Working-class video goes viral for SECOND time and shows Labour message it needs to communicate

Labour Voices video’s repeat virality shows Labour what it needs to communicate and how
Labour Voices’ video on the working class, shared thousands of times and watched by millions – all over again

One of the last videos made by late Labour film-maker Simon Baker has gone viral for a second time – and shows Labour the message it needs to communicate outside the ‘London bubble’.

Featuring Guy Matthews, it follows Baker’s classic pattern of giving voice to genuine working-class people to speak in their own words and own style about the realities they face.

And it cuts like a hot knife through butter through the veil the Johnson Establishment and media are trying to pull over the truth.

Tweeted afresh by Labour activist @ScouseGirlMedia out of her frustration at the inability of Labour’s centrist MPs to ‘get it’, the video instantly spread like wildfire – just as it did the first time around:

Repeat virality is a rare phenomenon – and the power of this video shows the Labour Party exactly the kind of message it needs to remember and share to win the coming general election.

If Labour remembers its roots – and its middle-class metropolitan MPs get on board or get out of the way of the message – it will be unstoppable. We are many and those of the Establishment are few.

Matthews also published a tweet that went similarly viral last May, cutting the legs out from under the right’s accusation that the left wants ‘free stuff’:

With the right message communicated, Labour wins – because truth shows. The ‘working class’ video by the late and deeply-missed Simon Baker – and the voice of working class people like Guy Matthews – show Labour the way that it cannot and must not forget.

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  1. ” the late and deeply-missed Simon Baker – and the voice of working class people like Guy Baker”
    Is this a typo?

  2. The problem is that Labour has betrayed the working class by selling out on its commitment to respect the referendum result.

    64% of working class people voted Leave but Labour and even the Party’s supposed Left wing will not accept working class agency. Instead it has gone over to the middle class interest and the deep-state Establishment by backing the Blairite Second Referendum.

    Labour’s heartlands and its target constituencies have had enough of globalisation and at the end of the day the EU is merely a regional office of globalisation. Labour should fight all supranational agreements which seek to entrench globalised capitalism against the power of national democracy.

    EU membership, EEA membership and Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement all CRIPPLE socialist state intervention in the economy. I can see why Labour is presently none too keen on a general election since we will pay a heavy price for our sell-out of our working class voters. Let us not obscure that simple truth.

    1. We have all had enough of globalisation as it is shaped by neoliberal capitalism.The debate is about how best to fight it.

    2. Danny, the problem is the referendum was based upon a right wing scam to pull the wool over the eyes of the general public. If you haven’t watched the The Great Hack then make the effort. The referendum was three years ago and needs to be refreshed.

  3. “The problem is that Labour has betrayed the working class by selling out on its commitment to respect the referendum result.”

    The intellectual leech effect – latch onto something of indisputable merit to try to justify a view of no merit or connection. The technique comes with a recommendation from Goebbels and is frequently used by the Tory press.

      1. Sure – It’s about the pretence that Brexit is a notion seized by the heterogeneous working class (like the country as a whole, split between mainly Tory and Labour voters and Leavers and R) having a coherent view of leaving the EU that expressed a political view of globalisation.

        Simple basic facts, such as that working class Labour voters supported ‘Remain’ get sort of ‘ignored’ in this rush to fictionalize history.

        The notion is demonstrable rubbish, and is a fictional idea simply manufactured by an inveterate ally of the ERG Brexit mythology to try, like a leech, to feed off sympathy for those impoverished by the Tories in order to bolster what is, in fact, a massively simplistic political world view, based mainly in nostalgia for the 19th Century.

        Sorry if the post seemed cryptic. The link was to a common propaganda technique of the Tory press – e.g ‘Knife Crime Increase Due to Leftie Dominated Education’ or ‘2008 Crash Exposes Labour Economic Failures’ … or … ‘EU Responsible for [enter any current discontent]’.

  4. Both the No Deal and No Brexit morons rely on the issue being boiled down to a binary choice, people are better than that, see Peterborough,
    There can be no complaints when GE will be all about No Deal and Referendum will be a choice between Labour brino and No Brexit
    Referendum should be minimum 60% to overturn 2016 result,
    Then we can get on with smashing the class system and bringing country into 21st century,
    See TUC are pushing for action on equal pay based on class, positive discrimination could clear the path for all,
    It’s not that radical, when I look at the class system all I see is another Mafia carve up, it’s the same the whole world over, whether it’s your local council or Oxbridge,
    Think level playing field not where your born

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