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Video: “No mandate, no morals and as of today, no majority” – Corbyn floors reeling Johnson

Corbyn’s powerful response to Johnson’s statement to MPs shows no mercy after Tory MP ‘crosses floor’ to LibDems
Corbyn floors reeling Johnson

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn showed no mercy to Boris Johnson after Johnson’s majority was destroyed by the defection of Philip Lee to the LibDems – as Johnson was delivering a statement to the House of Commons.

“No mandate, no morals and as of today, no majority”

Corbyn’s powerful response laid bare the nonsense of Johnson’s claims of progress in EU discussions – and the Tory leader’s weakness both in character and in Parliament:


Boris Johnson has been built up by the Establishment media as some kind of clever or at least competent politician, in spite of his terrible track record and even though his advisers had to try to hide him during the Tory leadership contest.

In reality, he is even weaker and more chaotic than his woeful predecessor – and his term in office looks increasingly like it could be even more short-lived.

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  1. Cometh the hour, cometh the man”

    Jeremy Corbyn contrasts perfectly with the ERG’s non-elected Prime Minister and will, in addition to bringing brexit sanity, end austerity, invest in our NHS, repair educaton, end student grants, oversee an end to the tory-enabled housing crisis, mobilise a national investment bank and empower the Green New Deal and overhaul a failed UK business model based on low taxes, low wages, low investment, zero-hour contracts, and unregulated finance.

    GE2019 will be Jeremy Corbyn’s finest hour.

    General Election NOW

  2. Labour could make the point that although 17.4m voted for Brexit where is the EVIDENCE that these voted for No Deal?
    This makes the Tory Govt’s line illegitimate.
    Right Wing Tory Neo-Liberal Barbarians making an assumption.
    I reluctantly voted Remain to try to break Neo-Liberalism but accept the result and on reflecting on the morning the Referendum result after drawing from socialist analysis I now support Leave and via independent nation states (ideally left wing democratic socialist) we can build internationalism!
    Time to start dreaming again.

  3. Theresa May must be the smuggest woman in Britain tonight.
    In less than two months BloJob has managed to get the Tories to a state of collapse she couldn’t manage in three years.
    Schadenfreude 1, hubris 0. 😂😂😂😂

  4. So Doris just lost the vote and threatened Jeremy with a general election. 🙂
    I don’t know if the “OH JEREMY CORBYN” being sung outside could be heard from inside the chamber – if not, maybe we can make sure it can next time?
    Still got my fingers crossed for Doris to be the first and last winner of the Canning Cup…

  5. Can anyone explain to me why we allow the most treacherous one of all our PLP gets to put his name to a bill stopping a no deal brexit…..I realise hes on various committees….but how and why. Bomber Benn…educate me?This is a genuine question and I worry that Benn reflects the leadership of the PLP…and I am not talking about Watson?

    1. Happily Joseph, our wonderful, twice-elected party leader is more results-oriented than he is malicious, petty or malign.

      That person (the malicious, petty and malign one) would be a former party leader who cost us more than 5 million votes (which Jeremy is winning back).

  6. All power to Corbyn”s elbow.

    But the real delight was the *self* destruction of Mr Toad as he stuck the straw in his own backside.

    A lot of us have been around too long to be surprised at Tory idiocy or venality. But this is of a different order – a career based purely on privilege and bullshit. A PM whose record of egotism, dishonesty, disloyalty and sheer narcissism surpasses most.

    Boom! It was a delight to behold the blustering, stuttering comeuppance.

    … but let’s not doubt the way it will be reported.

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