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Video: BBC audience speaks for millions when he says he’s ‘sick and tired’ of Brexit

Seems rest of audience agrees, too

An audience member during last night’s BBC Question Time voiced the feelings of millions when said he was ‘sick and tired’ of Brexit, which the Tories have failed to deliver for three and a half years:

The applause from the rest of the audience suggests they almost all agreed with him.


Boris Johnson wants the coming general election to be a Brexit election, as do the centrists who hope it will be the wedge issue that will serve their interests – but most people are sick to death of it and just want it done one way or another.

Those who want a Labour government need to campaign about everything but – there is no shortage of subject matter after a succession of malignant Tory governments.

It’s not just good election strategy. We owe it to those Brexit-sick millions whose real concerns are the everyday reality of the cuts, austerity, conscious cruelty, poverty, homelessness, misery and privatisation of the NHS and other services that they’ve suffered for almost a decade.

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  1. “most people are sick to death of it and just want it done one way or another.”

    The only way to do that is to revoke article 50

    1. Gawd ! If the political elite did revoke article 50 – after three years of blatantly filibustering the implementation of the democratic will of the 2016 Referendum, the constant paid troll, ‘SteveH’ claims this would ‘deal with Brexit’ ! Stupid boy, the 17 million who vote for Brexit would not just shrug their shoulders and forget it. UK Parliamentary democracy would be totally discredited – and on the narrative of that very real betrayal the Labour Party in particular would be buggered electorally for a generation. And a radical Far Right populist movement of mass proportions would be born – mirroring developments in France, Italy, Germany, and elsewhere across Europe.

      And don’t yet again come out with that tiresome bullshit claim that, ‘only a minority voted for Brexit’ (another standard from the Mandelson supplied Troll bullshit script) . The people who abstain simply don’t count in any election – as it is impossible to know what they wanted, if anything.

      1. Indeed the referendum was the biggest vote in British history as well as the most class-correlated vote in British history. The idea that revocation would end the controversy over Britain’s EU membership is extremely dim. It would indeed set it alight even more.

        Just as dim is the line presently being peddled by the less openly reactionary Corbynistas, that the EU issue does not matter and that it is a distraction from anti-austerity and that people OUGHT to be sick and tired of it.

        This stance is readily apparent in Skwarkbox’s efforts as well as his retweet of sentiments such as “I’m sick of Brexit and of Boris f***** Johnson”. The effort is to paint the EU is entirely irrelevant to Jeremy’s drive to transform the country.

        This is drivel. Whether or not we are in a supranational organisation which defends the capitalist structures is absolutely seminal to the future of Labour as an anti-austerity party.

        For example one of the EU’s fundamental freedoms is the free movement of capital. In order to fund a serious, noticeable anti-austerity programme Labour will have to increase the taxation of the well-to-do along with corporate taxation. If those adversely affected by higher taxation shift their funds abroad then the anti-austerity programme will be brought to a shuddering halt. We MUST introduce capital controls.

        Likewise because public monopoly is prohibited and state aids restricted under EU law we must leave the EU to introduce a large public sector into the British economy, such as will make a real impact on carrying out a national economic plan and sheltering a very large number of workers from the vileness of capitalism.

        Leaving the EU is a seminal prerequisite to a democratic socialist programme. Bellyaching about being “sick of Brexit” is the cry of those who merely want a Corbyn government to preside over the socially-unjust status quo rather than transform society.

      2. Penney, the referendum was more than three years ago so how do you know there are still 17 million voters who still want to Leave?

      3. Danny, yours and Penney’s desperation to prevent voters expressing an up to date opinion on what many now see as a flawed, undemocratic referendum is an insult to the democratic process.

    2. And 17 million people who voted to Leave in the 2016 Referendum will just shrug their shoulders and forget about it – and the very real reasons they vote to exit the neoliberal EU ? Stupid boy. Your trolling script needs improvement.

