Video: ‘Suspension of disbelief’ – Tory conference-goer says they all know no 31/10 Brexit

Conservative-supporting barrister’s video report admits Tories talking about end-Nov Brexit – but still aping denial
Tory support Rebecca Butler’s tweet

A first-time – and, she says, last-time – attendee at the Tories conference in Manchester has posted a video today admitting that the Tories are failing even to successfully live in denial over their Brexit plans.

Rebecca Butler has described the ‘suspension of disbelief’ she says she has encountered everywhere at the conference – mixed with a muttered consensus away from the limelight that the best the Tories think they can achieve is end of November:

Ms Butler also describes the inadequacy of the cobbled-together deal the Tories say they want – and for which the EU says they’ve still had no formal proposals.

The Tories are in chaos and incapable of delivering Brexit in any bearable form – and the LibDems want to ignore democracy and simply cancel it. For the huge ‘sane middle’ of voters who just want the issue resolved with the least damage to our national cohesion, social fabric and economy, Labour is the only option in the coming general election.

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  1. i predicted same on lbc & talkradio at least 3 months ago now. ie “On 1st November, we would not have left the EU in ANY meaningful way”. And, May’s deal does NOT qualify as a meaningful exit as it is worse than our present state keeping us ensnared without recourse to international law pertaining to treaties. May’s Withdrawal Agreement is a treaty all relinquishing control to the EU.

    Neither Clive Ball lbc, nor Alex Conran talkradio agreed with my principal reason ie the Johnsons including the BoJob are the most EPIC Europhiles to have ever walked the earth. And BoJob was doing exactly as Trump did & does. IE charade of onside with the people against the swamp of the establishment. Since then i’v increasingly heard the 2nd bit “onside with the people…” repeated everywhere.

    Both presenters however refused to bet with me that we will be just as we are in the EU or worse off with a reheated May’s Deal like superheated sick. They said they agreed with me on that.

    So it is sad to witness how Labour in particular has walked straight into Johnson’s tawdry trap. Driven by group think, or rather group lack of thought and/or corrupted & decayed view of what is virtuous and/or rabid Europhillia is toxic, contagious and incurable, causing intense devotion unsustained by the evidence of the last at least 44 years. And national self doubt based on the flimsiest of arguments to date. ♏️♦️♦️♦️

  2. Perhaps the country wouldn’t have been in this shit state (panicky bureaucracy manifest in signs all over the place about ‘getting ready’ for this utterly pointless exercise) if the Party had followed the instincts of the majority and taken on the Tories convincingly.

    Hedge Funds, rabid Tories, Lexitories and Sun/Mail fodder look forward to a continuing shit-show whilst the rest raise their eyes skywards.

    1. The EC liked Labour’s ideas so if we win GE could have a deal within 3 months.
      Hope working class can be a bit more patient.

    2. The whole terminology of ‘a deal’ is crapology.

      For instance, what is called a ‘no deal’ Brexit is simply a promise of an endless succession of expensive opportunity cost negotiations to replace what we already have. A ‘good deal’ is one that gives the UK some privileges that we already have.

      Only the hard of understanding – including those fixated on the single factor of nominally escaping some EU restrictions – fail to recognise that the *only* deal is the one where we continue to be at the table : i.e ‘Remain’.

      It isn’t good policy to boast a radical reforming agenda but knacker the means of attaining it.

  3. Yes Tories in a mess and we need to get behind Labour policy on a Public vote on our Better Brexit Deal with a Remain option.
    I would also argue we should go for democratic control of labour supply but not free movement.
    I will campaign for Labour’s Better Brexit and glad I worked it out for myself but still in shock after reading Wolfgang Streekt. ‘How Capitalism Will End’ (2016) today to see how the left has been conned by fake EC internationalism, it erodes democracy and de-politiciises political economy so markets (rich people) rule.
    Just read Chapter 6.
    We desperately need Jeremy’s Labour in!

    1. Bazza, i agree fully with your conclusions except “with a Remain option.” The majority verdict of the largest UK democratic exercise was in line with Jeremy’s long held views. The electorate has already compromised competing arguments and delivered a result. Jeremy should be decisive and implement it. Attempts to escape decision has not been to our advantage. NB even the antidemocratic Non Libs con Non Dems, have risen in the polls with clarity, however flawed. People need clear direction. Fudges are dispiriting, leads to more fudges and distraction from dealing with other pressing matters. Further the TwatsonsThornburysStreetings forcing Jeremy into backing remain is a deliberate ploy as they expect it to dent his image of being straightforward & principled. In any event, when Blair and chums point in one direction, it is inexplicable folly that would lead anyone to follow that direction.

      1. TwatsonsThornburysStreetings forcing Jeremy into backing remain is a deliberate ploy’
        Aided by the majority of Labour’s membership and voters who also support a CV and staying in the EU.

      2. Indeed – the convolutions that Lexitories are going through in re-defining a ‘democratic’ party are a thing of wonder!

