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Blairite-dominated LPIS set to have vote in London triggers – against party rules

‘Society’ does not have branches to affiliate, but is still set to have influence in votes to select/deselect MPs

Labour Party Irish Society (LPIS) has a history of controversial practices, with allegations of rigged votes to maintain Blairite/right-wing control of the society – which is a ‘socialist society’ officially affiliated to the Labour Party.

This affiliation gives LPIS the potential, but not the automatic right, to be represented at meetings and in votes of constituency Labour parties (CLPs).

The SKWAWKBOX understands that LPIS has received an ok – from what one insider dubbed ‘legacy’ officials of Labour’s London region – to participate in the approaching ‘trigger’ votes to decide whether Labour MPs will face a fresh selection contest.

However, LPIS is not entitled to such a vote under the party’s rules, as according to Labour Party sources it does not have constituency-based branches, at least in the capital. Labour’s rules are clear on this point:

7.III.1.C 1
Organisations may affiliate to the Party at constituency level if they fall within the following categories:

A. trade unions or branches thereof affiliated to the Trades Union Congress or considered by the NEC to be bona fide trade unions affiliated
to the Party nationally. Where provided by the structure of an affiliated organisation, subsections of branches, retired member sections/associations may affiliate separately at the discretion of the RD(GS) of the Party in agreement with the appropriate authority of the affiliated trade union
B. co-operative societies, branches of the Cooperative Party and other co-operative organisations
C. branches of those socialist societies affiliated to the Party nationally
D. other organisations or branches thereof which in the opinion of the NEC are deemed eligible for affiliation.

LPIS is closely associated with so-called ‘moderate’ MPs, including London MPs such as Stella Creasy and, before he quit the party, Chuka Umunna. Right-wing peers Roy Kennedy and Margaret McDonagh are honorary presidents.

Under Labours new rules, affiliated societies cannot prevent Labour member branches from triggering a selection contest. However, they can separately trigger a contest if one in three affiliated branches votes for one – or conversely, they can help to prevent a trigger by increasing the number of branches that must vote to initiate one.

LPIS and London Labour were contacted for comment. None was received by the time of publication. The branch-less affiliation phenomenon is not limited to London.

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  1. Labour should remove affiliates’ voting rights.
    They’re an anachronism of no value.
    Labour branches are governed by Labour rules and under Labour oversight.
    Everybody with an MP has a right to vote in a constituency branch if they wish.
    Allowing an individual to carry influence in more than one organisation having voting rights is plainly wrong.

  2. The labour party needs a complete shake up with its outdated bureaucratic structures, deliberately impenetrable procedures, its ancient affiliations that are more of a hindrance than a benefit and which is totally alienating to newish members. I didnt join labour to be sucked into this bottomless quagmire of administrative nonsense. So now I find out another Blairite affiliation I have never heard can also interfere in the democratic processes voted for at Conference. GRRRR!

    1. My fear is that the right-wing is more organized than the left. And they know how to manipulate rules to their advantage. One of the few people who took it upon himself to organize and conscientize the general membership about inner party democracy – Chris Williamson – is in the process of being expelled from the party, precisely for that reason – not the AS smear.

      Before we know it, we are going to find ourselves with the same right-wing candidates when BJ decides to call an snap GE (subject to provisions of FTPA). The left should organize as a matter of urgency and start the trigger ballot process before we are out-flanked by the right again, like in 2017 when the then right-wing controlled NEC gave sitting MPs automatic right to contest their seats on account of short notice ahead of the election

  3. Just to keep the balance – votes from affiliates have as much been tools of the left as they have been tools used by the right. It’s not a one-way street.

    As to the principle – that’s another debate.

    1. I’d still argue as above if affiliate votes were aiding the left.
      There’s nothing to debate.

      1. David – I might agree with you, but if there was nothing to debate, the situation vis-a-vis affiliation wouldn’t exist in the first place. The historical reasons are not simply to do with venality and corruption, even if that original structure has become obsolete and corruptible, and union block votes questionable.

