Excl: Johnson went ahead with proroguing to avoid parliamentary committee questions – for 2nd time

Parliamentary sources say Johnson ‘running scared’ of Liaison committee scrutiny

As Downing Street confirmed today that Parliament will be ‘prorogued’ at the close of business this evening, parliamentary sources have reported that Johnson went ahead with the suspension of Commons activity today because he is ‘running scared’ from facing scrutiny in front of a committee of MPs tomorrow.

Johnson was scheduled to face a grilling from the Liaison Committee – a showdown that he had already postponed – but the session will not now proceed because of the proroguing.

Social media users who were calling Johnson cowardly – the above image was posted with a slogan ‘guaranteed spineless chicken’, a play on the ‘guaranteed boneless’ ads of meat retailers – were more right than they knew.

Johnson has also been compared to a tin monkey today after a bizarre performance during a joint press conference with Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

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    1. Oh I don’t know. Keep your chin up Danny. Things may not be as bad as all that.

    2. “Respecting the referendum result” = Recognising that it was backed by a minority of the country”.

      You are desperate to advance the wealth of the hedge fund establishment represented by the ERG, and sundry associated tossers.

      Throw the workers under the bus. Socialism? Don’t make me laugh. You don’t have a clue whilst endlessly repeating the bleedin’ obvious that the economic framework of the EU reflects a neoliberal bent – like the rest of the world in its trade arrangements.

      … and massively more so in the case of the US, whose Trump-led dominance you prefer to substitute.

      1. “Respecting the referendum result” = Recognising that it was backed by a minority of the country”.

        Goebbels would be proud👏👏

        The reality is that for every remain vote, there was 1.073 votes for leave. Granted, it’s close. But thats irrelevant with our FPTP system.

        Quite why remainers like to include those who didn’t vote is beyond me (unless you look towards lying/deception/cheating etc).

        I quite like to think that the 25% (give or take) who didn’t vote are now laughing at the mess they have absolutely nothing to do with.

      2. It’s understandable that brexiters don’t want a second referendum.
        Before the referendum ‘remain’ was thought by thinking people to be a foregone conclusion.
        They believed the obvious consequence of a ‘leave’ vote being the pathetic, ridiculous spectacle of a humiliated Britain we’ve seen over the last three years – and Britain’s certain impoverishment following brexit – would be as obvious to anyone who’d been to school as would the lies of the brexit camp.
        Those people are unlikely to overestimate Danny’s intelligence again.

  1. So what’s happened to the promise by our Labour mps and others that they would have to be removed from parliament kicking and Screaming…?…..

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