Abbott makes history today as first black person at PMQs despatch box

Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott is to make history this afternoon by becoming the first black person to represent her party at the Despatch Box at Prime Minister’s Questions.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn paid tribute on Twitter yesterday to the impact on UK politics of Ms Abbott and her fellow campaigners and pioneering MPs:

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  1. I have a different take on this.

    Isn’t a mark of how *little* we have progressed that it is a matter of comment?

    The real story is how much abuse she regularly receives and how the xenophobia of Brexit dominates the country.

    1. Why do you constantly relate leaving the eu to racism? Just because people do not want to be part of an organisation which actively benefits multi national corporations does not have anything to do with being ‘xenophobic’. That’s like calling somebody a racist because they chucked in their membership of the British Legion club.
      Please fix the broken record.

      1. In answer to your question in the first sentence – because it’s a fact.

        Which is not to say that everyone who supports Brexit is a racist, but because xenophobia (not quite the same as ‘racism’, although overlapping) was a major dog-whistle for a significant proportion of those who voted for it on the command of the millionaire press. Far bigger than those with actual knowledge of the issues.

        You must have been asleep if you hadn’t noticed – especially with the Tory Party conference currently braying over this quintessential Tory policy. And the correlation of the Brexit stuff with racist attacks is well established.

        If you don’t like the smell, I’d suggest staying out of the Brexit kitchen.

      2. The EU is racist, with its Fortress Europe, its outsourced concentration camps for non-whites and its policy of having non-whites drown in the Med.

      3. ‘Whataboutery’ – the mark of a lost argument.

        The point is that Brexit was *driven* by xenophobia.

    2. What a load of bilge you spout RH. I suggest you look up the definition of xenophobia in the encyclopedia. It hasn’t changed its meaning in the last week or so.

      1. Aidey Aitchdee at 2:51 pm

        dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.”

        So which part of the definition isn’t appropriate?

  2. Diane Abbott has had more abuse than every other politician put together and still gets on with the day job,
    Would be huge leap forward for this country if party elected her leader next time around
    Heres a GE poster
    Against No Deal and No Brexit vote Labour
    Time to reunite our country

    1. Well done Diane!
      Re Johnson’s EC plan, seems N Iteland to be treated differently TWICE, kept in single market for goods & economic law under ECJ.
      Cake and eat it?
      Labour policy is GE, if win put new Brexit Deal to Public vote with Remain option.
      Stick with Labour’s customs union and no need backstop, democratic control labour supply (not free movement to serve Neo-Liberal capital) have democratic control capital supply – get back to the primacy of democracy of citizens over the primacy of the market.
      Boris Alexander de Feffel Johnson and the Billion Bung boys and girls of the DUP are out of their depth!

      1. Bazza The unionist and DUP have no mandate to speak for the population of N Ireland….The majority voted remain .but Ireland has always been a pawn in the colonial rule of Britain The Trashing of the international Good Friday agreement.will have to be answered for in the international court.The majority rejected brexit but the DUP ran the usual anti europe anti nationalist campaign and failed.They should not be allowed to dictate terms to the government and the people of Ireland and Britain.We desperately need an election to stop Johnson and his nasty alliance of fascists in N Ireland and Britain The unelected Johnson has no mandate to speak for Ireland or Britain and neither have the DUP or the unionist party.

  3. And of course BBC politicslive televises BJ’s bluffery-special speech from their conference instead of PMQs from the House of Commons.

    Alison Fuller Pedley filling QT audiences with BritainFirst members and UKIP reactionaries and then this – the BBC needs root-and-branch reform.

    1. qwertboi 02/10/2019 at 12:13 pm

      I’ve just watched PMQs broadcast live on the Parliament Channel. What did you expect the BBC to do when the Boris’s conference speech clashed with PMQs. If anyone is to blame it is BJ.

    2. Don’t get parnoid – it’s not the same as being critically sceptical.

      This would always be the editorial choice made

    3. … and Boris with his pants on fire was probably worth a look, even if the True BLeavers fail to notice.

      You have to laugh, though (sort of), that exactly the same knuckle-draggers who moan about the untrustworthiness of ‘politicians’ and ‘parliament’ in general are the ones that swallow whole ohnson’s fabrications and downright lies and come back for more.

      His big porky today (amongst many) was that a ‘no deal’ (actually a deferred unfavourable ‘deal’) ‘ is an outcome for which we are ready.”

      One more addition to a big pile of deceptive garbage.

      … buit they lapped it up.

  4. In my lifetime the strategy has always been the same,
    Promise the earth, steal your opponents clothes, flog and hang some people nobody likes, dog whistle racism and god bless the Queen
    In reality as soon as they get back in its Austerity / Trickle down economics / Moneterism and tax cuts for supporters
    It all adds upto national debt increasing by more than every other government in history combined since 2010
    Never mind what happened to North Sea Oil, Council house sales and privatisaton, what have we got to show for that tsunami of money coming into the exchequer

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