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Breaking: Johnson defeated 6th time in a row as 2nd FTPA attempt fails – with even less support than 1st

PM losing first six Commons votes surely unprecedented – and defeat worse than first FTPA attempt

Boris Johnson’s second attempt to trigger the Fixed Term Parliaments Act has failed – by a worse margin than the first.

The vote on tonight’s attempt was split 293 for and 58 against – a bigger margin than last week’s 298-56. Although more voted for Johnson’s motion, it did not achieve anywhere close to the required two-thirds majority – Labour whipped to abstain – meaning Johnson’s attempt failed.

Labour and other opposition MPs have told Johnson that they will not back a general election until he has fully enacted last week’s new Act against a no-deal Brexit.

Responding to Johnson’s defeat, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that Parliament had ‘had quite enough of the playground politics’ of the Tory party.

The defeat means Boris Johnson has lost the first six votes of his tenure – surely unprecedented.

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  1. The Royal prerogative can be used against the Labour party,at the discretion of the Head of state……I have a bad feeling that we may have blown our chances by following our so called moderates……

  2. Yet again the Tories show their utter contempt for parliament, the governments benches are almost deserted apart from a few back-benchers for the prorogation of Parliament

  3. Steve H…..I wonder what happened to the Labour mps pledge ….we will have to be removed from parliament kicking and Screaming?….oops…..We have an extended holiday got to pack my bags……,.We should run a league for the most exotic foreign holiday by our much respected mps…….And the victims of these carreer politicians have to root through bins to feed themselves?……you couldn’t make it up!….disgraceful

    1. It was reported on the radio 3 news that some MPs created a disturbance there in the early hours of the morning. I know no more than that

      1. Bay whitaker.. Probably a stampede to get to the bar. Subsidized of course. Then off to the Carlton club for a swift one for our moderate mps.with their Tory chums,and finish with a bit of dazzle up west.. Early morning start for extended stay in the most exotic freebie hols they can get. Maldives is nice says ian paisley jnr… but dont get caught
        like I did he advises. Haricot and swansong.. No chance says Mann ive had a few in my time.. Investigatimg AS in S France.. Shockers these forigners are .. and off they all go for a well deserved…. Relaxivouz

  4. Steve H…..I am not on Twitter…..would it be on YouTube?but thanks anyway for taking the time to educate us,much appreciated!

    1. Joseph, I just looked and no, the videos aren’t on YouTube. She hasn’t uploaded anything since July, sorry.

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