Watson’s Twitter virtually silent as STILL no mention of Corbyn’s interim govt offer

Four days after Watson said Corbyn must work with LibDems, still no mention on Twitter feed of Corbyn’s offer to work with them and other parties

Early this week Tom Watson, in name at least the deputy leader of the Labour Party, was pictured cosily with LibDem leader Jo Swinson, before saying that his party leader Jeremy Corbyn must work with the LibDems to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

Corbyn promptly outmanoeuvred Watson – and Swinson – by offering to work with the LibDems to prevent a no-deal Brexit, in a letter sent to MPs of various parties inviting them to support his efforts.

Swinson, rattled, gave a speech saying she would do ‘whatever it takes’ to prevent a no-deal Brexit – and that she wouldn’t work with Corbyn. Instead and embarrassingly, she named a pair of ‘centrists’ that included Tory veteran Ken Clarke, who said he would try to get a better Brexit instead of a new referendum.

Two days after making his demand, Watson’s Twitter feed – which Labour insiders say he won’t allow anyone else to operate – had made no mention whatever of Corbyn’s letter or plan.

” The extent to which Corbyn has outclassed and outmanoeuvred his opponents inside and outside the Labour Party is neatly demonstrated by Watson’s paralysis.”

Today, two days later still, there is still no mention – and not only that, but Watson appears to have been stunned virtually into silence by Corbyn’s bold move. In the days since Corbyn’s offer on Wednesday night, Watson has managed only a single tweet of his own, plus two ‘retweets’ of items completely unrelated to the issue:

This is not the first time Watson has gone ‘AWOL’ at crucial moments. In March, when Corbyn was violently assaulted at Finsbury Park Mosque by a right-winger subsequently jailed for ‘assault with beating’, Watson’s Twitter feed was silent, not even carrying good wishes for Corbyn’s recovery let alone condemning the attack.

The extent to which Corbyn has outclassed and outmanoeuvred his opponents inside and outside the Labour Party is neatly demonstrated by Watson’s cowardly paralysis.

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  1. Hoping that his own CLP will do us all a favour and deselect him before the next election. Watson is a Tory in all but name.

    1. I don’t think that it is just Brexit. He seems to see himself as a great leader, a statesman above all others. He has no empathy, he courts media acclaim. I don’t think that he is well. Kick him out, reasons- insanity!

  2. My impression is that it’s been quiet since before JC’s invitation was distributed & it dates back to another news item: Carl Beech’s conviction in July.

  3. He’s never going to go away whilst we have a selective veiw of enforcement by the NCC and a gutless NEC and governance of the Labour party… now I have shown loyalty to the above despite some of the glaring examples of a dogmatic ignoring of evidence,,strategic leaking recordings and even pre briefings to the press before a hearing.Tom Watson is a n example of bias by the NEC and could have been suspended for bringing the party into disrepute……but nothing?And what is happening with Chris Williamson?…..Why has peter kyle and ivor caplin been allowed to threaten and intimidate Chris’s Williamson and Labour party members?… Nothing again!.Why can the only hope for the Labour party and leader Jeremy Corbyn be told to Fcuk off by various fowl mouthed scum and breifed against openly by right wing mps……and nothing again?..I have encountered the combat 18 has a councillor and seen a friend beaten to the floor and his car smashed outside a church.I have fought against the right wing scum over many years and we need to stop our home grown thugs before they intimated the whole party as well has owning it……How much longer do we turn the other cheek?

    1. Here we go again! Joseph just repeats the same anti-Corbyn/anti-Labour B/S every single day. Funny isn’t it how he just materialised out of nowhere two or three months ago (after having posted a couple of comments several weeks apart) and suddenly became one of the most prolific posters on skwawkbox, obviously monitoring the site every day, all day long, day after day after day, like a number of other posters (who also suddenly appeared out of nowhere and began posting numerous times every single day!).

      The reality is of course – and Joseph knows it – that there is no way Jeremy and the LP can ‘respond’ to the smears if the MSM – which is complicit in the smearing – is hostile to him and the left. It’s an impossibility, and Joseph knows it, but he’s never gonna acknowledge it of course, because then he wouldn’t be able to repeat his anti-Corbyn anti-Labour B/S every single day.

      PS I expect you’ve mentioned it before, but just out of curiousity, where were you a councillor Joseph, and when?

      1. We all “materialised out of nowhere” at some point.
        Seeing evidence of ill-intent in someone’s frequency of commenting might cause certain professional people to consider a diagnosis of something or other.

      2. Nothing to say about Joseph repeatedly disseminating the same falsehood/deception practically every single day then David, and the ‘gutless… governance of the Labour party’…, and how he then waffles on about his loyalty to the Party blah, blah, blah?

        And I couldn’t help but notice that when you quoted me regarding Joseph, you omitted to mention the bit about how he ‘suddenly became one of the most prolific posters on skwawkbox, obviously monitoring the site every day, all day long, day after day after day….’, but then it wouldn’t have sounded quite the same, would it David? Let’s just try it and see:

        “We all ‘materialised out of nowhere’ at some point and started posting numerous comments every single day.”

        Na, it wouldn’t have worked, would it?!

      3. I’m with David on this. There is no reason at all for thinking that
        Joseph is some sort of paid agent. I’m afraid that suggesting it is rather ridiculous.
        By all means oppose JO’s arguments, but please leave off the ‘people who disagree with me must be trolls’ attacks. They’re unpleasant and will undermine the rest of what you say.

