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Breaking: Davidson quits as Scottish Tories face wipe-out after Johnson power-grab

Johnson manoeuvre expected to obliterate Tories in Scotland

Ruth Davidson

Ruth Davidson has quit as leader of the Scottish Tories. She had said that she would not support a no-deal Brexit. Boris Johnson’s prorogation manoeuvre is expected to wipe out the Tories at Westminster level and do huge damage to their number of Scottish Parliament seats.

Davidson’s decision is yet another blow to Boris Johnson’s credibility as PM after a number of Tory MPs including former Cabinet members publicly condemned his abuse of democracy.

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  1. It is gratifying to watch the Tories imploding, let’s hope that the PLP can show enough unity to take advantage of the situation.

    1. When push comes to shove they’ll all flock together. davidson’ll still vote for whatever the straw-haired imbecile suggests.

      Shame the labour party can’t rally round a single cause….But when watson’s allowed to do what he likes and gets the’majority’ the policy they wanted by his usual shithouse means…And the ‘majority’ accept that ill-gotten policy gratefully…

      1. Oh I have an answer, alright. One so glaringly obvious that even a mron like oyurself ought o be able to see what’s missing from that link you provided; but as it’s you I guess I’m expecting too much.

        And anywho, you’ve at least a dozen of my questions to be answered first. Not by polls and other opinion pieces – but by cold, hard facts.

        When you have done me the courtesy, I shall happily reciprocate.

        But in the meantime (And for evermore) you’ll just convince your addled brain (And nobody else, ever) that you’ve answered some questions – and they’ll probably be to ones that weren’t even asked…


      2. The Toffee (597) 28/08/2019 at 6:40 pm

        I guess we can take that as your admission that you’ve been caught out talking crap again.😏

      3. Really?

        I think we can take it as your admission that you’re grateful that watson’s done YOU a service, and to fuck with democracy.

        So go on, you were saying??

      4. It’s interesting that those who casually bandy the word ‘democracy’ are generally the most opposed to it rearing it’s head by supporting a confirmatory vote :-).

        (There are distasteful historical precedents)

    1. Oh whoopee Danny – Again you’ve managed to drag out your one example of an obscure academic that sort of agrees with you.

      1. An ‘obscure academic’ he sniffs

        All hail the enlightened one.

      2. Oh FFS Toffee – Tory policies are Tory policies. The role of Labour is to oppose them.

        Backing Brexit is no better than promulgating a clampdown on benefits because some conservative working class voters reckon its a good idea because they’ve read it in the Daily Bile.

    2. “Weak Corbyn” you say… the man who’s stood his ground and kept his principles intact through a lifetime of left wing activism.
      VSO, councillor, Bennite, backbencher for 32 years, leader for four, attacked from all sides and still fighting. FIGHTING FOR US.
      What the fuck have you ever done other than whingeing and lawyering?
      Piss off and take the rest of the mischief with you, rat.

      1. Danny would rather put his faith in the political ideology of the ‘Tooting Popular Front’

    3. Who’s going to be brave enough this time to say Danny inane drivel is worth reading?

  2. Resignation is what happens when you can’t agree with your boss in the political theatre we should her to do nothing less. There will always be someone to step into her shoes.

    1. Unfortunately it wouldn’t make any difference, she is not a Westminster MP.

  3. Skwawkbox Are you sure she has actually resigned?From what I have seen it appears she has stated her intention to announce her resignation tomorrow.
    Anyway I agree that this will be a massive blow for Scottish Tories. Their success in taking seats in 2017 was largely down to her. With her gone they will flounder- great news for us.

  4. Hopfuly Labour can take advantage of the resignation,but again we allowed the right wing in Labour to destroy the solid Labour vote in Scotland to the Nats……It will take some time for Scottish Labour to rebuild and get rid of the parasites still hanging in there!,hoping for a Corbyn successful coup by Benn and Co…….

  5. ”Their success in taking seats in 2017 was largely down to her.”

    Every bit as much down to dugdale being utter dogturd, in my opinion.

    1. I had forgotten about Kezia her and how obnoxious and she was. Never mind, with both gone we are in with a real chance of regaining a lot of lost ground in Scotland.

