Ignored by media, Corbyn is parking tanks on Tory lawns

Pattern to visits shows Labour confidence asserted in Conservative backyards
Some scenes from Jeremy Corbyn’s July tour

Unmentioned by the media, Jeremy Corbyn has been visiting constituencies around the country with a key factor in common: they have a Tory MP.

Corbyn’s gruelling tour schedule has seen him up and down and across the country, including:

• Falmouth
• Mansfield
• Southport
• Blackpool
• Scarborough

While media and desperate centrists continue to push a false narrative accusing Corbyn of hiding in a bunker and the BBC mutes the boos that have met Boris Johnson in all four of the UK’s nations, the Labour leader has been out flexing his and the Labour movement’s muscles in Tory backyards – and with well over a hundred ground-breaking policies and a vision for real change, those muscles are bulging.

The Establishment clearly doesn’t want to mention it, so it’s up to the millions of Labour members and supporters to make sure that the real narrative drowns out the corporate fake news.

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  1. Not only does Jeremy have to get out among the public and not just have meetings by invitation, he has to publicly defend Chris Williamson against the attacks upon him by the Zionist JLM.

    If Chris is forced to go to court to reverse the unlawful decision to re-suspend him, it may do immense damage to the Party which is exactly what the Zionists want. However, to get Chris back on board in the fight against the Tories it is a risk which has to be taken.

    The executive must see sense and prevent the damage which has already been done by the JLM to the Party, from going any further.

    1. Much as I don’t like the JLM or understand the drive to Zionism we shouldn’t use Zionism as an insult

      1. That tiresome constant Troll, Jack T, has form for regularly inserting whenever possible that deeply ambiguous, historically loaded “dog-whistle” term “Zionist” into posts whenever he can. The guy either has a serious problem with Jews , and/or he is just a Troll trying to incite genuine Left posters to make unwise, careless, comments online on the “Zionist conspiracy” theme, to reinforce the mainstream press’s “Labour is full of anti-Semitism” narrative. Jack T’s purpose is no different to the recent bogus “I’ve cut up my Labour Party card over Chris Williamson” Trolling campaign exposed by Skwawkbox. Don’t be fooled, Jack T is just a right wing anti-Left Troll aiming to sow dissention in our ranks, Treat him with contempt.

      2. Tim, Zionism is a POLITICAL movement to establish a Jewish Homeland in Palestine (whether or not the indigenous inhabitants want it or not) and is totally opposite to Socialism. We have every right to criticise it.

      3. Zionism is a movement, without reference to religion, that supports the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the persecution of the Palestinian people. It is abhorrent and the very antithesis of socialism, it must be resisted at every turn.

      4. We should also remember that this Tory government has probably killed more British people by deliberate economic sanctions than Netanyahu has killed Palestinians with rifles and bombs in the last ten years.
        Neither is excusable but some people apparently care far more about one distant crime than another local crime.
        The numbers killed by the British Empire are beyond counting.
        The EU hasn’t invaded us since the Ice Age.
        Israel was invaded rather more recently.
        The UK’s total destruction is not threatened or desired by ANY of its neighbours.
        Which nation has done more harm in world terms – Israel or the UK?
        If it’s the UK shouldn’t we bear that in mind when criticising Israel?
        Don’t anyone accuse me of being an apologist for the murder of Palestinians or I’ll come over there and fuck you up…

      5. On the bright side Neo-Liberal capitalism is in decline and has to turn inwards to privatise the public sector as a last resort which is perhaps why it’s advocates are coming for JC and his supporters (US) so vehemently, they are fighting to protect privilege and their pathetic rump fed lives.
        But we have powerful arguments:
        . Re Austerity Tories & Lib Dems cut taxes for millionaires (some got an extra £110k per year) and big business corporations to protect THEM from Austerity but for US working people it was Austerity only!
        . The loss of tax by corporation tax cuts was made up for by increases in VAT which hits working people and the poorest more!
        So Labour cut VAT whilst taxing the rich and corporations!
        . The Tories (and Lib Dems) changed local govt funding from being based on population size and NEED (councils with most poverty getting more) to population size only, result Norhern mainly Labour councils losing £6.9b and mainly Tory Southern Councils gaining £3.5b!
        . Tories and Lib Dems gave Hedge Funds £145m in tax cuts and Hedge Funds donated £50m to Tories! (Lib Dimwits).
        Oh and helped Labour stall today and confronted man concerned Labour and its percirved AS? I think I put cogent arguments and referred him to JVL and Jewish Dissident websites plus highlighted the Jewish Charedi case.
        I also recommended he read Paul Keleman (2016) and his ‘Labour and its 50 Relationship with Zionism’ which actually highlights Right Wing Labour AS such that by the middle class Fabians the Webbs!
        But I said in the end, what concerns me is far right US billionaires putting millions into far right groups around the World and individual far right political morons like here, but said a few months ago the Far Right were threatening to march in my city and I was there on the front-line, putting myself at risk (they have recruited some known football hooligan thugs) and I said if they come again I will be there on the front-line opposing racism in all its forms, and if you are on town that day, join us!

