3 arrested over assault on journalist Owen Jones – Met says no decision yet whether to treat as hate crime

Men detained at police station but not yet formally charged
Owen Jones (image Marc Lozano – Owen Jones, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Three men have been arrested in connection with an assault earlier this month on left-wing journalist Owen Jones, as Jones celebrated his birthday in the London borough of Islington.

The Met said the men – ages 29, 34 and 39 – were arrested at a North London police station.

The attack on Jones was widely condemned. His friends, who tried to defend him from the attack, were also assaulted.

The arrested men have not yet been charged and the Met said that a decision had not yet been made on whether the incident would be treated as a hate crime.

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  1. Nicked , but not charged, what’s going on? Mr Met, please clarify?

    1. Danny 29/08/2019 at 7:19 pm

      An attack on a journalist is an attack on free speech and our fundamental values.

    2. Danny you maybe correct,but I think he’s becoming increasingly confused regarding supporting socialism,he has become increasingly subdued and bribed by the London nightlife and his friends.I think he was probably assaulted by homophobic right wing thugs,but difficult to say which..?Thuggery and bigotory go hand in hand….ask Chris Williamson he knows just how the right wing operate he’s fought them all is life same as Corbyn…….I think owens heart ❤ is in socialism but he’s succumbed like many in our party by the bright lights and celeberaty status..,

    3. “From the point of view of class politics …”

      i.e Simplistic and devious bollockspeak. (As well as elementary category error).

      Just say ‘… although I disagree with him politically’ instead of wrapping it up in pseud’s rhetoric.

  2. Ps interesting email from momentum asking for me to help in blocking the streets,and fighting against the establishment……got to admire the organisation and quick response,we can learn from momentum,. Shame about Lansman I hope that they manage to get rid of him quickly… We need that type of commitment in the Labour party!

    1. Joseph
      Momentum is Jon Lansman’s own company,
      agree they have taken campaigning to another level,
      but it is a double edged sword as all roads lead to Lansman with the treatment of Chris Williamson and others and the capitulation to Pantomime Dame and others

      1. Yes Doug… I have been in touch with momentum a number of times regarding Lansman and never had a reply from them.I also cancelled donations to them after the Chris Williamson intervention from Lansman.. I have campaigned with momentum….but am now reluctant about momentum but still admire the campaigning and organisation…. Such a shame!

      2. Momentum never, in my experience, respond to people who contact them.

        This sort of disgusting behaviour is very common.
        They are quick enough to ask for donations though.

        I am very unlikely to donate to organisations that treat people with such disrespect.

    2. Lansman. Honest, stout of heart and true to his friends. He’s going to rescue the working class just as soon as he thinks the time is right. What’s wrong with people don’t they understand the politics of TapeWormism. Mmm..

  3. entirely off topic but just read a quote in the grauniad from Lord Young “its only a mandate from 90,000 members … one third of which have joined since the referendum and are not representative of the people as a whole”. this is the leader of the house admitting that the tories were down to around 60,000+

  4. This will go same way as serious assault on Geordie Galloway by and be quietly swept under the carpet, not prosecuted as a hate crime
    One rule for far right/racist !

  5. Today (24/07/2020) football hooligan James Healy, from Portsmouth, was sentenced to prison for 2 years 8 months at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Friday after attacking the Owen Jones in August last year because of his political beliefs and his sexuality.

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