    3. And the 17 million people who voted to Leave in the 2016 Referendum will just shrug their shoulders and forget about it – and the very real reasons they vote to exit the neoliberal EU ? Stupid boy. Your trolling script needs improvement.

      1. There’s an echo in here.

        What’s new?

        And the 30-odd million who didn’t vote to Leave will just quietly go away in the face of minority crass gullibility as the economy continues to shrink and jobs disappear?

        Stupid boy!

    4. nope its about who controls the government for the next 5 years.

      allowing people to vote for a labour deal or to revoke 50 removes those brexit issues …

      the ONLY thing that matters to the vulnerable, helpless and the poor …and the people working in this country to make a living …and even the people running companies and corporations is making sure our government is run by labour.

      so we can fix the shitshow left over by the 40 years of right wing policies ……….

      and if you fail to understand that point clearly enough …you are not supporting the people that have been ravaged by those right wing policies.

      so do you really support the people who need this government or are you just clinging to your ideology of binary politics …a failed dismal ideology of fuck the poors.

      a socialist government can and would cope with and deal with a brexit for everyone and it could also revoke article 50.

      this is now all about the election and the government ..brexit is not the most important issue ..never was ……….its about healing the country from the cancer of greed and selfishness and weaponized hatred.

      you just think too small.

    5. Wow jpenney & Danny that got he pair of you all excited.

      I’m simply stating a self evident fact. I would advocate that this is achieved by following current Labour Party policy of win the GE, renegotiate Brexit and let the people decide between staying in the EU or Leaving with a Labour Brexit deal.

      I really can’t see why you are getting your knickers in a twist.

      1. How did the remain option come about, again, steve?

        When was that passed at conference as policy?

      2. The Toffee (597) 13/09/2019 at 5:55 pm

        Don’t be silly, you can’t have a referendum with only one option.

  2. “brexit is not the most important issue”

    Indeed it isn’t in itself – but it is an essential *prior* issue before getting to the other ones, since it will dictate the economic framework and the remaining resources that the government has to devote to turning the tanker. The opportunity costs are immense. The possible gains are minimal by comparison.

    And – blindingly obvious point that needs constantly restating, it seems – it is a cunning plan from the Tory Baldricks – from the extreme right of them. The even more ragged Lexit notion is a simply sun-blocking pie in the sky.

    The time and effort wasted over the last three years progressing backwards is only the beginning of the beginning.

  3. People are sick to death of Brexit ,,, music to Cummings ears , just what he wants to hear as this assures him he can push through with even more radical actions due to ” citizen fatigue”.
    It would be prudent to stay on the ball and continue to resist and fight anything that Dom tells Johnson to slip under the radar right now .

    1. You are right, rob – the fatigue that people feel is part of a well-known right-wing strategy. Hitler also used it in the 1930s.

  4. Bonnie Prince Charlie
    Shoves it right up them,
    Brextremists on both sides seriously get a fucking life, the vast majority of the British people just want Brexit over with
    Labour Brexit v No Brexit 80/20

  5. Bonnie Prince Charlie
    Shoves it right up them
    To brextremists on both sides seriously get a fucking life
    The vast majority of the British people just want Brexit over with
    Labour Brexit v No Brexit 80/20

    1. Let’s paraphrase that : ‘The vast majority of the British people don’t give a shit about politics (unless it clouts them around the ear).’

      ‘Twas always thus, and it’s always worked in favour of the snake-oil salesmen.

  6. I fully agree with the gent…Sick of discussion on Europe that totally dominates everything. Posters being accused of trolls,black ops,or traitors because they support brexit or not.We really should concentrate on the coming conference and our election of a Labour government.We all have a trip switch, mine is a constitution and Royal prerogative verses democracy.But I am basically singing a song that few are interested the moment.Brexit is important but its not the be all and end all for a Labour government,we risk losing an election if we don’t convince the electors that their interests are beyond brexit.What other choice have we other than making ourselves look like fence sitters?

