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BBC World Service: govt calculates US trade deal would increase UK GDP by only 0.1% in 15 years

BBC UK appears not to have mentioned government’s own analysis

This week, the BBC broadcast information that casts a chilling light on Tory claims that a UK-US trade deal will have a significant impact on the UK’s economy.

However, this was not the BBC informing the UK. Instead, the BBC World Service, primarily aimed at overseas listeners, broadcast the information that the government’s own analysis suggests that a UK-US trade deal will bring only 0.1% growth in the UK’s economy fifteen years from now:

While the Financial Times has mentioned this analysis at least once, the SKWAWKBOX was unable to find a BBC report on it – apart from the above World Service mention, captured and sent in by a reader yesterday.

Google returned no relevant results on the BBC

The Tories intend to allow even more of our NHS to be carved up by US health companies, as well as to sweep away rights and consumer protections, under the pretext that a trade deal with the US is crucial to the UK.

However, the government’s own analysis exposes this as nothing more than a pretence.

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  1. If we have a referendum to leave the EU do we get one for joining a trade deal with the US with so much at state regarding the NHS

    1. Please don’t believe that the EU will save the NHS from privatisation, it hasn’t because the NHS has already been abolished by the Tories, the secretary of state for health is not even responsible for the NHS anymore. The NHS has gone that is why people need to get behind Jeremy Corbyn who will re-nationalise it.

      The other small point is that EU legislation already requires the NHS to put everything out to tender, under procurement legislation. The EU is not what people think it is, it just isn’t a social democracy anymore, that is in fact 30 years out of date now and why fascism is once again on the rise throughout Europe.

      People need to grasp that whilst their heads have been turned over the last three years talking about Brexit, they have taken their eye off the ball and the Tories have been busy dismantling what is left of our state.

      Getting rid of the Tories should have been our sole priority, the yellow Tories of course have convinced many decent people that the EU is somehow different to the Tories but in fact are two sides of the same coin. Neo-Liberal Libdems, Neo-Liberal Tories, and the EU are all the same thing, so staying in, in the belief that we will save ourselves from the likes of Trump, is like jumping from the frying pan and into the fire.

      The only way we will reverse what has been going over the last 50 years or so, is to concentrate on getting Jeremy Corbyn elected. The EU is an economic and social basket case just like Britain under the Tories. This is today’s SUED DEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, the headlines state Germany’s economy has shrunk by 0.1% Germany is the biggest exporter in the whole of Europe, Trade imbalances among those in the Euro Zone is unsustainable, and things are going from bad to worse. Germany whilst the richest and biggest exporter in Europe has not over the last ten years invested in manufacturing but used low wage policies to compete with China etc., so is indeed vulnerable, if its economy dives out of control, Europe is in deep trouble.

      You can read this by clicking on the page and scroll down to translate where google will translate it for you.

      1. I couldn’t help but notice that RH AND one or two others who normally have so much to say about Brexit and remaining etc didn’t respond to the points you made about the NHS. I wonder why.

      2. Could it possibly be because there is no “translate” button or link?
        Unless rotzeichen cares to provide us with a more accurate location than “scroll down the page” or at least a translation of the German for “translate to English.”
        Common practice is to have the flags of nations for which translations are available at the top of the page.
        I do know how to use Google Translate thank you but it’s too hit-and-miss still.
        Nobody believes the EU will save the NHS from privatisation.
        Its moronic to suggest anyone does.
        If you think you can point to such a comment I’ll ̶b̶e̶ ̶h̶a̶p̶p̶y̶ ̶t̶o̶ grudgingly explain where you went wrong.

  2. I think this has been BoJo’s aim all along. He’d be quite happy to sell Britain down the river for his page in history as our “saviour”, our Churchill.😬

    Surely there are, even now, executive measures afoot…?

    1. This has always been the Tories objective, along with Neo-Liberals of all party colours. That is why we desperately need to get Jeremy Corbyn elected and why tpeople who think they are in the centre ground of politics need to wake up.

      People need to follow the liks in this George Monboit article, yes it is the guardian but the evidence within the article has been well known for decades now.

  3. Rotziechen has a point. The EU (mastermind of TTIP and CETA) is one of the biggest peddlers of privatisation on the globe.

    And this EU war against public ownership is not amenable to “reform”:

    It is becoming increasingly clear that there are MULTIPLE sources of privatisation-enforcement written into multiple supranational and international agreements. The FT today instances bilateral investment agreements between the UK and other individual countries. Only EU law however has to be enforced by our own courts (as long as we are a Member State) which gives it very considerable extra effectiveness.

    The more general lesson once we are free of the EU is that a socialist government would need to prioritise democracy ahead of international obligations and expand the public sector (paying compensation in the form of non-redeemable bonds rather than cash) regardless of those international treaties made by previous neoliberal governments. We must refuse to allow neoliberals to rule from the political grave.

    This is one good reason why the Left-Liberals among the Corbynistas need to keep their gobs shut about “the rule of law”.

    1. Danny
      Leave on a brino and an amnesty
      Then add bells and whistles that allow us to implement manifesto in trade deal, it’s not that complicated, it will come down to how much it costs us to get those concessions
      Money talks and they need our trade and subscriptions

  4. … The eighth wonder of the world : that there are still inmates deluded enough to think that Brexit describes a path to a rosy socialist dawn.

