Godsiff triggered

Branch vote means threshold for selection contest reached

Birmingham MP Rofer Godsiff has been ‘triggered’ by local members, after a second of his constituency’s four branches voted in favour of a selection contest this evening.

Hall Green branch voted 37-11 for a contest, the day after 94% of Moseley and King’s Heath members did the same last night.

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  1. That’s decisive, I wonder if he’ll step down to avoid a humiliating defeat.

    1. As a clp member, I might vote for a full selection and still vote for the incumbent.
      It would be like a warning shot over his bow. Motivational, if you like.
      If his heart isn’t in it, he’ll not stand. If it is, he’ll identify the changes he needs to make – and make ’em.
      These things shouldn’t need to be riggered, they should be routine!

      1. Qwertboi.when your computer left the T off at the beginning of the sentence.. I thought why cannot I get a sensible computer like that. Spot on!

      1. ‘Triggered’ isn’t the word I waas looking for 😛

  2. No doubt the relevent regional office will be along to suspend the vote in the near future!

    1. John hes not right wing so regional will not be interested.,and godsiff has the support of many of his constituents.who respect him and his voting record which is more in line with Corbyn than the so called moderates!

  3. Angela Eagle please.
    What’s keeping them?
    She had Wallasey CLP suspended for 18 months on a pack of toxic lies, ffs.
    I spent months exposing the #Brickgate lies and they showed their gratitude by blocking me on Twitter.


    Take your pick 😍😍

  4. Decisive. Local democracy in action. It’s why Labour is MY party.

    Please make a good decision comrades.

    “The laziest MP in Britain”, but then again he was one of only 12 Labour MPs to support Plaid’s and SNP’s call for an enquiry into the Iraq War. A difficult one.

    There’s nobody I’d rather entrust this difficult decision to than local, committed Labour party activists.

    I love the Corbyn project. Democracy where it matters.

    1. Qwertboi.He’s defiantly unhealthy,and getting on a bit,the local committed activists are only from one group and they are not Corbyn supporters..The triggers only work with committed activists and so far that has worked in favour of the anti Corbyn mps.This whole process is not fit for purpose,and we know who the winners will be Eagle watson screamer and many more traitors

  5. I hope this decision doesn’t let in another moderate are alienate the voters who respect a loyal mp that stood shoulder to shoulder with is constituents to defend their children from being subjected to lessons for alternative sex and relationship s for children as young as 4years old.

    1. Ps apologies for the awful spelling and punctuation,but rattled by some of the crazy decissions Ive woken up to today and the advance of the enemy within

    2. “Defend” and “protect” young children from what is, after all, only knowledge is something I profoundly disagree with.
      Not just on principle either – explaining to children in detail about sex, its potential lethality to the underaged, and how to recognise and report predatory adult behaviour is the ONLY way to protect the young.
      Predators rely on children’s innocence.
      “Innocence,” so cherished and misunderstood by almost everybody, simply means “innocent of the facts” – facts that could save their lives.
      Like teaching children not to push into the backs of crowds would have saved every single life at Hillsborough.
      Parents need to grow the fuck up.

      1. My view from principle is that it’s beyond ridiculous for the most intelligent known beings in the Universe to be squeamish about informing their young of the means of their species’ reproduction.
        Children (mis)inform each other at school.
        Why would you want your child to be humiliated by being 1. the last to find out about sex, 2. misinformed by Little Johnny, 3. in fear of discussing the subject with you and 4. vulnerable to predators because of the secrecy surrounding the subject?
        It’s beneath us to behave in this way.
        It’s beneath me anyway.
        Your kids, your rules though – however misguided.

      2. Totally agree. The enforcement of religious-based ignorance and misinformation hasn’t exactly ‘protected’ children from exploitation!

    3. Potential predators’ knowledge that children were no longer innocent and were now on the lookout for them would reduce the number of children damaged by abuse by maybe 90%.

      1. John I make no apologies and do not object to sex education but not at such a young age….infant school age no way and I would not want my grandchildren forcibly exposed to such a young age.Are they not entitled to a childhood?And its not a religious issue with me.

      2. Joseph you really do need to do a little bit of research into what is actually being taught to 4 year olds rather than relying on what the bigots would like you to think is being taught. It may alter your perspective.

  6. Steve H I have done a lot of research and I have made a judgment …simple answer and no one who knows me would ever describe me as a bigot.We don’t agree,thats ok with me and I respect your opinion but I am not on here to gain a popularity contest…..just voice a different argument to the average Joe!.

