Video: Johnson’s bizarre actions at Dublin press conference caught by Irish cameras – but ‘missed’ by UK media

PM’s behaviour left out of most UK MSM coverage – but not quite successfully

Boris Johnson flew to Dublin today and held a joint press conference with Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, as Johnson attempts to create an impression of activity toward a Brexit deal.

That illusion was shattered by Varadkar’s clear implication that Johnson had offered nothing substantial – and his absolute insistence that Ireland is not going to abandon its position to suit Johnson and that the preservation of the Good Friday Agreement and free trade across the Irish border.

Varadkar was also none too subtle about his opinion of Johnson’s reliability or the value of Johnson’s word:

What we cannot do and will not do – and I know you understand this – is agree to the replacement of a legal guarantee with a promise.

As the press conference progressed, Johnson clearly found the exposure of his lack of substance uncomfortable, pulling a number of embarrassed poses and faces as Varadkar spoke:

But Johnson’s agitation at his exposure also came out in a bizarre dance that he performed as Varadkar told a reporter that Ireland would regard the re-imposition of UK direct rule in Northern Ireland to be a breach of peace agreements:

But bizarrely, although a number of UK media outlets were broadcasting the press conference, they managed to miss Johnson’s odd antics. While Irish broadcaster captured and transmitted them in full, the Telegraph and others omitted them, at least from their watch-again footage – or almost. As shown above, Johnson’s arm managed to fleetingly defeat the zoomed-in shot.

Unsurprisingly, social media users are amending the video to reflect their feelings about Johnson – more are sure to follow, but this by @IamHappyToast deserves mention for aptness as well as technical skill:


Johnson’s full-body twitch was compared on social media to comedian Benny Hill – far from the first time the comparison has been made. But while Hill was successfully exported to other countries, Johnson is an embarrassment as a UK prime minister – one likely to be viral in all the wrong senses.

But of course, his body language is barely the tip of that particular iceberg.

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  1. I know what caused the Clown’s little jig!!!
    There was a little man in a green suit with a huge green hat and an even bigger black pot o’ gold twinkling and sparkling, who had whispered in his ear…… Copy exactly what I do and I will give you my enormous pot o’ gold that always stays full.
    The Clown being the greedy, avaricious kind he is copied the little green man with out a second thought

    1. Loonytoonz….I hope that’s not some casual bigotry ,directed against our Irish Little people…..because they are a whole lot smarter than you give them credit for…….and our Elves are out of this world?……

    1. oh you mean this paragon of objectivity?

      A joint investigation between DeSmog UK and The Guardian revealed that Spiked US Inc. has received funding from the Charles Koch Foundation.Reporter George Monbiot suggested that this was due to the online magazine’s attacks on left-wing politics, its support of hard right or far right figures, and the many articles it publishes by writers supported by the Institute for Economic Affairs and the Koch funded Cato Institute.

      quoting Laura from the BBC next?

      1. Yes, I brought that up about Koch last week, marti. These trust-fund Trots really make me laugh!

    2. Danny……You maybe right or wrong,but if we don’t get an election soon the socialist revival that I and many others support will be dead in the water and the architects of the chicken coup will remove Jeremy Corbyn and purge the democratic socialist Labour party from the Labour movement!

      1. “Danny……You maybe right or wrong”

        No. Being right was eliminated a long time ago.

    3. So exactly which British socialist party DO you and ‘spiked’ support, ‘professor’?
      You constantly run Corbyn down for not being a real socialist – who’s your genuinely socialist choice – is it farage and his brexit party by any chance?

  2. Johnson’s admirable ability to play the cool diplomat and hide any inner turmoil obviously played a huge part in his widely acknowledged success when he served as Foreign Secretary how gratifying it is that he continuing manifest these skills in his post as PM.

  3. It’d appear he’s got some form of Tourette’s that seems to be brought on when he’s not getting things his own way.

    Quite possibly a by-product of inbreeding, one could reasonably assume.

    1. Actually, Toffee, I don’t think it’s only when he’s not getting his own way. It’s when he’s breathing.

  4. Makes me wonder what else the bought-and-paid-for UK media censors from us.

    I cringe when I remember that odious, lying clown is our Prime Minister.

    You simply couldn’t make this sh1t up.


    1. This bizarre twitch raises a serious question though: is Boris Johnson on drugs? I’m asking it seriously from expert. It looks to make this man is completely off his head, especially the “big girl’s blouse” jibe last week at PMQ.

      1. Benn.. I have raised your point regarding drugs and drink a number of times……He is clearly falling apart and not fit for duty…..and the reputation of the UK is being dragged through the mud!

    2. Takes me back to the censorship days of Thatcher were republican reps were dubbed with an actors voice….Remember jerry Adams remarked that the actors voice made him sound smarter than he actually was and in a much clearer accent for the world media!……..We really do have the most stupid media on the planet outside of Holywood

  5. ”Makes me wonder what else the bought-and-paid-for UK media censors from us.”

    david morris (MP for Morecambe & Lunesdale) challenged on child poverty and foodbank use in his constituency on bbc northwest news just before.

    His answer? ”I’ve heard NOTHING from social workers about kids going through bins…’

    He wasn’t asked about kids going through bins, but about child poverty and foodbank use, yet, of course, the twunt of a reporter let it pass uncorrected and ended the interview there & then without so much as a murmur.

    Not censorship as such, but a measure of just how supine and servile the bbc is towards the toerag party.


    1. Remember that time rees-smog told his almost suicidal moggmentum groupies there was ‘a plethora of talent within the conservative party’ when he said he wouldn’t be throwing his name in the hat for the PM job?

      Still laughing now, me.

  6. He looks like the Orang utan in ancient tarzan films drumming on his chest for attention or because he is getting a reality check?. Sorry I do not want to insult orang utans.

    1. I reached the top and had to stop and that’s what’s bothering me
      Altogether now
      Shooby doo

  7. Fred Scuttle does the monster mash,
    Not funny though on the day Tommy Robinson comes out in support of Cummings glove puppet
    So there is now a clear connection betweenEnglish Nationalist cheap and nasty Tory party/Brexit/UKIP/BNP
    We need to come up with a catch all for these toerags

  8. The insulting behaviour to the Irish by Johnson will be filed under British imperialism and establishment.. . The occupation of the Ulster is falling apart,just like Bozzo

    1. Steve this is what you get when we flog off our industry to foreign companies…..The workers always end up paying for the mistakes of our governments….Brexit or no brexit….We urgently need a socialist government to show that responsible fiscal management for the country can benefit all of us!….We need an election soon not a parliamentary holiday!

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