take 20 years). Some may be well into their seventies or even more. Some may even be touching 90 before they are up for re-election and never bother to campaign. They never bother to campaign for prospective MPs, PCC’s or anybody except themselves. But council expenses are a nice little pension top up and most of these are Blairites. And regional offices are not really interested in democracy, accountability and local representation.

  8. I’ll be so deflated if the promise of removing her comes to nothing.

    Birmingham Yardley CLP the world is watching. Exert your power wisely.

    Help the restorative Labour party restore itself.

      1. Regrettably, TW has weathered the storm…for now, let’s hope.

        It appears no selection options of any sort were on the table for debate at this year’s conference. Maybe it’s time to re-visit the debate .

  9. I wonder who (from the usual list) will come running to her assistance if she does get triggered?

    I mean, when decent labour MP’s culd’ve done with the ‘benefit’ of philips’ ‘pearls of wisdom’ ; philips has been conspicuous by her absence/silence.

    So IF she’s punted keep your eyes peeled for the shrieking from these ‘people’ in particular

    smeeth, harman, greasy, screeching.

    I’ll bet only harman MIGHT have a token whimper; the rest will keep schtum.

    And also those what don’t matter like berger, woodcock & austin (Probably more likely to have a moan than the current labour MP’s I mentioned)

  10. Can someone clarify something for me. I have read that the trigger is dictated by how many branches take part. So if 6 of 12 branches take part, and two vote for the trigger, then it takes place?

  11. If Philips and her self confessed Corbyn hatred gets triggered she has herself to blame, no one else. There’s nothing much more one can add really.

  12. Just watch all the RW big guns come out in support if she gets triggered. With claims of ‘Witch hunt’ aplenty. That gob on a stick deserves the boot for all her efforts to keep Labour unelected under Corbyn, smears of the Leader, and threats to ‘stab him in the.front’. Entirely inappropriate behaviour from a Labour MP.

    No Labour MP should go out hobnobbing at Murdich’s mansion with the likes of Priti Patel and other Right Wing horrors, especially missing meetings to go.

    Labour can well do without watered down tories like that.

    1. Surely it’s against the law, stabbing people is a plague in inner cities. People die and some go to jail. Straight to jail, difficult to do for corkscrews. Regards.

  13. Eveythings in position to fight a General election The manifesto is breathtakingly ambitious and just what the doctor ordered.Activist ready and chomping at the bit to get at the Torys If we do not win convincingly it will be down to Philips and her supporters and half the PLP who have actively worked against the democratic socialist Labour party.!

  14. Hopefully the Twatson will be subdued on this issue what with the latest MSM reports ripping into him over the Govt Paedo reing

  15. The tragedy is that with the rise of Jeremy and a majority of left wing democratic socialists we inherited a minority of Right Wing Labour lightweights who it could be argued do everything to impede progress because they are political morons who have failed to recognise that history has passed them by; or to be unkind right wing political imbeciles like Watson, Phillips, Benn, Reeves et al..
    Robin Blackburn in the brilliant New Left Review argued that there are probably 50 genuine socialist Labour MPs (probably up a bit recently), 150 opportunists, and 30 Blairites (who could sell us out and deny a transformation) and our imagination and genius offers ideas (they have none) and the lightweight Right Wing poorly read who have no ideas ride on our coat-tails but we do it for JC and the oppressed, NOT for these opportunist Irellevants of history who mean nothing to us.
    For example why not get a Labour Govt to take airports in the UK into democratic public ownership, we could then plan nationally (and rationally) better regional use of airports & put climate crisis at the centre of the aviation industry (explore zero polluting aviation fuel and electric planes).
    We have citizens trailing all over the bloody place to get to airports at what carbon footprint cost, need left wing democratic socialist planning.
    Why not scrap HS2 & undo Beeching, use the money to re-open and build branch train lines, could stimulate local economies from below, attract people out of cars, get more freight on rail and attract more citizens for days out in the countryside.
    We need 350 left wing democratic socialist Labour PCCs who have vision and imagination and who serve working people and not themselves.
    Diverse working people deserve nothing else!

  16. “We need 350 left wing democratic socialist Labour PCCs who have vision and imagination and who serve working people and not themselves”. If only.

  17. Was a brilliant piece a while back in the New Left Review by the Radical Socialist Feminist Network who argued that the likes of Phillips, Harman and Reeves et al “Vote to bomb their black and brown sisters!”

  18. Jess like many in labour aren’t that great and that’s the main problem with their poll rating being low. the way i see it is that people are just going into politics for a chit chat and to earn a good life style that they couldn’t get locally

  19. The only serious committed movement inside the Labour party is socialism,….anything else is little more than collaborators of Tory greed and warmongering…simple really!

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