      1. Hopefully,Smartboy. .

        Fingers (toes, the lot) crossed that’s where labour’ll be carried over the threshhold next time around.

        Austerity’s had it’s day and they’ve had their bite of austerity…

  6. … the more relevant question here is how to reverse the current wipe-out of Labour in Scotland. (Hint : ambiguity and just singing the Red Flag hasn’t worked)

    1. Guarantees that Scotland, NI, Wales and the regions won’t be neglected in favour of London any more might be a start.
      Personally I’d turn both houses of parliament into museums, abolish the monarchy and all lordly titles and have MP’s work from their expanded constituency offices most of the time. Voting and debating would be conducted online and in public with occasional sittings as required by parliamentary business to be held at the locations most affected by the issues.

    2. RH……Yes the working class left the Labour party in droves because the broad church was full of right wing parasite who never sang the Red flag and did not represent them.The Nats pushed the workers friend crap and cleaned out Labour in Scotland.We now stand a chance ,but its not clever or helpful if you ridicule and generally take the pi55 out of Labour party tradition.Socialism is the backbone of our membership and do not venture to rubbish ….Yes working class tradition……or the Working class apart from that. good morning RH on an Historic week…!

      1. Joseph – I’m not taking the piss out of the Labour Party – even if I’ve been a member long enough to see its faults and foibles. I *am* taking the piss out of the La La Land imaginary version of it that is so detached from reality, and thinks that everything is down to the ignoring of adherence to one true doctrine. It has always been an ideologically heterogeneous party, even if we can debate the limits of tolerance.

        The failure in Scotland was down to a number of things – not least of which was the detached machine politics of entitlement that came to represent the Party. Yesterday I was talking with an Iraqi radiologist who was performing one of the regular procedures that I require. He was detailing the current situation in Iraq, and the total corruption of the political process. This is a much more extreme example, but the manipulation of the political process and a system of graft rang a lot of bells.

        Anyway – whatever – the loss of Scotland was a disaster waiting to happen, but it wasn’t simply about the loss of working class votes because of desire for a theoretical notion of socialism. It was much more visceral – and, obviously, votes – both working and middle class – aren’t repelled by the non-socialism of the SNP when faced with a much more left-wing agenda as proposed by current Labour.

  7. We now have a dictatorship in government, Mrs Windsor on her job creation scheme colluding in the breakup of the UK and the Lexiters assisting in destroying our best trading market. We are a laughing stock and it is all down to the giant ego of Nigel Farage.

  8. The middle class are on the march again to protect their class interests against Brexit, with the super-rich helping with the litigation, touchingly assisted by Labour now the Party of Remain and of the Middle Class.

    In the meantime Jeremy – the former great radical presently in a hot sweat about the dangers of political recklessness – blithely tweets of the danger of UK public services getting opened up to private corporations. He seems entirely unaware that the EU has already opened up key public services to markets and thereby to private companies through its Liberalisation Directives – making Thatcherism irreversible unless we have a No Deal Brexit AND a democratic socialist programme of nationalisation.

    1. Danny, nobody apart from your Zionist Corbyn hating mate jpenney is listening.

    2. Presumably you’d concede that a Labour government – and a genuinely socialist one – is essential to a “democratic socialist programme of nationalisation.”
      If brexit goes through it either succeeds or it doesn’t – I think it won’t succeed but either way the MSM will spin any ill effects as Corbyn’s fault, resulting in another ‘safe pair of centrist hands’ leading Labour.

      Your claimed desire relies upon a Labour government with a workable majority under a left wing leader getting the credit for a successful Labour-led brexit that makes people better off financially – yet you criticise the only left wing leader we have, or have had for two generations.
      Who do you propose should replace him to achieve your stated aims and how should he or she proceed from here?
      Or wouldn’t you start from here?
      Serious question.

    3. Danny….I can see that some of your veiws are well put and argued,I can understand your anger that a majority,however small have been ignored,but banging on about how hopeless it is for Labour to form a government is breathtakingly irresponsible and destructive,You can do better than that swallow your pride and get on board with a fight for a true democracy and a socialist Labour government!

    4. “The middle class are on the march again to protect their class interests”

      The definition of ‘middle class’ seems to be as elastic and meaningless as Mr Toad’s definition of truth in this La La Land of 19thC social commentary for the 21st century.

