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Tory 1922 treasurer triggered conference lockdown after ‘punch-up’ – for being denied access to lounge

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown told to leave conference. Police involved
Clifton-Brown and former PM Theresa May

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, treasurer of the Tories’ influential ‘1922 Committee’, was held by police and told to leave the Conservatives’ conference in Manchester today after triggering a security lock-down with a ‘punch-up’.

According to Greater Manchester Police (GMP), Clifton-Brown kicked off – because he wasn’t allowed into a VIP lounge as he didn’t have a pass.

A statement by GMP says that:

At around 1.45pm on Tuesday 1 October 2019, an attendee to the Conservative Party Conference attempted to enter the International Lounge area of the conference without the relevant pass.

Security staff intervened and resolved the situation without any breach of security occurring.


The conference today heard Priti Patel – forced to resign after being caught arranging unauthorised meetings with the Israeli government about diverting UK aid to military facilities – talk about law and order.

The message of Labour’s policy-packed conference was ‘People before privilege’. It seems the Tories’ sense of entitlement to privilege is as strong as ever.

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  1. What a lovely picture; Hell’s Whore and the maggot of satan about to eat those they’ve promised to represent. …perhaps we could legally kill them the way they are legally killing us?!!!

  2. You neglected to mention that his ‘fiancee’ was refused entrance because she didn’t have the correct pass… I’m afraid the scene is all to easy to imagine. I can hear him saying to the poor security people ‘How dare you? Don’t you know who I am? You’ll pay for this.’ etc. Perhaps the huge delivery of Champagne to tory party conference also played its part…..

    1. ‘How dare you? Don’t you know who I am? You’ll pay for this.’ etc.

      That was pretty much their Brexit negotiating strategy, wasn’t it? 😃

      1. Popcorn time again,
        Take the weight off and watch cheap and nasty Tory party disappear up their own backsides

  3. One hopes that the security guards were perhaps Labour PArty members and supporters …. 😉

  4. Gosh I hope that people had been drinking responsibly during the lunch interval. All that Champagne can be and awful temptation

  5. Hmmm… always peculiar to hear of so many Tories in one place. No? Worshiping what they consider ideal leaders: Self-confessed cocaine & dope-heads untroubled by legal censure, thus avoiding criminal records the poor suffer for less.

    Tories & chums at their conference this very day, littered with their champagne guzzling soaked and engorged shapes, while discussing poverty and being the “party of law and order”.

    So curious that, a Tory is clearly one who preaches on soapboxes “we must return to family values” while betraying his wife and covering, with his sinister shroud-like engulfing greyness, a fellow Tory reprobate & MP who has her own husband. Why their vile seizure of the moral high-ground??

    Curiouser even is that a Tory is one likely to believe firmly that “blacking up” or dressing as Nazis is irresistible run of the manor fun. And “law & order” shriekers are nothing but common brazen crude vulgar thugs, expelled from their own shindig by the security apparatchiks meant to keep the rest of society out. PLEASE security, KEEP THEM IN. Protect us from that besuited gangster mob!!! Save us from them!!! ♏️♦️♦️♦️

    1. The people who used to take offence at my refusal to inflate their accident claims to cover pre-existing bumps & scrapes were invariably the entitled white collar classes – the kind of upstanding citizens who’d deny any criminality on their part even more vehemently than they demand police reduce ‘real’ crime year on year while cutting their budgets.
      Tory scum.

  6. I see the disingenuous Boris is going to offer his Brexit plan to the EU tomorrow knowing full well that the terms will be unacceptable to the EU.

    1. And on Thursday he offers his Brexit plan to The World as an example of how Tories do diplomacy.
      That’ll get us some brilliant trade deals.

  7. It is interesting to remember what happened to Labour’s Eric Joyce.

    In fact, his behaviour was featured on a recent R4 programme called ‘The Political Butterfly Effect’ as it had such massive repercussions.

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