FT inadvertently gives huge front-page ad to Labour as party of hope and change

Policies that horrify money-men will thrill many voters

The Financial Times (FT) has given the ‘above the fold’ half of its front page this morning to policies it presumably thinks will horrify its core readership – but which will be music to the ears of millions of voters hard-pressed under the Tories and their prioritisation, as Corbyn said in his Salford speech this morning, of ‘those who lend and speculate over those who actually make things‘.

The headline may blare about ‘costing UK companies £300bn’ – the FT’s estimate – but it goes on to say ‘by shifting shares to staff’. The article itself can’t help but elaborate a few of Labour’s groundbreaking policies and the way they would revolutionise the life of ‘the many’ in this country:

Corbyn’s and Labour’s status as the representatives of hope and change is reflected in the banner across the top of the page that points to a longer article inside the paper:

“Rewriting the rules: how Labour would redistribute wealth”

The detail of the front-page coverage gives some key information on just a few of Labour’s game-changing policies:

  • Labour in government will give shares to workers in seven thousand of the UK’s biggest employers – entitling them to dividends of up to £500 per year as well as helping the national finances
  • Labour will introduce a right-to-buy for tenants of private landlords at affordable prices, helping to reduce the concentration of property in the hands of a few that has driven up rents and house prices under Conservative governments
  • Shifting power away from ‘bosses and landlords’ and to the people
  • Increasing productivity and long-term thinking by giving employees a meaningful stake

It seems clear the FT is – and expects its readers to be – dreading the prospect. But that’s a clear sign of the disconnect between the privileged and the people – for most of us, this is news to be welcomed and trumpeted.

After almost a decade of Tory ‘conscious cruelty‘, burgeoning inequality, a plague of povertyincluding over four million children, mass homelessness and foodbank use and deepening despair for millions, ‘the many’ are desperate for news like this.

It was nice of the FT to provide such prominent free advertising, even if it was accidentally.

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    1. Danny thanks for that…..but as soon as I spotted the name Brendan ONeil ..I new we were reading the veiws of a cultural and class traitor working for the British establishment….anything goes to rubbish corbyn if you’ve acepted the silver to spread lies and propaganda against the only socialist Labour party leader in my liftime.Don’t think I dont recognise somone with a agenda,yours is to remain and follow the establishment and the monarchy,mine is to rid this country of the people you are helping retain the status quo…..knowingly or unknowingly.Anything the establishment support I reject and hopefully you will understand that our working class interests go beyond one trick remainer or remain supporters because the British people deserve better than this dogs dinner of a vicious fascist regime of Boris Johnson

      1. Ps.. Should be one trick remain or leave supporters!

    2. apart from the fact we are all being played by cummings and his glove puppet,
      methinks they want to announce GE this week with a date after 31st October that fucks the brexit party,
      tjey will also ignore any law laid by parliament, painting themselves as protectors of the peoples will
      that fucks the snowflakes neverenders
      what I don’t know is whether the EU can unilaterally extend the leaving date

      1. Doug 02/09/2019 at 5:16 pm

        f Labour and others gain control of the order paper then surely they will be able to legislate the date for the GE

  1. Yes. I notice our leaders getting a deliberate makeover by the !media Johnson the monster they created has frightened the political class..The rabid scary.Marxist does not stand up to scrutiny,when the changes he proposes have always been mainstream Labour policys.and Corbyn has changed little over many years of party political experience.We need a steady hand to rebuild Britain and Corbyns the man for the job!

    1. The irony: the mild version of socialism proposed by McDonnell and Corbyn (McDonnellism?) are the best hope to save capitalism from eating itself! It doesn’t happen often, but really a Labour government is now also in the interest of most of the establishment, apart from a fringe of edge fund managers betting against UK’s economy and foreign powers (I don’t believe in the shit about Putin’s trolls tilting the results of both the EU ref and the US elections, but the fact is that any events weakening the UK and the US are in Russia’s long term interests). The ultimatum is clear: distribute the wealth more fairly or see the state being destroyed. Not by revolution, but by Tory absolute stupidity.

    1. Steve…..they’ve had the government subsidies and will pull out,if there isnt more taxpayers money…..Reliance on foreign investment in the UK longterm is self destruction

      1. Too true – you’d think it would be obvious to a six year old that “inward investment” = selling the family silver – wouldn’t you?

  2. The FT mouthpiece and promoter of pro-Capital ‘free’ market liberalism recognises that the brexit-obsessed Conservatives are no friend of neoliberalism and is, therefore, in a moral quagmire. Support the tohriehys or support the economy. It cannot do both.

    The CorbynProject can only succeed.

  3. prof. sir john curtice just described “Corbyn’s last three or four years” as having been spent “milking” [the idea that there’s been Tory austerity] That language carries the clear implication that [‘so-called’ austerity] is being exaggerated by Labour.
    This ‘professor’ seems to be the BBC’s go-to polling analyst.
    Isn’t democracy wonderful?
    Noticed BloJob’s hair lately? Standing at the lectern today you could easily see the poor sod’s knitting just above the parting near the back where his bald spot tries to hide. Another year and it’ll look like Friar Tuck’s tonsure.
    If he doesn’t have a hairdresser on call 24/7 I’ll eat the toffee’s underpants.
    “… YOU don’t want an election.” Makes one wonder what was the point of asking MP’s publicly to back his transparent bluff.
    If I was the EU I’d be offended to be thought so gullible by such a knuckledragging fucktard.

    1. David The Sir john bit says it all?…..upper class idiot has never experienced austerity…..try living on a UK state pension or living on so called benifits.Really watching the BBC is like watching whos,who in our class ridden country….!

  4. I couldn’t tell what the protesters were chanting outside Number Ten while BloJob was speaking.
    Personally I think sustained booing is more disruptive to a speaker’s concentration and a far greater insult to his self-esteem.
    Chants generally criticise policy but booing is personal.
    More booing please.

  5. The irony being that such proposals will also benefit lower middle class as well, especially renters in London. And those who have kids coming of age who are unlikely to earn as much as their parents…

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