“Labour Future” again sending fundraising emails. Caution: this non-Labour co has links to UKIP and Tories

The SKWAWKBOX understands that ‘Labour Future’ (LF) is again sending emails to Labour supporters asking for donations. As the SKWAWKBOX revealed as long ago as 2017, LF is a private company which has no standing with the Labour Party – and whose directors have links with UKIP, the Tories and the right-wing, shadily-fundedTaxpayers’ Alliance‘ via the similarly misleadingly-named companies ‘Labour Leave’ and ‘Labour for Britain’ and the Vote Leave company.

One of those companies, ‘Labour Leave’, made an £18,500 donation to UKIP during the EU referendum campaign – and itself received funding from the Tories and Vote Leave.

“Labour Future are not affiliated to the Labour Party” – Labour spokesperson

Labour Future was also criticised for sending funding appeal emails strongly resembling official Labour messages and was revealed by the SKWAWKBOX to have used

The company has said that it cannot provide information on how it spends the donations it receives and in its funding appeals it has identified its own spending with that of official Labour organisations.

Furthermore, a number of organisations, including Momentum and Keep our NHS Public, said that LF had used their logos without their permission on its website in a section titled ‘coalitions for change’ and confirmed that they had no links with it.

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  1. I wonder if they are using the Labour Party logo, if so could be liable to fraud claims. Perhaps the Labour Party should investigate?

    1. Theirs is similar but a different design. Similar enough to fool people, but different enough to avoid an injunction. Those cheeky sneaks.

    2. Can’t attach images here BUT there are 3 LOGOs ~ LP, and 2/3 diff Labour Future logos. The 2 main LF logos use the same typeface/font, but diff *rose* in two case and one the same. fb seems kosher but web-page haram [to mix metaphors]. Company is an empty shell, with no Income & Expenditure shown.

    1. Seem to be 3 no-longer-connected bodies ~ with same name ~ Skwawkie has conflated. The 3 elements. 1. empty shell Company, 2. facebook page, 3. web-site [I know none of the people involved]. Web-site has old News but current Join & Donate pages; see dates of LATEST NEWS ~ 2 years ago.

  2. Surely the Labour logo can only be used by affiliated organisations and has branding protection? I’m no legal expert but I think it could face legal action?

      1. Went to check [as I’ve compared logos, but can’t attach images here, but same LP *rose* is used in one case and typefaces/ fonts are the same. The web-page seems definitely ‘dodgy’, the fb page ok]. Got:
        GOV.UK. Home
        Service Status
        This service is currently down for maintenance.
        We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

  3. In 2017 when I looked them up at Companies House, Labour Leave Ltd and Labour Future Ltd were both listed at the same address in London.
    Both companies also listed the same 2 directors.
    I haven’t checked more recently.

  4. Having worked with brands and branding for over 20 years, I can confirm that logos and many other aspects of branding are protected under copyright law and that unathorised use is unlawful. Awards are routinely in the tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of pounds. Asking for money under false pretences is certainly unlawful as well. And another thing: how did an unaffilated entity get hold of Labour member’s contact details??

  5. Who ever stole this data should be prosecuted, and any other organisation or Institution that illegally uses said stolen data should also be prosecuted – does show how devious the Centrists are though, witnessed in its full glory during the Unite Leadership election.

  6. LABOUR FOR BRITAIN LIMITED Dissolved on 5 March 2019. Brendan CHILTON sole Director at time of dissolution.

      1. Saw that. Not a name that;’s stuck in my memory-banks. My point is that LF has been fundraising as LF yet no Income OR Expenditure is shown in the Dormant Company Accounts. So, where has the money come from, and where has it gone?

      2. David…pleased you have taken up research,does this mean a certain confused individual is redundent?.

      3. Sorry Joe, no. I looked that up in October 2017 – possibly because of something Skwawkbox wrote, can’t really remember.
        And Allan does good research – I don’t always agree with the conclusions he draws but I’m picky like that. There are others I disagree with far more.

  7. Labour Future Ltd filed Dormant Company accounts for 2 years running. So where has any money raised gone? Look like the FRAUD of Deception.

    1. Jan Brooker. I know its fraud,you know it .but do our HQ realise…!They have had trouble with protection of data and leaking ever since Tom Watson conned is way into deputy leadership.At the moment Tom Watson is flush with money and able to fund high court appeals that run into hundreds of thousands of pounds… Taking on legal expenses to jointly challenge the Government is just another Challenge to Corbyns leadership and the membership by his support of miller with swansong and the suddenly flush lib dems……… Why have our NEC not moved on Watson,when he is clearly damaging the Leadership and the Labour party……And now we are in an election campaign with Watson still hanging in there and flush with money….??

  8. LATER: The Labour Future web-page is out-of-date, but the Join & Fundraising bits are still *live*. The facebook page is *live* but seemingly unconnected to the web-page, save a live link to it. Some bods are checking this out. The Company of the same name [plus Ltd at end] is an empty ‘shell’ company.

  9. The independent are labeling the gina miller court case with Swanson and john major,and Watson propping up the rear The Blue on Blue court case? Watson’s finally arrived at his true home…..Lets hope his supporters realise that the money 💰 he is throwing around is tainted by him being bought and paid for by unknown sources..?

  10. I tried to post this the other day, but do not see my warning listed here. On a Wikipedia page that shows a:
    “List of organisations that are associated with the Labour Party”
    Labour Future is identified as one of the groups officially associated with the Labour Party. This Wikipedia page needs editing ASAP to provide a warning that this is a rogue organization not affiliated or endorsed by the Labour Party. This edit must be carried out by someone who has official status within the Labour Party so that it has unquestionable legitimacy. Protect your Integrity…

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