Jeremy Corbyn: GE “once in generation chance to change direction” against “Britain’s Trump” Johnson

Jeremy Corbyn: fighting words for Johnson

Corbyn will say general election will be a “crossroads for our country – a once-in-a-generation chance to change direction.”

In a barnstorming speech today at the Pen Green Children’s Centre in key Tory-held marginal seat Corby in the East Midlands, Corbyn will set out his vision to rebuild Britain, promising he “will do everything necessary to stop a disastrous No Deal” Brexit – and will call Boris Johnson “Britain’s Trump“.

The Conservative Party’s failure on Brexit, and its lurch to the hard right, has provoked the crisis our country faces this autumn. After failing to negotiate a Brexit deal that would protect jobs and living standards, Boris Johnson’s Tories are driving the country towards a No Deal cliff edge.

We will do everything necessary to stop a disastrous No Deal, for which this government has no mandate. Boris Johnson’s government wants to use No Deal to create a tax haven for the super-rich on the shores of Europe and sign a sweetheart trade deal with Donald Trump: not so much a No Deal Brexit as a Trump Deal Brexit.

On the expected general election this autumn, he will add:

Labour believes the decision on how to resolve the Brexit crisis must go back to the people. And if there is a general election this autumn, Labour would commit to holding a public vote, to give voters the final say, with credible options for both sides, including the option to remain.

It will be a once-in-a-generation chance for a real change of direction, potentially on the scale of 1945 or 1979. Things cannot go on as they were before.

But Corbyn will also say that while a no-deal Brexit is a huge threat to the country, there are even greater problems that we face – including the urgent need to remove “Britain’s Trump” Johnson:

But while Brexit is the framework of the crisis we face, the problems facing our country run much deeper. A general election triggered by the Tory Brexit crisis will be a crossroads for our country. It will be a once-in-a-generation chance for a real change of direction, potentially on the scale of 1945 or 1979. Things cannot go on as they were before.

The Conservatives, and the wealthy establishment they represent, have failed our country. They have failed to protect living standards, savaged our public services, deepened inequality and failed to keep us safe. Boris Johnson and his hard right Tory cabinet have direct responsibility for the Tory decade of devastating damage done to our communities and the fabric of our society.

However the Brexit crisis is resolved, the country faces a fundamental choice. Labour offers the real change of direction the country needs: a radical programme to rebuild and transform communities and public services, invest in the green jobs and high tech industries of the future, and take action to tackle inequality and climate crisis.

The Tories have lurched to the hard right under Boris Johnson, Britain’s Trump, the fake populist and phoney outsider, funded by the hedge funds and bankers, committed to protecting the vested interests of the richest and the elites, while posing as anti-establishment.

The Labour leader will round off his speech by reminding voters that the next general election will come down to the question of whom you can trust – and that Johnson cannot be trusted:

The Tories under Boris Johnson cannot be trusted to deliver on their quick fix election promises – because their first priority is tax cuts for the big corporations and the richest. Boris Johnson and the Tories can’t be trusted to deliver for the majority because they will always look after their own. Instead of fixing a failed system, they will turbocharge its inequalities, insecurities and climate destruction.

Labour can be trusted to deliver: to end austerity, to take on the elites and the vested interests holding people back, and to transform our country for the many, not the few.

Labour can be trusted to take the radical steps necessary to protect the environment and provide hope, decent jobs, secure homes, opportunity to every nation and region, and build a fairer country that works for all.

Our country has been held back for too long by the establishment that Boris Johnson and the Tories represent. Labour will deliver the change that’s needed.

After years of elite-driven austerity and neglect, we will recharge our politics with a massive injection of democracy, kicking out the big money interests and putting the people in the driving seat.

We will rebuild our public services by taxing those at the top to properly fund services for everyone. We will drive up people’s living standards by boosting pay, improving rights and running our utilities and parts of the economy in the interests of the millions, not the multi-millionaires. And we will transform our communities with investment in every part of our country, breathing new life into our high streets, giving security to older people and hope and opportunities to our young people.


Again Corbyn is ‘parking his tanks on Tory lawns’ by giving his speech in a Tory marginal. A speech that pulls no punches in its description of the effects of Tory government – and about the unelected, hard-right buffoon who has fallen into running it.