  9. New article by Remainer Michael Chessum bleating as to why the Remain movement is chock-full of Centrists.

    Perhaps it’s due to the way the EU Treaties and legislation defend, protect and maintain the capitalist system Michael, and place it on a more secure footing. The EEC came into being in order to defeat European socialism after all, and keep working class people in their place.

  10. You know, I thought people were wrong calling Johnson a buffoon thought it was an act but being as he’s managing to rip the Tories apart even more than they were. Unite Tory, LibDems, Labour, SNP, Greens and even some in the MSM against this coup. Drag the Queen into it and portrait her in bad light, start protests and invoke a petition that has nearly 800k signatures so far today. I think I might wrong.

    1. I don’t think Johnson works out strategy all on his lonesome… Tories have had months to prepare for his placement as PM and plan how to play Parliament and the public. All competing factions of the ‘establishment’ and rentier classes have centuries of experience in managing the public and so called ‘parliamentary democracy’ to their advantage.

      1. The ‘strategy’ consists mainly of lying through the teeth, using the compliant foreign-owned press.

        The problem for Labour is that it works – time and time again, because a large proportion of UK punters are pretty gullible and susceptible to snake-oil salesmen.

        Wisdom of crowds? Dream on – always a bit of a conundrum for the left.

      2. RH, the British/UK public have been propagandised and manipulated for centuries and taught (‘educated’) from birth to rally to the flag/Royals and doff their caps to their ‘betters’. That the class based social construct parasitic ‘betters’ know how to lead and the ordinary man/women is too ignorant to ‘lead’ the country and ‘civilize’ world ( in class system interests) from the so called ‘ignorant hordes’ that live in geostrategically placed and resource rich countries that don’t want to sell out themselves for Britain/UK rentier parasites to benefit at the expense of their populations.
        I am aware you don’t believe in class politics.

        If anything the so called left and Labour party has failed completely to ‘educate’, inform and empower the public. I take exception to denigrating the public in the circumstances I describe which i believe to be a major factor.

        Democracy is based on a knowledgeable and engaged citizenry, UK doesn’t have that and it is no mystery to me why.

      3. To add to my reply to RH.

        Lying, manipulating, omitting facts or information, cherry picking, using the Parliamentary and constitutional monarchy systems etc. etc. to their advantage is what politicians do, even a majority of Labour politicians.

        Creating chaos and outrage can be a means to an end deflecting discussion and creating more outrage and division. Outraged people aren’t really in the right frame of mind to think clearly and rationally and form a consensus. I’m sure MPs can meet up (or go on whats-ap groups) to try to come to a consensus outside Parliament… I wont hold my breath in light of never ending divisive political posturing and manoeuvres around Brexit.

      4. Maria, it’s certainly true that state education is failing the nation but the left can hardly be held responsible for that.
        We recognise the problem but are in no position yet to raise education to the position it deserves given that it’s been underfunded and dumbed down for generations.
        On the question of Labour educating its members politically I also agree more could be done – but surely the left needs a majority in the PLP and the NEC to match its dominance in the membership if it’s to be effective?
        MP’s and CLP’s are a pretty mixed bag.
        My preference would be for MP’s who can put their opposite numbers in the shade rather than canvassers who can make silk purses of cows’ ears.

      5. David McNiven, I kept trying to keep my ramble brief but it just grew more each time I deleted a section.

        The poor and restrictive formal educational system is a long standing problem in Britain/UK. and does need addressing urgently in my view but changes in the political and economic and social sphere. People are ‘educated’, disincentivised politically and kept fearful and ‘needy’ in various ways, media being a major information control of public discourse sector.

        Re MPs, well LP hasn’t actually made any bold moves to change the political and integrity make up of MPs and events over the last 3-4 years show the bankrupt ‘controlled’ political system for what is is in spades. In my view the whole system needs changing root, branch and crown.
        MPs are mostly far removed or shielded from society and the day to day effects of financial, social and economic based shifts that have occured during the neoliberal era. I realize it will take time… the problem is millions don’t have the luxury of time when enduring suffering, hunger, humiliations, hopelessness etc. etc.