      4. They’re positively festering by this point.

        Still, he’s very diligent researcher. Plenty of time on his hands…

      5. Anyone know where and when Joseph was a councillor?

        And thankyou all for your kind words, and it’s good to see that you didn’t keep pushing the falsehood about everyone out there seeing through the smear campaign timfrom. But then I kinda blew that one outa the water diddle I!

        And when someone keeps repeating falsehoods again again and again, there are very good reasons for thinking *that* Simon. I’m sure you’re aware that Repetition was one of Goebbels favourite propaganda techniques.

        Sorry Jack, but your contribution was yet again pathetic. But do keep trying.

    2. There are a number of things about which Joseph and I disagree.

      But the evidence against the NEC/NCC – whether the accusation is gutlessness or subversion – is plain to see for anyone who is up to speed on the events of the past few years.

      The accusation of ‘antisemitism’ has now become devalued to the point of meaninglessness as it’s use as a political weapon has grown, and the adoption of the rag-bag of verbiage that is the IHRA definition has had nothing but a detrimental effect. Above all, the suspension of good ant-racist Labour members (a high proportion of whom are Jewish) on the say-so of fakes like Hodge and Watson is there as a record of the dysfunctional nature of the ‘disciplinary’ process.

      It’s really not rocket science to see that this despair at the unfitness for purpose of the governing structures has nothing to do with paranoid visions of subversion. These are facts.

      I suggest Allan, that in your researches, you spend some time with the large body of intellectually coherent, non-ranting material that you will find on the JVL website. It makes a refreshing change from the propaganda of the Israel/BoD nexus.

  4. As long as Jon Lansman is on the NEC we can be certain that Chris Williamson and others trying to combat the corrosive influence of Tom Watson and the JLM will still be subject to the on-going witch hunt.

    1. Oh, I didn’t realise that Jack. So if Jon Lansman wasn’t on the NEC, then Chris wouldn’t have been smeared and falsely accused of A/S.

      Yeah, right, of course Jack, that makes absolute sense! All the false accusations and the witch-hunt would suddenly come to an end, would they?!

      1. Allan Howard, despite your attempt at sarcasm you’ve almost got it correct – makes a change for you.

      2. Don’t take it personally Jack, but your response was exceptionally pathetic on this occasion. Oh, and just for the record, it wasn’t sarcasm, it was contempt.

        PS I have a sneaky feeling your mate Joseph might be avoiding me, so perhaps you could tell me where and when he was a councillor. Cheers

    1. Get this.. Anger does not mean that I am a troll you nasty peice of work If I was I would be far more circumspect and careful with what I say.I am now commenting from the mekong delta and doubt I will ever be on your time zone or planet,Some of us have a life and thats why we care you corrosive clown!

      1. Oh, hi Joseph, I just scrolled down the page after responding to your good good friends to find that you yourself have posted a response to my response. My apologies if I upset you, but if you would just stop repeating and dissembling your B/S falsehood, then I’d be more than happy to get out of your face.

        And where were you a councillor by the way (an old friend of mine was asking as he seems to recall the name)?

        Tạm biệt!

      2. Ok Allan!nice to say goodbye in Viennese but the mekong stretches and winds through many countries and is hot and sticky being the rainy season.. Stickey a bit like you allan and wet.regarding you and your friends remembering my name? Well first I am flattered,but they must be very old,…..And it’s a
        Slightly worrying that the people who would remember me would be right wing fascist UVF,Boss in SAFrika,Pretoria prison gaurds and retired special branch. ,Orange lodges in Lewes Sussex and also described as a loose cannon by my group leader?So I judge a person by the friends that they keep… Who are your friends……and what does it say about you?

  5. That bell end should shove his thumb of power up his ring piece and pi$$ off. Pronto.

  6. Whilst doing some research yesterday I came across the following article in the Jewish Chronicle (posted on July 29th) about how Tony Blair ‘will be the keynote speaker at the Board of Deputies’ annual fundraising dinner in November’, and how ‘Marie van der Zyl thanked the former Prime Minister, whom she described as ‘always a friend of the Jewish community and a staunch supporter of the State of Israel’, and then the whole of the article goes on about…… yep, you guessed it, anti-semitism, more-or-less from start to finish.

    Well, I mean, they have to keep up their daily quota of ‘anti-semitism/anti-Corbyn’ material so as to keep on drumming it home, and how could they miss out on such an opportunity to do so, and compare their wonderful friend Tony Blair – who disseminated the Big Falsehoods about WMD etc so as to get Parliament and the general public on board so as to justify the invasion of Iraq in which a million or so people were killed etc, etc – with that anti-semitic peacenik Jeremy Corbyn. Here’s a taster:

    The former Prime Minister has been a vocal critic of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership, describing the ongoing antisemitism row as a “truly shameful episode”, and the “alienation” of Jews a “terrible thing to have done”.

    Well Blair is right of course about it being a “truely shameful episode” and a “terrible thing to have done”, and ALL of it fabricated and contrived by him and his buddies, who have absolutely no qualms whatsoever about perpetrating a Gargantuan Falsehood on the Jewish community and creating worry and concern in many of them:

  7. I think tom wants to negotiate a merger between the LP and the Lib Dems, just like the SDP did. There is a very small rump of SDP still operating under that flag and I expect he and the Lib Dems want them to

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