Video: ‘disgrace’ Austin gets comeuppance from McInnes – ‘you’re not wanted… go stand over there’

‘Thuggish’ quitter MP Ian Austin gets impressively roasted by former colleagues – but can’t resist making threat
Labour backbencher Liz McInnes gives ‘absolute disgrace’ Ian Austin the evil eye


Quitter Ian Austin has been called ‘thuggish’ for his behaviour in the House of Commons and toward Labour employees and is considered by many to be among the least likeable of MPs – he has even launched what Michael Rosen called a ‘full frontal assault’ on the Jewish author when Rosen was a guest assisting a parliamentary committee.

So it was little surprise when Austin, who considers Margaret Thatcher a hero, used a speech that was supposed to be on whether the government will obey the rule of law – to instead launch yet another dreary attack on Labour’s leadership.

But Austin – who routinely inflicts himself on his former colleagues by insisting on sitting on the Labour benches in spite of having no standing with the party – might not have reckoned with the intensity of dislike and outrage directed at him as he droned on from colleagues across the Labour benches.

And most impressively by Heywood and Middleton MP Liz McInnes, who was seated directly behind him and spent his speech bravely telling him what a disgrace he is and asking him why he doesn’t go and sit ‘over there’ – among the Tories:

McInnes was admirably assisted by numerous colleagues, who challenged Austin why he doesn’t give Dudley voters their say in a by-election and told him to cross the floor.

But the ‘thuggish’ MP couldn’t resist adding a threat to his droning, turning to point at Ms McInnes and vowing, “I’ll tell the Hon Lady this, I’m going to make absolutely certain that she’s going to have to answer to her voters“.

It was a bullying but empty threat, as blowhard MPs in Dudley have no say over what Heywood and Middleton voters do – but Liz McInnes deserves applause for her courage in telling it to Austin like it is.

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  1. So Jess gobshite where are you now , come on one of your female colleagues getting bullied in the HOP , it’s what you were bellyaching about earlier on in the debates … tumble weed ….

  2. Just heard That Mann as been given a gong to the Lords by maybot…….That in itself demands abolition of the Lords……The whole rotten nest of vipers inside the PLP and the NEC need dispatching with some urgency if the Labour party want to retain the support of the membership…..truly disgusting…..and what happens,just like the Labour mps sit in,against the dismissal of parliament…..nothing?

    1. Only the membership can dispatch the ‘vipers’ in the PLP & NEC. How else do you think it might be done?

      1. Five or six hundred [aristocratic] heads lopped off would have assured you repose and happiness; a false humanity has restrained your arm and suspended your blows; it will cost the lives of millions of your brothers.

        Jean Paul Marat

  3. Katherine……the membership are outmonouverd by the right wing and ably assisted by a compliant NEC and half the PLP…..Have you never thought that rules can be twisted……and the membership not informed regarding mtgs rules etc……where have you been Katherine ….Have you never heard of Watson,….coyle…..mann,Austin and many more that drive a coach and horses through the Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn?..?

  4. Despicable coward. Does he see himself as a golden jowelled knight who is going to save the nation. Who selects these people. How do they pass interview panels and what are we going to get rid of the other TWs? Regards

  5. ”I will tell you this….” Sounds like a (very sad) brum version of Rab C Nesbitt. Difference is, at least Rab readily admitted he was ‘scum’.

    Let’s see where the arrogant little shite’s sat next time parliament convenes, and who’s sat next to him…

  6. Well – when I laid a bet on Mann (‘Lord Bigmouth of Shitehouse’) being thrown a bone, I didn’t expect it quite so quickly.

    … for ‘Services to Israel’?

    Each six months or so, the whole honours’ system becomes even more absurd. Which wouldn’t matter much if there wasn’t a need for recognition of outstanding service. It diminishes the rewards for the deserving.

    Same day as sundry Westminster and Whitehall toadies are labelled as such – and Geoff Boycott gets a gong.

    This highlights the two sides of the raddled honours system that dwarf genuine reward. On the one hand, there’s political graft, and on the other a reward for simply doing well what you were paid to do and have already been amply rewarded for. Although I guess Boycott could have been rewarded for his piss-take of the ‘forthright’ Yorkshire Tory bore (Fred Trueman was another such – if less sleep-inducing) 🙂

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