    1. Joseph – I suggest you reread my comment, I did not call you or infer in any way that you are a bigot. You need to research again what is actually being taught.

      1. Steve H…I didnt say you called me a bigot…you are better than that.I was pointing out that someone like me an unrepentant fighter against racists and bigots could not be conned by right wing bigots or be push a nasty bit of bigotry..So let’s agree to disagree.We will watch closely to see who godsifs replacement is.When it comes to young infants,children and grandchildren we are all sensitive including Moslem parents across Britain who value traditional family life Do we really want to alianate the Moslem community by saying this is what happens to the mp that stood shoulder to shoulder with you.because we wish to enforce our view of family values.I have travelled and lived around the world and I can say that much of our western world is considered as arrogant and backward in impossing our system of education and culture on the rest of the world….Britain knows best doesn’t wash anymore especially in Europe

      2. Joseph, this isn’t about Britain imposing its will, nor is it about bigotry or religion – child abuse occurs in all societies and in all religions – and in non-religious families too.
        “Families” because it’s a sad fact that most child sex abuse is committed by family members.
        That and my previous arguments are why school is the most appropriate place for sex education and why the younger children learn the facts the better – subject only to the individual’s ability to understand the concepts.
        Educating children as young as possible about sex is simply the logical thing to do to keep them as safe from abuse as possible.
        There are arguments against it that you haven’t used.
        You could have said that the information is beyond younger children’s understanding – or that some children might use threats of accusations of abuse to get better christmas presents.
        Both valid arguments but trivial compared to protecting kids from abuse.
        Parental embarrassment I don’t accept as a valid argument, though it’s at the root of most objections.

    2. Joseph, your view is typical, not different.
      The belief that awareness of sex is the end of ‘innocence’, is correct – but only if you recognise that innocence is a synonym for ignorance – another sadly misunderstood word.
      Typical misunderstanding of ‘innocence’ equates it with ‘carefree’ – ie ‘untroubled by adult concerns and worries’.
      Children, like real people, are most curious about secrets – they easily sense something unspoken and taboo from their parents’ refusals or distractions when they ask about where babies come from – and when one child learns anything, true or not, it spreads like wildfire in class.
      What do you imagine are the odds against none of the 30 children in a class finding porn online or on Daddy’s computer?
      If parents were honest they’d admit that they’re protecting themselves from embarrassment and the disgust of their children.
      Children inherit that embarrassment and feign ignorance – but only with their parents.
      Time to grow up.

  7. David…like me the mp has made no argument against child sex education including relationship teaching…Like me he believes that the state have gone too far when infants are subject to forced child sex education when most of us are desperately worried about education and funding in general.4 years old is ludicrously young even using cartoon characters and simplified learning program’s..Sorry but the state do not have the last say for me on child sex education….or have the right to enforce it…..Then we can move on to human rights law etc etc but I hope you would agree with me that godsiff has shown unusual courage in standing up for his constituents rights and literally standing with defend the parents rights as well..No doubt godsiff is finished in the job of mp,but contrast that with what Watson screeching and others have done and I shake my head and think how very sad that one mp whose voting record shows solid Labour principles but he has to be cast out and who’s going to replace him,another career politician or a Rabid right wing plant…or maybe the Moslem and religious community will walk away from the Labour party.,Most mps from the Moslem and religious community have learnt to keep stum,and so have party members,but that may not stay that way if the assurance that as been given are trampled by overzealous teachers.or a government that wishes to intefer with the human rights law?.We have just been through a public holiday here in the Buddist tradition of ancestors prayers for those who have passed away and respect for them and the elderly.I have been given 100,thousand rial…about twenty five dollers and treated to bowing fully prostrate to offer me gifts etc and fantastic food.The money was half the wages for a month working in a garment in Cambodia.Should I have given the money back and shamed them in loss of face in front of family.No I didn’t I honoured the dead and celebrated the festival and the wonderful c.omplications of Asian culture ..We tread on the beliefs and culture of people at our peril…….I will have to work out how to funnel money back without insulting them now….at least the rain has stopped and the rice crop may be saved.?….global warming already effecting lives?

  8. We have a great left wing leader now and a fantastic policies but apart from that little seems to be changed in the Labour Party which is still mainly run on right wing authoritarian lines. I worry how much of a programme Corbyn could actually deliver if he is so hampered by an enemy within.

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