      6. Ellie, my last sentence was a joke and not addressed to any individual – do I really have to use a smiley every time?
        Or if not that, which of my comments do you object to?

    2. Despite jpenney’s abuse I can see nothing wrong with Jack T ‘s post on this . So by penney’s logic , are Ellie and David McNiven also to be villified for their posts ?
      Chris Williamson is still doing his job as an MP , despite the lack of support from fair-weather friends. This shows his action to try to defend local jobs from an Amsterdam based firm recently handed the local rail franchise . =

      Now label me ” a troll” or ” anti-semitic ” . If you do it makes you no better than Hodge .

      Just because you don’t like someone’s opinion it does not automatically make them a “troll” .
      Don’t shoot the messenger .

    3. @ Jack T, re: Zionism

      The determination that “Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination”, contained in the resolution (UN General Assembly Resolution 3379), was revoked in 1991 with UN General Assembly Resolution 46/86.

      In his address (opposing UN General Assembly Resolution 3379) to the United Nations General Assembly the same day, 10 November 1975, Israeli Ambassador Chaim Herzog stated:

      “I can point with pride to the Arab ministers who have served in my government; to the Arab deputy speaker of my Parliament; to Arab officers and men serving of their own volition in our border and police defense forces, frequently commanding Jewish troops; to the hundreds of thousands of Arabs from all over the Middle East crowding the cities of Israel every year; to the thousands of Arabs from all over the Middle East coming for medical treatment to Israel; to the peaceful coexistence which has developed; to the fact that Arabic is an official language in Israel on a par with Hebrew; to the fact that it is as natural for an Arab to serve in public office in Israel as it is incongruous to think of a Jew serving in any public office in an Arab country, indeed being admitted to many of them. Is that racism? It is not! That … is Zionism.”

      George H. W. Bush personally introduced the motion (sponsoring UN General Assembly Resolution 46/86) to revoke 3379 with these words:

      “UNGA Resolution 3379, the so-called “Zionism is racism” resolution, mocks this pledge and the principles upon which the United Nations was founded. And I call now for its repeal. Zionism is not a policy; it is the idea that led to the creation of a home for the Jewish people, to the State of Israel. And to equate Zionism with the intolerable sin of racism is to twist history and forget the terrible plight of Jews in World War II and, indeed, throughout history. To equate Zionism with racism is to reject Israel itself, a member of good standing of the United Nations.

      This body cannot claim to seek peace and at the same time challenge Israel’s right to exist. By repealing this resolution unconditionally, the United Nations will enhance its credibility and serve the cause of peace.”

      1. Israel should be expelled from the UN and shunned until its stops apartheid and crimes against civilians

      2. Israel as a Jewish State SHOULD be rejected. Zionists are kicking out Palestinians in favour of Jews who have no affiliation with Palestine. It is colonial occupation and all Socialists should oppose it. We should support a single democratic state for ALL inhabitants no matter what religion or creed.

        Some of those who have been persecuted most in the Labour Party are JEWS who oppose Zionism.

