More organisations: we gave Labour Future no permission for logo use

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Three down, one to go

A short time ago, the SKWAWKBOX published confirmation by Momentum that it had given no permission to Labour Future (LF) to use Momentum’s logo in the ‘Coalitions for Change’ graphic on its website.

In spite of its name, Labour Future is a private company with no affiliation to the Labour Party and in fact its founders have links to organisations such as the Taxpayers’ Alliance, which most Labour members would consider well to the right of the political spectrum.

Now two further organisations have contacted the SKWAWKBOX with similar confirmations.

Progress’ spokesman told this blog:

It’s the first we’ve seen of this and hadn’t discussed it with Labour Future before.

A spokeswoman for Keep our NHS Public went further:

Keep our NHS Public (KONP) is a national campaigning group that is not aligned to any political party. The Labour Future website has been amended with the KONP logo removed.

Sure enough, a visit to the LF volunteer page now has the KONP logo removed – but those of the other three organisations, of which all but the Labour Party have now confirmed did not give permission for LF to use, are still showing:

coalitions x 3

Given that the advanced data-scraping capabilities of the NationBuilder software powering volunteer-registration process are troubling enough even in the hands of a bona fide political party, the SKWAWKBOX is confident that most potential visitors to the page would prefer to be completely clear who is receiving any details they might enter.

Especially when the host of the page is a private company that has links to right-of-centre organisations such as the Taxpayers’ Alliance and has sent emails that confused recipients into thinking they were donating to the Labour Party.

Labour Future does not publish contact information and therefore could not be asked for comment.

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  1. “Progress’ spokesman told this blog:

    It’s the first we’ve seen of this and hadn’t discussed it with Labour Future before.”

    But if anyone from ‘progress’ read this site, they’d have been made aware a good while back.

    Just shows how ‘On the ball’ progress are, then, doesn’t it? :/

  2. Yesterday on FB there was a message headed by Labour Future, asking people to press a Delay button for the DWP to slowdown the introduction of Universal Credit. If you used the buttoning asked for your name and email address.
    Needless to say I posted a warning thankless a Labour First ‘pass off’ as a Labour site, and data gathering.
    Sneaky? You bet! 🙁

  3. They have access to labour members records for sure.Why not ring this guy? Contact. Brendan Chilton, General Secretary – Tel: 07827 649 342. Address: Labour LEAVE, 72 Albert Street, It would appear Labour leave and labour future are the same company

  4. Yet again, Iain McNicol, the General Secretary of the Labour Party is caught asleep on the job.

    Why hasn’t he already begun legal proceedings against this organisation for passing itself off as the Labour Party and breaching copyright law by using Labour logos without permission?

    McNicol is simply not up to the job.

    He is quick as lightning taking members to court but when the Labour Party is being counterfeited he is nowhere to be found.

  5. Directors of Labour Future are:
    Brendan CHILTON
    John Angus Donald MILLS
    Both give as their contact address only the company’s address:
    72 Albert Street, London, NW1 7NR
    And yes, the same two people are directors of Labour Leave, at the same address though it is a separate company.
    (Companies House)

  6. “Why hasn’t he already begun legal proceedings against this organisation for passing itself off as the Labour Party and breaching copyright law by using Labour logos without permission?”

    Anything to do with them using similar data-scraping methods (Or appearing to be doing) to what mcnicol’s done in the past, perhaps?

    ‘progress’ answer is still troubling me. If they hadn’t discussed it (Using their logo) with LF before – Just what HAVE they discussed?

    1. If your proposition is correct then that is deeply, deeply troubling.

      It would mean that the General Secretary of the Labour Party is fatally compromised because under his watch Labour staff have carried out routine breaches of data protection legislation.

      That leaves Iain McNicol open to blackmail from within and without the Labour Party.

  7. Internal Affairs 16/10/2017 at 6:18 pm · · Reply →
    If your proposition is correct…

    It’s a question, rather than a proposition 🙂

    1. You are quite right, my mistake.

      Just for the record, it was of course a question…

  8. Is that run by the same guy who ran Saving Labour? Yet another dodgy set up which now seems defunct as the fb page hasn’t posted in ages. They were yet another “grab email addresses” set up. Would not surprise me if that is where they got their mailing list from.

    Also no data controller listed, and nothing to say its not linked to Labour at all on the site or that donations don’t go to Labour. It looks like its a pishing site and money making scam. They really need looking in to much harder.

    1. Also on its “Nationwide representation” page… I bet no one has given permission to use the two photos, or from the people in the photo of canvassers.

      Seriously dodgy, even fraudulent – receiving money under false pretences/deception (pretending its affiliated to Labour & not making clear that none of the money donated goes to Labour but instead goes to a private limited company). If I’d been caught out, I’d be asking paypal/credit card to return the money.

      1. Further… its interesting how when you go to the donate page, it changes to a nationbuilder site (leaves the Labour future site)… having looked a bit futher, it seems anyone can set up a nationbuilder account and can use it to scam people using their payment system.

    2. To answer my own question, saving Labour was Reg race. But again, no data controller and no easy way to do a SAR or get removed from the SL data. Did Reg Race pass the data on to a third party, such as Labour Future directly or via other intermediaries?

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