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  1. ‘I don’t like the option to remain for obvious reasons but I do look forward to seeing labours offer to both sides ‘with credible options for both sides, including the option to remain” I assume the option to leave the labour way would be also included . No vote splitting

  2. Corbyn’s offer is the only one that holds water – both in terms of hobbling the venal liar who has usurped the post of PM, and in terms of offering the electorate a chance to make an informed decision on the question that the original mickey-mouse referendum failed to do.

    It’s about time that Parliament recognized that this is ‘put up or shut up’ time. The innate corruption of many of the holders of a parliamentary seat is vividly illustrated by their preference for the entirely corrupt and laughingly ‘elected’ Johnson over the convincingly elected leader of the opposition who has fought a GE.

    ‘All mouth and trousers’ is the phrase that comes to mind with reference to the LibDems, in particular. Highly appropriate that Umunna has joined them.

    1. I do not understand the argument about Johnson being a “usurper” and “laughingly elected”. We are a parliamentary democracy so we elect MPs whose leader becomes Prime Minister if that party is best able to command a Commons majority. The very same objections could be made (and were opportunistically made) against Gordon Brown and James Callaghan.

      In the long term having Party control of who becomes Prime Minister benefits the Labour Left far more than the Labour Right. If you object to “unelected” Prime Ministers (and in formal terms ALL our Prime Ministers are unelected by the general populace – did you ever get a ballot paper with Tony Blair’s name on it?) then go live in the USA which is blessed with a directly elected chief executive.

      1. Danny are you seriously advocating a system with no constitution,a head of state unelected monarchy,the establishment of Lords and ladys the Royal perogative of rule by who procreate who happens to be in the bed of the monarch at that time….Why dont you argue the whole rotten antiquated system is farcical…..that would be more socialist and sensible rather than defend it.Johnson’s only there because the old queen remembered on that day and allowed him to be appointed after he bowed down and swore loyalty to the windsors and all their offspring……note…not the people!You devalue your whole argument when you defend the indefensible!

      2. Your point is reasonable, Danny. Up to a point.

        I have often argued myself that we don’t directly elect a PM, and never have.

        However, that truth is stretched to breaking point in a situation where (a) the electorate has seen what it’s getting (by election) only once in the past c.15 years and (b) where the constituency that has elevated Mr Toad to this position of power is a shrunken dried prune of anything representing even sectional democracy.

        Fair enough – you’re a backer of Johnson – but I think the whole nation, rather than the raddled extreme in collusion with the ‘What day is it?’ faction, needs a chance to make a democratic judgment without the imposition of an ERG/Lexiteer combination of extremists backed by a bent media.

      3. “The very same objections could be made (and were opportunistically made) against Gordon Brown…”
        Yeh. By Johnson.
        That’s the point. He’s a dishonest fucker.

  3. Sounds good to me,but did notice the word nationalize public services was left out when rebuilding public services…….which was mentioned twice.I am.pleased that the commitment to public services was high on the list but….but re nationalise may be difficult but we must be committed to the people by taking all.strategic industry and services that were stolen by the Torys and their little helpers the lib dems!

    1. Watched the speech live on TV some minutes ago – Jeremy said we would re-nationalise utilities rail etc.

      1. You’re wrong Danny, read again. Labour can nationalise all utilities if they want to regardless of EEC directives. Nationalisation is not a one way road, there are many ways to skin a cat. Go to youtube and select ways to nationalise, they are numerous and ALL except one are feasible whilst remaining in the EEC

      2. Steve Hilling, Galsworthy’s not a trusted source – he’s at the heart of FBPE and they’re all about stopping Corbyn despite claiming to care only about remaining.
        What he said on this occasion is true as far as it goes, though he appears to restrict his dismissal of EU restrictions on nationalisation to those concerning the NHS.