    4. Methinks simpler than that
      John Lansman and large parts of momentum
      JLM is easily replaced by JVL, if our leadership were not jellyfish,
      Throw in LFI as bogof

  2. Terrible PR i live in Blackpool and had heard nothing about him coming here ,, not a good sign fit a GE PR team is it 🙁 sack them

    1. I could have made it to Blackpool or Southport if I’d known.
      I’m disappointed to have missed out but the fact that it seems many of us didn’t know about his visits and they were still well attended suggests he’s kicking the Tories’ balls out of the park despite the combined efforts of the whole of the MSM, the Tories, the Israel lobby, half the PLP and at least some of the party machine.
      And out of all those expensively-educated Tories the best contender they could come up with was a middle-aged poundshop Trump.
      I’m shitting my pants…

      1. What just happened in Wales shows how PR works and for a GE Fiends of Israel will Tsunami the TV radio papers and street media JC has to know his enemy and stop keeping them as close ,,,beat them at their own game

      1. You cynical Troll, Jack T. The entire capitalist press are out to destroy the Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour party. We could have a press team of 1000 brilliant people and the narrative of the MSM would be totally unchanged. But you know that you disruptive Troll.

      2. Yes, ‘Jack T’ and a few others on here have an agenda, playing on and exploiting and manipulating peoples feelings of anger and/or frustration regarding Chris Williamson and others, but PARTICULARLY Chris Williamson. They know of course what happened LAST time Chris was reinstated, but call for his reinstatement anyway knowing it’s not gonna happen precisely because of what DID happen last time, and that it’s not gonna happen because the ‘response’ would be massive and much more intense than last time if he was. And THAT is why he WON’T be. And Jack T and Co know it, and if they were genuine people/posters, they would acknowledge that Chris will inevitably be expelled. But they’re NOT!

        They bring it up and repeat it every opportunity they get, or create opportunities for one of their buddies to do so, and it’s every day, every week, week after week, and they dish their dirt on the Labour Party whilst pretending to be JC supporters AND continually ingratiating themselves with the readership of skwawkbox. They stick out a mile to ME, but then I spent many years battling with anti-camera propagandists (speed cameras, that is) exposing their lies and machinations – ie Safespeed, so-called, and the important-sounding Association of British Drivers, and Pistonheads. They monitored the press daily, and whenever there was an article about speed cameras, or a related article, they would be there in the comments section repeating all their propaganda lies and platitudes, in the national newspapers, regional, and local.

        One of the falsehoods they continually repeated was to post a comment saying that they had been fined etc for being one or two mph over the limit, and it was of course concocted and designed to create animosity towards speed cameras AND the police who ran them, and they did this knowing that cameras were set to trigger at 10%+2mph above the given speed limit – ie 35mph in thirty limits, 46mph in forty limits and so on, up to 79mph in seventy limits – and did so in the knowledge that the vast majority of people/drivers were not aware of this allowance (introduced in 2002 on the recommendation of ACPO who of course understood and recognised that drivers will slip over the given limit occasionally). Prior to the 10%+2mph rule it had been commonplace for cameras to be set at 15/20mph above a limit. Anyway, the anti-cam propagandists repeated this falsehood tens of thousands of times over the years, and the last time I checked, they are STILL doing it.

        Repetition is the name of the game!

      3. The following is a typical example – which I just found in the Comments section of an article about speed cams in the Daily Mail (from 2010) – that indirectly perpetuates the falsehood that motorists get penalised for driving slightly over the limit:

        ‘Speed cameras are only a problem for people who are breaking the law. – Anon, UK, 06/8/2010 14:55 You total IDIOT! Its people like you who allow these cameras to pop up everywhere. There a CASH MACHINE for the government! You drive to the surroundings, not driving worried about doing 33 in a 30!!!!’

        And here’s another falsehood that the anti-camera propagandists disseminate repeatedly (in the DM comments section re an article a few months ago):

        ‘Less than 3% of accidents are due to speed. DfT figures.Another source of income.’

        And usually they add: ‘So what about the other 97% of causes of accidents then?’ And their point is of course that cameras are just a revenue-making scam, and THAT is their only purpose.

        The reality is that the majority of *fatal* crashes (I NEVER use the term ‘accidents’) are caused by people driving way over the given limit. I don’t know the latest stat, but up until a few years ago, 40% of car occupant fatalities happened in single vehicle crashes, and the reason they lost control and crashed is precisely because they were driving much too fast, and needless to say, statistically it was usually young male drivers under the age of twenty-five who were driving the vehicle.