    Oh dear!

    The whole planet works on neoliberal principles at the moment, and to think that leaving the EU escapes this has about the same intellectual coherence as trying to launch a Mars mission with elastic bands as a means to achieving escape velocity.

    The Remain position has always been quite simple and obvious – and not about some glorious perfection : all the alternatives are much worse and more limiting.

    Only Randy neoliberals making a fast buck, born liars like Mr Toad and US sleepers in government and various cdombinations thereof (plus the dozy brigade) see the prospect of US domination for other than a trap of deadly consequences – in sum, the signing off of the UK as a US satellite and puppet.

    Listening to Len McClusky (on the WatO today) yattering about ‘honouring the referendum’ was like listening to a Year 1 who hasn’t yet got to ‘adds and take-aways’.

    1. … and for information, I’ve heard more about the dangers and implications of a US trade deal (the inevitable consequence of Brexit) from the BBC than I have here!

      1. RH, “all the alternatives are much worse and more limiting”

        ” ‘honouring the referendum’ was like listening to a Year 1 who hasn’t yet got to ‘adds and take-aways’ ”


        There is no ‘honour’ in honouring the result of a referendum which was gained via lies, illegality and fraud.

        After endlessly promoting Brexit with it’s incessant promotion of Farage, finally the BBC appears to have noticed some of the dangers, i.e. being in the pocket of the USA may not be such a good idea.


        “John Bolton doesn’t want a trade deal with the UK – he wants to colonise us
        Trump’s national security adviser wants the UK to be beholden to the US for its daily bread, making the country a timid American outpost ”

        ………. “The list of politely framed, slightly menacing American “requests” could go on and on. How about British acquiescence in Israel’s proposed, Trump-backed annexation of West Bank settlements, in defiance of UN resolutions hitherto backed by London? That could be seen as helpful, even necessary, in the UK’s new world of weakness.”

  5. RH, abusive terminology actually harms your argument. The rest of this thread is informative and interesting, but it highlights a difficulty – Labour’s position on Brexit seems to be that they won’t allow the UK to leave without a deal, and that means giving the EU every concession they demand in order to buy their acceptance of a deal, any deal; which in effect, means having to accept some form of economically crushing BRINO with interminable EU controls and limitless payments into EU coffers.
    This is simply the nature of the EU, they are not being evil, but they are not going to allow us to become a successful competitor if they can prevent it.
    If we take ‘no deal’ off the table we are committing ourselves to give them whatever they want, and the WA they wrote for May shows us what they want. We cannot have the vital economic transformation which Corbyn offers, while we remain in the innately capitalist, protectionist EU. Yet our MPs, and much of the Labour grassroots, want to Remain.

  6. Some good, real facts based, posts here . Highlighting the bogus pro EU statements from the constant trolls like RH. The huge tragedy for Labour is that most of the , largely Left Liberal, middle class, active membership still believe that the EU is a benevolent vehicle for economic and social progress – and therefore we have adopted a Remain position recently which makes electoral victory highly unlikely. Which is likely to mean it is indeed goodbye to our free at the point of need NHS within a decade.

    The main triumph of the last forty years of neoliberalism has been to pretty much destroy the large scale existence of socialist theory and tradition in the broad labour movement – replaced by a naive, identity politics saturated, selectively moralistic liberalism which does not challenge the capitalist status quo in any serious way.

    1. jpenney. “most of the , largely Left Liberal, middle class, active membership still believe that the EU is a benevolent vehicle for economic and social progress”

      Please give me some proof of the nonsense you have written. The above belief is in your imagination only.

      I suggest that most of those who support remaining in the EU believe it has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘benevolence’, it is more to do with pragmatism and good sense to be a member of the largest market on Earth for our mutual economic and social benefit.

      1. You have to pay to enter a ‘Free Market’. Just ask Greece how benevolent the Central European Bank is, or the European Commission or the IMF ( the European arm of USA). The canary can’t sing because it’s not allowed. Democracy in action? WW2 is not over.

      2. Jack, what on earth was the point of ‘planet Zion’ in that comment? Neither the post nor the comment had anything to do with zionism. I’ve edited it out, repeats will lead to further action.

    1. Good grief ,,, are these , words fail , for real ???
      No can’t be , it must be a spoof , nobody would be so utterly asinine.
      Love the way they are reading the autocue or script , just behind the camera , which appears to be their phone held up in a selfie manner .
      They have to be the Tory version of Citizen Smith Wolfie of the tooting popular front ..

      1. Those “young ladies” do look more realistic than the ones on C5’s “The Sex Robots are Coming” so the technology is improving.
        I suppose losing the look of utter vapidity on their faces isn’t exactly at the top of the inventor’s snagging list 🙂

  7. Reminds me of a story from a friend who lives in West Yorkshire, after brexit referendum at a sunday football club,
    Back in the clubhouse, brexit came up and one of the younger lads piped up ‘now we can send all the Paki’s home’
    Ignorance is bliss whether your a toerag from Bradford or a trust fund twin from Chelsea
    For the record the one thing we all want to destroy, neo liberal capatalism actually disappeared up its own backside in 2007, one last push off the cliff should do it

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