        The ‘left’ and the Labour Party have been around for a very long time living, working and campaigning in communities but remains unable to find/agree on overarching consistent fundamental message that resonates with the majority of the population and when in power has effected only temporary gains for society. Why? The fundamental problems remain the same… wealth (and consequent power to affect and control your life in the current system) flows ever to a minority of people, entities and their support structures, sucking the life out of communities, families, individuals at home and by bomb, sanction, threat and propaganda abroad.

        David, I know change takes time and don’t mean to put down those working hard to change and improve things and I know there are many but it’s not happening and a main reason is the current system/s using and inflaming the political divisiveness around the EURef result which is being allowed to suck all the oxygen out of the wave of optimism from the message of real change that Corbyn rode.

      6. Apologies, my comment to David Mc. ended up a garbled mess.

    1. “The greatest democratic blah blah…” was won by people who had never voted before, can’t normally be arsed to vote and in all likelihood have crawled back into their ratholes never to vote again.
      The reason your ‘democratic majority’ are all so full of hatred for remainers is that their hopes of getting rid of immigrants and asylum seekers are going up in smoke.
      Without those kipper racists leave would have lost its shirt.
      THAT is the real story.

    2. Danny – you really need to drag yourself out of the 19th C. with your meaningless rhetoric about undefined ‘class’.

      The success of Labour has depended since the war on working *and* middle class votes (using the common occupational definition, rather than undefined sentimentality). Unless you are using the unhelpful (in this context) Marx definition. But be clear – otherwise the terms are just posturing waffle.

      The waffle wouldn’t matter if it didn’t potentially alienate half Labour’s voter base – which is not an intelligent idea.

  11. There are days when you would have thought we could all celebrate, the last two days tell us all we need to know about next GE
    Nothing less than No Deal will appease Boris/Nigel which pretty much wipes them out,
    The vast majority want Brexit over with and serious change to the economy and public services,
    What is wrong with GE followed by Labour brino agreement followed by referendum against No Brexit
    GE manifesto will have the full range of transformative policies,
    Scottish tories wiped out, Libdums win a fewTory seats in North West
    Get Geordie Galloway and Chris Williamson back in to show we are the only party that will honour result 52/48 and hold 2nd referendum

    1. I’m with you Doug, there’s not just Brexit to worry about getting rid of the Tories and their policies that’s ripped the heart out of our country is equally, if not more important.

      1. One cannot have “transformative” policies with a Brino agreement since socialist public ownership is prohibited by EU law.

        The convenient notion, beloved of many Corbynistas, that somehow the EU is mystically detached from the class struggle, is belied by the EU’s actual provisions, which serve to make capitalism more secure and preclude socialist policies.

      2. Gina Miller’s lawyers apply to challenge Boris Johnson plan
        Urgent application made to high court for judicial review on proroguing of parliament

        Lawyers for the campaigner Gina Miller have made an urgent application to the high court for a judicial review of Boris Johnson’s plan to prorogue parliament, in the first shot in what will be an intense battle in the coming days to torpedo the prime minister’s plan.”

      3. Ooops – Sorry that was intended to be a stand-alone comment.

    2. “The vast majority want Brexit over with and serious change to the economy and public services”

      The problem is that the ‘serious change’ to the economy and public services after Brexit would be that of a steepening downward slope of impoverishment in which those under the cosh with be coshed even harder.

      … which is precisely what Brexit was designed for by the likes of the ERG.

    3. Danny agree with you,but we always rely on the establishment playing by the rules… This time it will not be just suspending parliament,it will
      be removing and disqualified voters and even down to closure of voting stations and rigging of ballot boxes. My early political education was formed fighting this establishment in NIreland..and remains with a broken nose and ribs to remind me of Tory unionist version of democracy.. They are only just getting started,,They will do anything to stop a Corbyn socialist government,and they will get a lot of support to stop us.But I still believe that because of the broader dynamic of the public we just might win.. Solidarity comrades

  12. Cummings and his glove puppet need to engineer a GE and neuter Brexit party at the same time, so people v parliament after we leave with no deal, apologies but I’m fucked if I know how they manage that
    I’m convinced we are witnessing the cheap and nasty Tory party disappearing up a dogs arse and as a matter of kindness we will have the dog put to sleep and cremated, the ashes can be scattered in Grantham public toilets, assuming they haven’t been closed

  13. He has a Parliamentary majority of one. He was elected to office by 150,000 Tories rather than by a vote of the people in a General Election. And yet still, and with utmost arrogance he presumes to shut down Parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit – something no-one voted for. I say this as someone who voted Leave from the Left.