        And just for your information – and I of course reiterated the fact many times over the years in my offensive against the anti-cam propagandists – male drivers are responsible for 95% of fatal or serious injury crashes (Source: Ministry of Justice), and allowing for the additional number of male drivers AND the additional average annual mileage they do, male drivers are eight times more likely to kill or seriously injure someone than female drivers, and the reasons why they DO are obvious and speak for themselves.

        Anyway, as I said before, repetition is the name of the game!!

        PS Hi Dan B…… I don’t recall you leaving a comment on here before, so Welcome (do you think we’ll be hearing from you again, or was your comment just a one off?). You wouldn’t happen to be mates with Jack T, would you? If not, it was very kind of you to interject on his behalf.

      4. Afterthought: That should have read: ‘The reality is that the majority of *fatal* crashes and the most serious of the serious injury crashes (in which people are permanently crippled and/or brain-damaged or maimed)….’.

        NB There are no stats for the number of people permanently crippled and/or brain-damaged or maimed every year, but it’s probably about twice the number of those killed, which currently stands at between 1,700 to 1,800, and the figure has barely changed in the past five years – ie around 5,000 plus combined. Needless to say, if a passenger plane was crashing in the UK every five to six weeks with everyone on board killed – or a passenger plane crashing every three weeks or so with everyone on board being permanently crippled etc – something would soon be done about it, because no-one would be flying any more. But the ‘stats’ rarely, if EVER, get a mention in the MSM.

        And globally, well over a million people are being killed on the roads every year, and millions more crippled and maimed – ie mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and sons and daughters and grandparents and much-loved friends…..

  3. Allan Howard 03/08/2019 at 4:28 pm · WTF has a completely unrelated ” campaign ” got to do with this ? Another of your tedious long-winded posts making sweeping generalisations and assumptions . I’d be interested to see you demonised by the hierarchy and your reaction when no-one comes to your aid . Appeasement just encourages bullies .

    1. Dan B, Allan believes his “long experience” of fighting a battle with a bunch of tossers who never had the slightest chance of achieving their objective (of banning speed cameras ffs) earns him extra credit here.
      Elder statesman status even 🙂
      You could probably talk him into explaining his theory on the Skripal poisonings (try and stop him) in as few as ten thousand words if you have trouble getting off to sleep any time.
      Nice of him to offer you such a sincere welcome though, wasn’t it?

      1. Just noticed Ha’penny’s latest ramble around Nonsense Park -on stilts.

        Evidently he can’t recognize Zionism as a political philosophy when it bites him on the arse -and after endless braying about his supreme grasp of matters ideolgical. The present shit thrown at the Labour Party is, evidently, down to those dang ‘Trolls’ under his rickety bridge – aka a fairy story, FFS!

        So it with great relief that we can return to the real world, with news of JVL taking on the scammers (via the EHRC) with some real legal analysis -as opposed to whinging and conceding.

        All power to their elbow – perhaps the Party could learn some lessons in campaigning and strategy?

      2. RH. Oh Bad Penney can certainly recognise the evils of Zionism, it’s just that he wants to deflect the attention of others away from it by attacking those who call it out. Zionism is the political belief which is trying to destroy the Palestinians and Jeremy Corbyn but be careful not to mention it.

        Zionism, the evil whose name we dare not speak.

      3. David McNiven 03/08/2019 at 9:14 pm
        David , thankyou , I think we both know it was anything but sincere .
        You’ve hit the nail right on the head there . He seems to think he “owns” the Skwawkbox and is somehow superior when he deigns to give us the benefit of his “wisdom” .

        His comment says to me ” anything you may have said is so insignificant that I , in my elevated position , didn’t even notice it ”

        His sneering , condescending tone is offensive and , much as it goes against the grain , I will treat him with the contempt he deserves and follow the advice given on the later post on “torrancing” .

  4. Keep it simple
    The cheap and nasties know in their bones the single issue that will wipe them out once and for all is the NHS
    At every opportunity we need to hammer home their visceral hatred of public services in general and the NHS in particular
    We never have an NHS problem until they get in and run it into ground ready for privatisation
    Invoice in the post

  5. Yes, spot on. We have to hammer them over the NHS. The public seem to associate a great NHS with Labour. It is a real achilles heel. The entitled ones off all hues know this and if we use it properly we can not only win but deliver a party smashing blow from which the Tories might not recover. Best wishes.

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