A Tory minister just tried to claim they created the NHS. Sadly for them, there’s proof they tried to block it…

Inconveniently for the Tories, the truth is on record that they tried to block legislation creating health service

A Tory minister speaking at the Conservative party conference in Manchester just claimed on camera that the Tories created the NHS.

Perhaps they’re just too used to the Establishment media covering for them and reciting their lies, but you’d think they’d know Parliament keeps a record of their votes – which these days is handily available online.

And on 26 July 1946, the Tories tried to prevent the formation of the NHS by amending it out of existence in the Labour government’s bill to create it:

Unwilling to be honest and just say they hated the idea, which most of them still do, of healthcare ‘free at the point of use’ based on need and not ability to pay, the Tories’ amendment ‘welcomed’ it – right before trying to prevent it becoming reality by ‘declin[ing] to give a Third Reading’ to the NHS bill.

And then spouting some nonsense about why it wasn’t realistic, sustainable or desirable. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Lying Tories lying, live on camera. Wherever did they get that idea?

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  1. With the Tories,and the LibDems for that matter,it is difficult to know what is stupidity and ignorance and what is outright lying.

    1. John Thatcher ..with the Torys its a case of tell a lie enough and the electors will believe it.With the libs its stupidity,ignorance and copy the lying Torys.Either way we are getting a soft approach from the media.but that will not last.The Torys will regroup and take the gloves off and hit out with a media blitz.Are we going to wait for a General election and let the chance for a socialist Labour government slip away?We need to move for a General election now…

    1. Sorry but it has been a cross party effort in the neoliberal ‘privatise the world’ for private profit era. LP, Lib Dems as well as Cons all did their bit. Cameron/Clegg actually abolished it in 2012 Health and Social Care Act. Neoliberal ideologues are still plentiful in LP especially in PLP.

    2. … and I never forget all the Brexit knuckle-dragging confected ire against immigrants when the person by whom I’m being tended is from another part of the world.

      True – there is a problem with the first world extracing medical expertise from elsewhere – but that’s where we are at present, and it can’t be rebalanced without massive investment and massive time lag and a whole trail of other assumptions are met in terms of education etc.

      1. The ire is against immigration policy being elevated above democracy RH, and against the free movement of white EU nationals as an unlimited labour supply to supress the incomes of our own working class.

        Labour should be the overtly partisan Party of the working class.

      2. Nothing right-on about the EU free movement of persons by the way. It skews our immigration policy in favour of white people. The EU is quite happy to see non white people drown in the Med or languish in their outsourced concentration camps which they fund in Libya, Sudan. Nothing for the virtue signallers there.

      3. “The ire is against immigration policy being elevated above democracy”

        There is an argument about supression of wages – but it’s actually a minor influence on that trend. As to it being in opposition to ‘democracy’ – ???? ‘Democracy’ has, I’m afraid become a Humpty Dumpty word, drained of meaning in this sort of context.

        The whataboutery of racial discrimination re. refugees isn’t an argument either, although the fact of discrimination is obvious.

        … and then the hard fact is that the much of the ‘ire’ that has been evident since the extreme right took control is simply the encouragement of knuckle-drgging attitudes for political ends. Not a worthy object for sentimental knee-jerkery.

        As to “Labour should be the overtly partisan Party of the working class” – which definition of ‘working class’ are you using? RG, Marx or … or ….? Just asking – in order to get rid of other charges of Humpty Dumptery.

  2. The bigger the lie, the more people believe it! Dr. Goebells (I think)

  3. There was also a Commons vote during WW2. The health service proposals caused the only Tory vs Labour division of the wartime coalition in the Commons during the War.

  4. The lying tohriehy probably thought to himself “well, we’ve re-formulated people’s memory about financial capitalism’s near-collapse when it shat its own pants and we straight-away made sure shit trickled-down over the little people by persuading them it was Labour’s deficit caused by way too many nurses and H+S regulations (not vulture capitalsim”.

    Not Gordon neoliberal Brown – the man whose leadership role in “better together” cost Scottish Labour its relevance to Scots, and Labour its Scottish seats – not his overdrawn cheque for £80,000,000,000 to reliquidise insolvent banks. £80b we didn’t have.

    Rewriting history, the tohrieyhs f*cking invented it.

  5. Yes and if Johnson gets in our NHS will be handed over to private US Heathcare companies and every time in future YOU leave an NHS service YOU will be presented with an NHS bill!
    Oh and just reading Wolgang Streekt ‘How Capitalism Will End? (2016) and he talks about European states moving to being “Consolidated states” that is they primarily rule for the markets and to assure finance capital that they will repay debt, and we are losing a democratic say on the economy and more areas in society that are privatised and with a focus on austerity.
    The ECB is shown to be unaccountable and was able to send bureaucrats into Greece and Italy to tell them how many and when they should cut public servants.
    Countries in the European Monetary Union must balance their books and can’t overspend by over 3% and debt can’t be over 66%.
    This is sacrosanct!
    Democracy is literally being sold and this is why it is so important to get a Corbyn Labour Govt in to break the Neo-Liberal chain.
    Time to take back democtratic control from economic Neo-Liberal dictatatorship!

  6. The Tories forever come up with this lie and why they do it I cannot imagine, given it is so easy to refute.
    To give Liberals their due, it was Beveridge (Lib) who came up with the Beveridge Report which offered social reform. However he also was a member of The Eugenics Society and believed in controlling “breeding” among the lesser classes.
    The Tories just want to kill off those they deem to be of less importance to those making money for the rich.

    Pure desperation on their part.

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