    The Scottish leader of his own party summararily resigns. Even she is unable to countenance what he has done.

    I for one am shocked, angered and outraged beyond measure, and I have no doubt I am one of hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

    Let us hope that when push comes to shove next month the so-called Tory dissidents (not forgetting Swinson’s Lib-Dems) have the guts and principle to put the people before party allegiance. I am trying to put a positive spin on this, but I have to say that I remain sceptical.

    1. Let’s hope, too, that the focus of this protest about the consequences of a no deal scenario and the blocking of any attendant debate (something which matters to people regardless of a preference for leave or remain) doesn’t get too transparently hijacked by those who want to remain. To do so will be to give Boris the upper hand.

      1. Yep RH,
        Its all unicorns in your opinion – just a shame you missed the rather informed debate we had in 1975 about confirming Heath’s decision to take us into the EEC – I suppose Peter Shore, Barbara Castle, Tony Benn and a stellar cast of actual Leftwing Labourites were bleating on about unicorns, this from those whom seem to deny the UK has a stratified class system and much of the working class ain’t too keen on the EU, or Westminster for that matter.

  14. Sad to see so many arguments on Brexit!whilst we are to fight for the Working class who are suffering and being pummeled by Tory policies to run Britain into the ground.We are not in power and never will be if we let Johnson and the establishment poison the Labour party membership.into negative argument,many good and interesting but its now time to concentrate on fighting Bozzo and his mini coup pushed by the Royals and there class based establishment.Are we ruled by a privey council and the establishment who decide behind closed doors to hijack parliament,or do we fight back for democracy…?

  15. It will be interesting to see the Queen respond to an urgent mtg requested by Corbyn…..If she refuses she’s almost insulted not only the Labour party,which woudnt bother her,but also a substantial part of the country for whom she is Head of state,and acording to the coranation oath chosen by god?..Will she refuse as I presume she will….Truly exciting times and an opportunity to rid this country of a paradoxical family and establishment permanently.The whole vile rotton parasites will disappear with the lords knights family titles land and everything connected to this burden on the back of the people.We have all had enough of the largest group of benifit scroungers in Britain….The Royal family and the establishment,all on free handouts from us the Working class…enough is enough!

    1. This non-decision was entirely to be expected, and has little relevance to the issue of the monarchy in general. The decision was politically neutral, following the usual precedent of acceding to the advice of government.

      It’s the courts that hold the key, not Brenda.

      1. Do you learn nothing from the last few days.. Thats a dangerous habbit you’ve got RH……And finishing with Brenda your little bit of rebellion…Its absolutely mind boggling your smug response to an attack on.democracy

  16. Nick Robinson of the BBC just described the EU as “playing hard ball” therefore implying that they’ll blink and Johnson will win the game.
    We should start a list.

    1. 27 sovereign nations succumbing to a lying tosser with floppy hair who has consistently insulted them?

      I’m not so sure.

      1. I thought my scorn for the idea that the EU would after all this time fold in fear of Johnson’s pathetically-telegraphed last-minute attempt at a sucker punch – and leave their fellow member Ireland to suffer the consequences – was implicit in my comment.
        Oh well.

  17. I read that the FT (that outlet catering to the well known ‘left’ liberal financial FIRE sector sarcasm) has apparently come out in favour of a unity Gov to bring down Johnson Gov, stop no deal and go back to ‘the people’ even with Corbyn leading if necessary.

    All I see is a faction of the corrupted parasitic Rentier establishment fighting its corner. For me all this is old fashioned Capitalist, neoliberal and other Rentier factions fighting for political dominance to screw the citizenry, or rather the subjects, their way and primarily for their benefit and if a Corbyn led unity is the only way then so be it. Corbyn ( and many of his long held views about the EU and other issues) has well and truly been neutralised, boxed in by his own MPs, party structures, state and corporate media and Parliament as a whole.

    1. Maria… Very true.. We have very little choice but to fight for a victory, as…. per usual one hand tied behind our backs and weighed down by treacherous mps. But we might just win

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