      3. Smartboy thanks for that…. Maybe I have been in politics too long and only believe possible if in writing….thanks!

      4. Unfortunately , Steve Hilling, you are simply wrong, either through ignorance, or in order to promote the pseudo Left “we can stay in and everything will be lovely under Labour” narrative . Your bogus claim is vital to the pseudo “Love Corbyn Hate Brexit” EU lovers argument that we can stay in the EU and implement even the mildly reforming 2017 Labour Manifesto. But even your referred to video is quite clearly only about the very special case (if a government chooses to designate it so , as the video correctly says) of the NHS – NOT the much wider raft of repeatedly promised nationalisations of Power, Water, and the Railways, etc. The Rail services are the clearest example – with “The 2013 Forth Rail Directive” of the EU requiring all rail services across the EU to be open to regular competitive tendering to all potential bidders across the EU. Any attempt by a Labour Government to re-nationalise the utilities as a nationwide integrated entity or even as regional publicly owned services (with no private sector participation or opportunities periodically to tender ) would be legally challengeable in our own EU law-enforcing courts – and huge compensatory fines would be due to the excluded bidders , and the UK courts (the ECJ doesn’t even need to intervene) would rule the Labour government’s policies unlawful.

        So Labour are still making key promises which are impossible within EU law. As would be most of the actual operational activities of a Labour government trying to implement state aids to key industries , including using those much vaunted national and regional Investment banks – all breaking a range of State Aids and general anti-competitiveness EU rules. And of course Labour quite evidently intends, in or out of the EU, to continue the Freedom of Movement , ie, unlimited labour supply, policy which is a key motivator for the millions of “blue collar” working class Leave voters whose wages and conditions have been so negatively impacted by this very basic capitalist supply/demand/price interaction in the job market.

        I noticed Sky News this morning gleefully reporting John McDonnell’s latest statement that whatever Labour’s Second Referendum Party policy eventually was – he would personally vote Remain. We have now waved goodbye to umpteen overwhelmingly Leave supporting Labour heartland seats , and the chance to win a large number of target Tory Leave-supporting marginals too. That pro Remain “Brexit Wedge” promoted so effectively by the well-funded Mandelson/Blair/Campbell campaign, and constantly promoted on social media , including in Skwawkbox’s comments section, by the usual full-time paid , multiple identity, trolls, has certainly worked a treat. Unfortunately for the Labour corrupt careerist Right, there will be no mass electoral supported Labour Party left after the historic defeat that is now imminent, to “re-occupy” with “business as usual”. Just a smoking ruin of a party, of a PASOK or SPD, or French Socialist Party type. And no doubt sundry naïve middle class “Corbynistas” will be utterly bemused on Election Night when the disastrous Exit Poll results come in as to “what went wrong ?”. What went wrong was that your Left Liberal , not socialist, politics, were crap, and your middle class smug arrogance and total lack of empathy with the unendurable suffering of our “blue collar” working class voter base under the EU-enforced neoliberal economy, unlimited labour supply as a key issue, lost us millions of their potentially winnable votes

      5. And you jpenny, ignorance is something I do not possess, perhaps you were thinking of yourself. Your statement comes from the brexit handbook. There are many things on which I disagree with the EU, but this blatant misrepresentation of the facts does nothing for your argument.

      6. Not sure what point you’re making Steve?
        My comment wasn’t denying the possibility of nationalising within the EU, far from it – it was about the real aims of FBPE and about Galsworthy being tainted by most of those posting under its banner pushing the ‘anyone but Corbyn’ agenda.
        On Twitter much of the antisocialist dross on the platform was spouted by the FEEBS a while back.
        Not so much now – poor dears must be just about spent.
        Stuff like “I’ve always supported Labour BUT… followed by an anti-Corbyn rant. Have you never noticed that?
        What did you think I meant? 🙂

      7. “the usual full-time paid , multiple identity, trolls”

        Ha’penny’s playing on the margins of sanity with this sort of paranoia says all that needs to be said about the sort of hysterical screaming and rattle throwing that we get from his posts.

      8. No problem Joseph O’Keefe-glad I was able to clarify and very glad about re-nationalisation .

  4. Wonderful speech from Jeremy Corbyn is who is a rare commodity – an honest politician who speaks from the heart and touches the hearts of others. He genuinely cares for people particularly the weakest and most vulnerable in society.
    I believe that most people will be able to see through the smears – spy, Stalinist, Marxist, terrorist supporter,antisemite, Trot etc and will vote for a Labour government led Jeremy Corbyn, a strong and committed Socialist who has withstood 4 years of smears,votes of no confidence and chicken coups and has come out the other side of it stronger than ever.

