New set of pictures of privilege exposes Johnson’s snake-oil

“Don’t be fooled… Boris only cares about Boris.”

A set of images compiled by Labour activist Matt Thomas eloquently conveys the lie of Boris Johnson’s attempt to cast himself as ‘man of the people’ defending the votes of leavers.

Thomas’s tweet accompanying the images points out the indisputable: that those who know him well are clear that his life has been saturated with privilege and old-school-tie connections:

Johnson studied, for example, at Balliol College in Oxford, where his godfather was ‘Master’ and vice-principal of the whole university. And those connections and ‘free rides’ – as everyone who knew him well confirms – with towering sense of entitlement that would infuriate the working class people he is trying to court if they realised it.

“Ok, I said to myself as I sighted the bird down the end of the gun. This time, my fine feathered friend, there is no escape.” Grouse-hunter Johnson in 2001

Johnson’s public persona is a constructed façade – and his ‘man of the people’ shtick is a sham.

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  1. Johnson is what he is. He represents the rich and privileged. It is up to the rest of us, the many, to rid this country once and for all of him and his like. Don’t misinterpret me, I am not advocating a genocide of old Etonians. Just remove them from the political sphere. Where they are the most dangerous to this country.

    1. George…yes I agree but definitely genocide for the apartheid education system and the flagship Eton

  2. If anyone hasn’t cottoned on by now, they are terminally misinformed or just plain dim.

    This won’t be making any converts, I’m afraid.

    1. Precisely. They’ll think those pictures exemplify his classy and masterful origins. Here – it’s not news.

  3. I do not underestimate the Ruthless ambitions and Intelligence we are up against.We may ridicule them but never ever underestimate the efficiency of the Establishment,because that is why they are the power brokers and the King 👑 makers.They have the armed forces and the police including the head of state in their establishment.We must use what little democracy we have against them for now,but beware the collaborators and the enemy within.The cards are stacked against us,but we have the majority of our people who are weary 😩of the same old system of power and privilege.,We must deliver a socialist revolution for the many not the few parasites!

  4. ‘Vote Johnson get full blown Thatcherism’. This is what is needed to be restated over and over again. I’m from the Labour heartlands, we will never forgive Thatcher !!

    Thatcher is hated in the Labour heartlands and Labour needs to remind Labour leave voters, who might be of the mind to vote Tory, what Thatcher did to their communities and how Johnson said ‘fuck business’ and he backed the bankers/ the establishment.

    1. “Thatcher is hated in the Labour heartlands”

      Don’t believe such simplicities. It’s true *in part* – but you will find sizeable numbers who admire Thatcher and reckon on Johnson as ‘strong’ politicians. They aren’t Labour ‘Leave’ voters. They are convincedTory voters and turn to the Sun, Express and Mail for their information.

      Indeed ‘Labour voters’ don’t swallow this, just like they didn’t swallow Brexit. But that still leaves a chunk of convinced Tory voters – some shaped by the simplicities of UKIP.

      1. I respectfully disagree. I live in Brexit Central. There are Labour leave voters here who most definitely are not Tory voters and have never voted Tory, always Labour, but are considering it due to Brexit. We need to get these voters to see past Brexit and think about their communities.

        Labour needs to remind these voters what Thatcher did to their communities and how she ran them down, ignored them and didn’t give a toss.

        Johnson is the same. He said ‘fuck business’, well he certainly did that to Thomas Cook and their 9000 employees who’ve just been left penniless, forced to claim the nasty Universal credit and go to the foodbanks for help. How many thousands of bankers did he shaft and let down ? NONE ! He backed the bloody lot of them.

      2. RH. Chuck em. a few council houses at a discount and he will develop Cult status….Are there any left to give away?

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