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Vid: Tory MP crosses floor – Johnson could be gone by tonight if LibDems weren’t desperate to stop Corbyn

MP crosses floor to LibDems while Boris Johnson is speaking – destroying Tory/DUP parliamentary majority

Bracknell MP Philip Lee has dramatically defected from the Tories to the LibDems – while Boris Johnson was addressing the Commons. Johnson was clearly thrown and flustered, stumbling over his words as he realised what was happening.

Lee stood and literally ‘crossed the floor’ to sit next to Jo Swinson – incidentally demonstrating just how little functional difference exists between blue and yellow Tories, but turning Johnson’s cobbled-together DUP-aided majority into a minority of one:

From a different angle, Johnson’s consternation is even clearer, in spite of his attempt to brush it off:

If Swinson, her party and their centrist fellow-travellers were genuinely concerned about stopping a hard Brexit more than they are about keeping Jeremy Corbyn from Number 10, Johnson – already showing his weakness and fear – could be gone by tonight.

But they’re not, so he’ll cling on – at least for now.

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  1. Some Tory defects to the natural home of gut gutless libs……Lets everone know were the Torys feel at home and nails the myth of a more radical moral choice for disillusioned tory voters….

  2. Oh, no doubt the johnson-cummings monster will hang on by the skin of its teeth. Just wait to see what little snidey tricks they will play during the death rattle of the Tories and their neoliberal masters.

  3. So……the torys have to now hand money to the DUP for their party to shower the orange lodge with for cultural activities against the many for the few…A united Ireland would give the Labour party the edge with minus 12 DUP votes for the torys….

  4. The Lib Dems are the go-to Party for Tories.

    Let’s just call them for what they overtly are.

    All TORIES.

  5. Lib dems (condems!) home for shy tory voters too cowardly to put the X in the Tory box on the voting slip .

    1. Better-off academics, cat ladies, trainspotters and florists mostly in my limited experience. YMMV.

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