    1. “I believe that most people will be able to see through the smears”

      I wish I had your optimism, Smartboy, but I fear that, after all this time, a significant part of the populace remains gulled by the crap thrown at Corbyn.

      A quick listen to the average Talk programme on the airwaves doesn’t inspire confidence about the electorate at large. There are a lot of individuals out there who reckon Boris Johnson is the real deal in terms of statesmanship.

      1. RH Don’t under estimate the sense of fair play and the dislike of bullies and bullying behaviour felt by ordinary people.
        In Jeremy Corbyn they see a man whose in nobody’s pocket, a lifelong anti racist and defender of the underdog , a man who is verbally abused and attacked on all sides but who stands there, takes all they want to throw at him,who refuses to descend into the gutter with his detractors but instead holds out the hand of friendship and says “lets move on”.
        People know a good man when they see one and although some are taken in by the smears and lies spread about Jeremy most are not .
        I believe in the basic decency and sense of fair play of the electorate and therefore have every confidence Jeremy Corbyn will lead us to a labour victory at the next election.

  5. The thing that has been bothering me for a while is this: We keep hearing of all the dire things that will happen to us when we leave the EU…but can anyone tell me what the advantages ~truthfully now~ of leaving the E.U. is? I haven’t heard of any~ has anyone?..Stop this madness now!…

      1. Danny in politics anything is possible and thats what the word means, We have the best leader on offer amongst the Labour party and we will have to make concessions…..or leave Johnson to destroy whats left of our society France and virtually all of europe have some form of nationalised industry or services……nothing is cast in stone…all options are open to debate and the developed nations are under pressure and need friend’s especially a country of 65 million people?

    1. Patricia – precisely the right question. And the answer is ‘none’ when compared with the downside.

      All you wil get is Danny’s windy “Socialist economic policy is impossible” – which means zilch in terms of actuality. (Yes – alchemy is also impossible)

      It is always worth noting that ‘Lexit’ proponents are in agreement with the most extreme neoliberal government that we have ever seen. Not a good CV for proposing social progress.

      1. Nonsense. I haven’t met a leftleaver who believes in neo liberalism and who is hostile to social progress. The opposite is the truth. Enjoy your cappuccino.

  6. “Fallen into” is right.
    Unless anyone has evidence he’s going to blossom into a brilliant PM 🙂 we’re little worse off electorally I think.
    Economically and societally we’re fucked though.
    If he does as expected and climbs up Trump’s ample back passage maybe leavers will begin to understand the difference between being a tiny offshore second-class US tax-haven state with NO voting rights – and a major player in a partnership of 28.

    1. David my grandchildren live in st Augustine n Florida,I visit regular and am still fond of the USA and believe what my father said of them whilst being evacuated by them for medical care after the royal marines took an hammering from the Germans in NAfrica,basically they are cowboys at heart and have some of the best and worst people on the planet We could and should keep the USA on a short leash whilst they will still listen to us.The American colonialisation attempts have been a disaster.They should stick to movies …..They excell at that!

      1. No they don’t. Hollywood turns out garbage with a foul supremacist undertone. Have you seen Inglorious bastards? I’ll stop there, the list is too long or did you mean that apartheid crap Friends?

  7. Joseph, the way I see it is that the US has all kinds of people, just like everywhere else – their ‘national character’ is moulded to a large extent by a rose-tinted view of their particular history, just like everywhere else.
    The ones I’ve met have been open, generous and good company – but then I know better than to speak of left wing politics or atheism and expect to get away without a massive argument.
    But I’m fine with massive arguments 🙂

    1. ps… I might give Florida a miss. Not that friendly a place for sailors who like to anchor out 🙁

    2. Bottom line. Despite an affection for a lot of US people, history and culture, it is one of the countries (that I have some knowledge of) that I could never live in.

      The other country is Israel – another strange entity.

      Both founded on the disposession of others?

      1. Disneyland? Nuff said. Any country that can bring us George Carlin etc has a conscience and potential for good. Don’t tell Syria or Venezuela yet. Best wishes.

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