      2. You must be confused – I mentioned nothing about venality or corruption and I acknowledged the ‘historical reasons’ with the word ‘anachronism’.
        Unless you’re arguing that nostalgia for what the unions might once have been is sufficient reason for union members to have two votes each?

      3. Well – bending the vote unfairly/disproportionately is venality in my book – and I recall that your criticism is focused particularly on what you consider to be the disproportionate influence of the outdated union block vote.

        My question is about whether the concept of affiliation should be ruled out in principle, or whether the problem is the drift that has created the anachronisms that exist.

        Like many, I recall the downside of union influence (particularly the NUM) at local level. Trade Unionism was not always a force for progressive, democratic politics. On the other hand, I regret the decline of union membership, which did pose a counterbalance to other centres of wealth and power.

  4. More…..affiliate scum shaming the Irish tradition of supporting the Labour party.Mcdonagh another traitor to the blairite cause.Time to get rid of all of these parasites sucking the lifeblood of the democratic socialist Labour party.Stuff the broad church it’s a luxury that will kill our party!

  5. Oh, get a grip. There’s a General Election around the corner. This in-fighting, and promoting it, has to stop. It’s political suicide. Can’t believe how you continue to ‘wind’ your disciples up, SkwaWkbox.

    1. Keep the party’s secrets secret, you say?
      Do whatever it takes to win power you say?
      Be like the Tories you say?
      Socialism has to be built on the principles human beings would live by in an ideal society or it’s worthless.
      If Labour went back to being as venal as any Tory – like Blair – then I’d be off.
      Fuck pragmatism.

    2. Can’t believe how you continue to wind US up, Joe. Why are you still here?

    3. Simply getting ‘wound up’ is a luxury problem for helpless clock springs. Isn’t the point to get hold of the key? 🙂

  6. I thought that affiliates like LPIS could participate in CLPs only if they had a minimum of 15 members living in a CLP area?
    For example someone told me a JLM on their area affiliates to their local CLP but only has I think 2 members living in the area so they get the same vote as trade unions with hundreds?
    Perhaps the GS could remind CLPs about the exact rules?

    1. Bazza, as we know, the anti Corbyn Zionist JLM have been trying to affiliate to LP branches but I can’t find anything in the LP rules about affiliates having to have a minimum of 15 members living in the CLP area.

    2. Bazza,we can also wonder how long before the unions are infeltrated?If we are daily being attacked by the Labour infiltrators and also affiliate organisations and our own mps and useless old folk home the house of lordys….and a minority of party members.. …Its not easy being a socialist in the UK?,with parasites on every corner…..If I am paranoid….maybe it’s a good reality check?

      1. It may have been a CPLD rule change proposal needing 15 members to live in a CLP to count so not sure how far this got or if it is up at this years conference?

  7. As a matter of interest to socialist Labour party members!Victoria Derbyshire this morning discussion on terror in the recent gun slaughter in the USA. The recent terror risk assessment included,the risk from right wing extremists in the UK.All well and good we might say,but if you dig a little bit deeper what do we have?The word used was extremism?for right wing…..How much longer before people such as you and me are categorized as extremist!under Boris Johnson’s political veiws…..not difficult to work out that we have to get Corbyn into Downing street,or our days and even Squawk box are numbered unless we have a clearout and restore some sort of democracy to our beloved country and the Labour party!

  8. No need for the McDonough sisters to be in any association,they have betrayed the Irish and the Labour party. Their relatives must be ashamed of the way they have sold out the Irish and the Labour party.. No More Broad churches.. Please?

  9. Carlene… Times running out for freedom! .We may all soon be on a list of extremist supporters of SOCIALIST supporters…. How long before the knock on the door.We can all feel that the Tory party and the supporters become more strident every day.We are a couple of days away from the anniversary of internment without trial..

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