  4. Let’s just restate for the record that the LibDems don’t want to “ignore democracy”. The only way they would get to cancel Brexit with no further action would be if they were elected a majority government. Since this would require an insane transformation in the state of the country, it would be hard to argue that this isn’t a perfectly democratic reflection of the Will of the People. It also isn’t going to happen, as you know. LibDem policy is effectively “second referendum with Remain as an option”.
    Which is essentially Labour policy too. Unless you think that they too are going to magically find a majority government without needing e.g. the SNP to help them over the line.

  5. What many people forget,theres already a deal and with a Rabid Tory party they only have to do nothing and it will go through.The EU
    have signed the deal and so have Britain..Who’s going to stop Johnson.The libdems tory rebels and treacherous Labour mps will not agree on a Corbyn government….Its looking grim for remainers because most are against any Labour government at any cost.Why wait any longer the only option to stop brexit is a General election and a Labour government

  6. Are the Tory faithful already losing faith?

    Some 48% of members in a ConHome poll said they think the UK will leave the EU by 31 October. Last month 78% of Tory members thought Johnson would achieve his Brexit deadline.

    1. Re: “TwatsonsThornburysStreetings forcing Jeremy into backing remain is a deliberate ploy” I maintain that view.

      “Aided by the majority of Labour’s membership and voters who also support a CV and staying in the EU.”
      Alas true. I suspect Jeremy did not share his EU sceptic perspective with the membership. To placate the BliarMendaciousThorniesTWatsons et al.

      That was, is and always will be a failed strategy. BMTTWs are all TOTALLY self-seeking, ambitious and implacable.

      To appease enemies within, EVEN on either side of him, whose concern for our traditional heartlands have always been remote, esoteric & patrician is dispiriting. Further deprived of evidence based responses to the Remaniac claptrap, many are infected by the “we must remain” fever with delirium.

      Just one bit of OVERWHELMING evidence: Our steel industry WHILE WE HAVE BEEN IN THE EU. Think about that. Countries outside of the EU have been able to supply more steel to our EU partners than we do. How so??? Countries including the Ukraine, China, South Korea, Russia and Turkey which just attempted to rescue OUR BRITISH STEEL, all manage to grow and thrive while ours declined. Clement Atlee predicted that in the 50s and held that view to the end of his life. ATLEE was CORRECT. The EU did not come to the rescue if British Steel. TURKEY did. Explain that.

  7. NB everything now is being blamed on the Brexit vote, to the point of embarrassment. Many tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs have been lost WHILE we have been in the EU. Whole industries have been snuffed out. Look around your homes and shops. Products once manufactured here are now manufactured in non-EU countries and STILL manage to be imported right into every UK home. How do they manage that.

    Outsourcing to Carillion, Capita, Serco, G4S and PFI, … All while we have been in the EU. And they are often foreign owned. Thames water and other former UK assets are owned by an Australian Merchant bank for eg. How do they manage that???

    After we leave, it is in our mutual interest to have favourable trade. It is very odd that intelligent people could even conceive of arguing that that the rest of the EU will be willing to act against their own interest just to punish us. If they do, then that would not be the sort of people to build a future around. Further the claims of medicine shortages etc is an argument to leave and build critically strategic resilience for our country. Should they wish to stop cooperating re: security, which is unlikely, then again it would be proof that they are given to shortsighted, petty, vexatious and dangerous shortsightedness. Not to mention a startling lack of pragmatism and gratitude.

    Who would wish to perpetuate a close relationship with a protectionist group which is hostile to us having the cheek to implement a democratic decision??? You??? Anyone??? The indispensability of the EU is an admixture of conflicting myths, allowed to fester unchallenged for far too long.

    The evidence proves Atlee’s predictions to be bang on the money. Tony Benn was correct to agree with him. Jeremy was right to agree with them. Jeremy now should be courageous and decisive in sharing that knowledge with the Labour membership in particular and the public in general. He should not sacrifice his being thoroughly in tune with the 52%, to satisfy those who openly say they “will knife him in the front!”.

    No one can be all things to all people, especially to those who threaten violence to him in such an obscene way. The crudity and crassness of a fellow Labour MP stating that she would “knife Corbyn in the front”… “knife” her leader “in the front”… and not be interviewed by the police to my knowledge… Anyway Jeremy’s attempts to gain favour with creatures like that are futile and tiresome. His repeated use of the word “compromise” is out of the same tool book of “constructive ambiguity” … always thought that was the onanistic product of a Gardner… not sure but a Gardner seems to derive some peculiar self pleasure from excreting interminable fog. Jeremy should get out of that fog now.

    1. John Crace
      ‏Verified account @JohnJCrace

      The treasurer of the 1922 committee, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, has been held by police after an incident in the International Lounge at the Tory party conference. Just hours before Priti Patel announced plans to get tough on crime. Now to get Boris…
      6:31 AM – 1 Oct 2019

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