  7. To my mind, there is a big number of young people whose views were deemed irrelevant 3 years ago. Young people who are going to have the future opportunities they have grown up having dangled in front of them like carrots, snatched away and stolen from them by the very same hands that dangled the carrots, refusing to allow them a voice. On the other side of the scale, there will be big numbers of older people, whose voices are still being counted from their declaration 3 years ago, but are no longer valid because they no longer exist.
    Is this what sends “Brexiteers” into such a rabid frenzy? Hiding behind their “Will of the People” “17.4 million” won” the 2016 referendum” calling anything other than leaving the EU, regardless of any of the now available facts of the damage to every aspect of our lives, “Project Fear” “Undemocratic”…. Like some cloak of invulnerability that will protect them from all the negatives, just so long as they believe hard enough and shout the loudest.
    All of these young people, who were between 15 & 18 in 2016, surely now they deserve the right to be heard?
    Their living voice must surely be more relevant than the voices from 2016 who are no longer living?
    After 3 years of the lies, the regurgitation of the same tired arguments, the deadlock and dirty tricks, preaching about undermining democracy. Not giving these young people the opportunity to voice their views is suppressing and subverting and undermining democracy with the zeal of those so terrified of being wrong.
    Just my personal point of view.

    1. “loonytoonz 14/09/2019 at 10:51 am · ·
      To my mind, there is a big number of young people whose views were deemed irrelevant 3 years ago. ”

      *Perhaps if they had got off their arses and VOTED in the referendum instead of sitting at home the result may have been different.*

      1. The point loonytoonz is making is that these young people were excluded because they weren’t old enough to vote.

      2. Had they been allowed to Aidey, I’m sure a very large percentage would have ” got off their arses and VOTED”!!!!!
        Now they ARE allowed to because of having reached their majority…… (That’s had their 18th birthday incase you needed help with comprehension again)….. They are prevented from voting, by those who *claim* “the democratic will of the people” must be upheld.

    2. My daughter has just had a baby. Shouldn’t we hang fire on another referendum until she’s old enough to vote?

  8. Good post, loonytoonz.

    This generational shift is absolutely critical. Even without the issue of old giffers like me sequentially dropping off our perches, it is clear that our children have a very different view of Europe. They are the future, and they don’t want Brexit to afflict their futures. They have been brought up in a context where they see themselves as ‘European’ as well as whatever else.

    I’d be happy to lose my vote if another one was given to the 16-65 group for whom the issue is most pertinent.

    No – not “Just my personal point of view.”. Just common sense reality. Tying future generations to a moronic idea that they had no hand in,supported mostly by gullible and the old farts on the way to La La Land, isn’t ‘democracy’.

    1. It isn’t “democracy”, I agree whole heartedly with you.
      In 2016, “the children” were told their views on their futures and their birthright, having been born as European citizens as well as UK ones, meant nothing, be quiet, you get to speak when you’re an adult. OK not in those exact words!!! But that was the implied meaning of not extending the age down to 16 for the referendum.
      Now more than 3 years later, with it becoming evermore a contest for the most ideological, barebones, anything with the slightest hint of Europe/an becoming “evil incarnate”. Absolute lunacy of the sweeping grandiose sound bites, that the “political elite” crow and squalk in the verbal equivalent of a peacock strutting with his tail fully fanned!
      Yet still “the children”, are denied their voices even though they are “children” no longer but adults who have the right to be heard.
      Why?? From what I can see, because those screaming and shouting loudest, clinging on to “democracy” are so frightened their gullibility, or lies will be exposed, would far rather be complete hypocrites and be totally undemocratic.
      My younger 2 children will remain EU citizens thankfully and have the opportunities that their friends and older brother are loosing, having been born in R. O. I. and an Irish parent.

    1. Instead of asking why everyone else is doing nothing why don’t you make an official complaint yourself?

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