Video: Morley told Johnson “Leave our town”. Doncaster says “People have died… you’ve got the cheek to come here”

Doncaster becomes second northern town to give Boris Johnson a taste of reality

Last week a Morley voter became a viral phenomenon after telling Boris Johnson “Please leave my town”.

This week, the South Yorkshire town of Doncaster got in on the act when Boris Johnson tried his ‘meet the people’ shtick.

A woman told him, “People have died because of austerity and you have the cheek to come here. And it’s all good now and you’ve got the cheek to come here and tell us austerity’s over, it’s all good now… and everything’s going to be great. It’s just a fairy tale”:

When Johnson tried to bluster about spending, the same woman challenged him on where all the money has suddenly appeared from after years of continuing austerity – and gave him a good working-class-style home truth:

I’d rather have a Labour Brexit than a Tory Brexit.

Damned right.

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  1. I’d rather have a Labour Brexit than a Tory Brexit

    Unlike infiltrators like jpenney and his ‘Tooting Popular Front’ comrades who support Farage’s policy.

  2. Good job that there wasn’t a journalist chairing the interaction or shed have soon been shut up.

    The only pity is that Johnson’s pfiffle reples aren’t audible – it’s good to hear him floundering.

    But why the “gave him a good working-class-style home truth”?

    Doncaster + regional accent = class designation? Bit Rees Mogg that one. It was just a good, coherent and thoroughly deserved pinning by the ears.

    1. … and you might note alongside this clip, other residents taking selfies with Johnson in what might equally be characterized as “a good working-class-style” – if you indulge in such characterizations.

  3. To right. Thats why labour are not like libdem all they want is remain and are not bothered
    About people who voted leave.. They represent all labour voters

  4. That’s ALL it takes. Just ONE person to front them with their crimes and they’re bollocksed. All ‘uums’ and ‘aaahs’ and staring at their shoes.

    IIRR that woman with the learning difficulties (God love her) who struck the fear of god into may, I don’t think dear ol’ tess did another ‘Meet Joe Public’ after that. Everything was staged.

    The straw haired div obviously thinks he can carry on kidding the public in the mistaken belief he’s popular with the ‘oiks’.

    So let’s have more of him ‘glad-handing the scum’ and we’ll see.

  5. Quelle surprise….They were all getting selfies woth the imbecile on the bbc news. Being questioned about austerity just didn’t happen, folks.

    There’s £154.50 the beeb won’t be getting this year, neither.

    Channel 4 give a more balanced picture and the criminal licence fee doesn’t fund them…remember that.

    1. Things to remember :

      1. The dire News and Current Affairs can be ignored. The Beeb is much, much more than that.

      2. It is one of the few things that remain in the public sphere – even if the distortions of political control has made an impact.

      3. Despite the recent tendency to imitate the commercial sector with trails, it still provides the most varied output of any broadcaster.

      Be careful of what you wish for.

  6. To recruit enough police officers to replace those lost since 2010 over the next 3 years requires an extra 46,000 officers,
    So if we only recruit 20,000 then we lose another 6,000 officers,
    Which is precisely what happened in London under Boris as mayor, less police officers and a record number of police stations being closed
    We need to clarify this with MSM and toilet papers

  7. I think it’s a shock for many mps when they are forced to interact with the public outside of Westminster and the constituency surgerys.They are flumoxed when faced with a ordinary member of the public.Remember Gorden Brown and the bigoted woman comment! We have a real problem in the Labour party in recruiting working class candidates without a university education.We definitely need positive discrimination in class and socialism or the Labour party risks drowning under middle class domination of mps who look upon politcs to influence their narrow vision of fairness and democracy.Politics is not a career but a calling for a democratic socialist rethink….The Labour party need new blood and a clearout….And to those that don’t want class based politics…shut the door before leaving!

  8. Re. media control, ‘Consortium News’ has an extensive and detailed article about the neutering of the Guardian as an investigative newspaper since the appointment of Katherine Viner as editor. :

    “The Guardian had gone in six short years from being the natural outlet to place stories exposing wrongdoing by the security state to a platform trusted by the security state to amplify its information operations.”

    It covers, amongst a much wider scope, the rubbishing of Corbyn :

    “…since January 2016, The Guardian has published 1,215 stories mentioning Labour and anti-Semitism, an average of around one per day, according to a search on Factiva, the database of newspaper articles. In the same period, The Guardian published just 194 articles mentioning the Conservative Party’s much more serious problem with Islamophobia”

    “At the same time, some stories which paint Corbyn’s critics in a negative light have been suppressed by The Guardian. According to someone with knowledge of the matter, The Guardian declined to publish the results of a months-long critical investigation by one of its reporters into a prominent anti-Corbyn Labour MP, citing only vague legal issues.

    In July 2016, one of this article’s authors emailed a Guardian editor asking if he could pitch an investigation about the first attempt by the right-wing of the Labour Party to remove Corbyn, informing The Guardian of very good inside sources on those behind the attempt and their real plans. The approach was rejected as being of no interest before a pitch was even sent.”

    I’ve noted before that you’d have no inkling now that the previous editor of the paper, Alan Rusbridger, actually exposed the influence of the Israel lobby ten years ago in a ‘Dispatches’ programme on Ch. 4

    The sticky fingers of the security services have been noticeable in Labour politics ever since the days of the Wilson and Callaghan governments. I’ve heard first-hand evidence of such interference in the 1970s

  9. The town of Doncaster was Conservative 1951-64. Anthony Barber, future Chancellor of the Exchequer, was the MP back then.

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