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#BlockDontBicker: Labour supporters urged to be aware of ‘torrancing’ attempts and avoid engaging

Right-wing commentators trawling for reaction to use against party

Labour is maintaining and even ramping up its positive campaigning in readiness for the general election believed by many to be imminent, with a gruelling tour by party leader Jeremy Corbyn taking the party’s policy and message of hope to the people. Many of these visits are taking place right on Tory MPs’ doorstep.

Lacking anything to offer in terms of hope and positive change, the Establishment is resorting more than ever to negative tactics, with escalating smears and distortion. But Labour supporters need to be aware of one particular tactic employed by right-wing and so-called ‘centrist’ commentators in an attempt to drag Labour supporters into spending their resources negatively.

‘Torrancing’, as the graphic above explains, is a baiting technique used to deliberately incite an angry reaction – wasting time and energy but also providing fodder for even further attacks and smears, while allowing those using the technique to cast themselves as victims.

It’s unlikely that readers of this article will have to think too hard to come up with recent examples of ‘torrancing’ behaviour by Labour’s opponents.

Labour supporting Twitter account @0Calamity posted a short thread this week that perfectly encapsulates the tactic – and the best response:

Labour’s opponents fear the power of its positive message, one that those trying to protect the status quo of entrenched privilege can’t hope to match. Don’t engage with attempts to divert your energy into negativity and to have you provide ammunition to use against you and others.


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  1. And, to immediately prove the point, we have the Guardian’s latest smear

    First 4 paragraphs:-
    “Researchers say they have identified 36 key pro-Labour Twitter accounts being used to dismiss claims of antisemitism levelled against the party.

    Their claim is based on a trawl of four years’ worth of tweets sent by the accounts that have pushed pro-Jeremy Corbyn and pro-Labour social media messages under Twitter hashtags such as #GTTO – Get The Tories Out.

    Their report, “Engine of hate, the online networks behind the Labour party’s antisemitism crisis”, has been produced for the Community Security Trust, a charity that protects British Jews from antisemitism.

    It found that the accounts have tweeted content claiming that allegations of antisemitism in the party are “exaggerated, weaponised, invented or blown out of proportion, or that Labour and Corbyn are victims of a smear campaign relating to antisemitism”.

    so,….he unchallenged narrative in the article is that, if you challenge the Smearers, that is in itself proof of antisemitism.
    To repeat myself, what is the moral difference between Tommy Robinson, who makes false allegations about muslims for political gain and those who make false allegations of racism against opponents for political gain?

    1. I saw the Guardian piece this morning too.
      “Another account, @otivar55, has accused Labour moderates of being controlled by the Israeli embassy”
      They never mention “The Lobby” by name – they must be terrified of a wider audience seeing the evidence that leaves their credibility in the toilet.
      I mention it every time I can when the subject of antisemitism comes up on line but I don’t see many other people referring to it, which is a shame.
      I’ve looked on the CST website quite a few times – even counted the number of prosecutions they list per year going back a few years.
      From memory I don’t think there have ever been more than twenty-odd a year as far back as I looked – no upward trend I could detect and no reference to Labour Party members either IIRC, but it was a while ago I last looked.
      Now suddenly the CST have a “data analysis company” (Signify) do a report for them on Labour antisemitism and find only 36 Twitter accounts to complain of after trawling four years’ worth of tweets.

      The only Signify I found in Companies House was Signify Research Ltd of Cranfield, Beds. (Milton Keynes I think) which may or may not be the right company.
      Active Directors are shown as Simon Harris, Stephen Edward Holloway and Alexander Stuart Green.
      Just in case anyone knows anything useful.

      Does it seem to anyone else that the timing of this so-called ‘report’ might be designed to pre-empt an outcome of the EHRC investigation unfavourable to ‘the lobby’ – in that it finds Labour sinned against rather than sinning?

      And the title of the report – “Engine of hate, the online networks behind the Labour party’s antisemitism crisis” – does that not smell more like ‘Murdoch sub-editor’ than genuine academic research?

      1. Allan, thanks again for the research.
        I’ve held my nose and downloaded the actual ‘Engine of Hate’ report.

        It explicitly includes the assertion that disputing that the smears are true is antisemitic:-
        “Even worse, the notion that Jews would lie about
        antisemitism in order to prevent the election of
        a prime minister who would care for ‘the many’
        against ‘the few’ echoes antisemitic conspiracy
        theories that accuse Jews of dishonesty and
        manipulation in pursuit of goals that are
        opposed to the interests of the nation as a
        whole. It assumes bad faith, cunning and secret
        coordination: standard features of antisemitic
        conspiracy theories down the ages.”

        Apparently it’s been called The Livingstone
        Formulation by the academic Dr. David Hirsh,

        The report does mention ‘The Lobby’; it has to as it suggests that Asa Winstanley from Electronic Intifada is a prime distributor of anti smear material
        but it states of the now infamous involvement of Shai Masot and the JLM –
        “There is nothing unusual about
        political organisations in the UK having contact
        with various embassies, nor is it strange for British
        citizens to work at other countries’ embassies
        in London”
        It even mentions the £million funding – but, of course, their take is “This has been
        twisted by conspiracy theorists”

        Apparently the £1 million was simply to fund visits by Labour MPs to Israel. Allegations that it was used for anything else is apparently a conspiracy theory.
        (in passing, it would be interesting to know how many Labour MPs have declared that they have had such visits funded for them – presumably 10 at £10,000 at time to use up such a large amount of money)
        I’m halfway through the report and there are numerous screenshots of tweets and articles (stand up and be counted Skwawky, your screenshot is the biggest!!) but just one that i can see – it mentions Rothschild – which looks to be antisemitic rather than anti Israel and reacting to the smearers.

      2. …as for the £1million – Labour Friends of Israel denied recently (but not at the time?) that they ever received it.

        “so there can be absolutely no room for doubt, no payment of 1 million pounds, or indeed any other amount, for LFI, or our delegations, was offered, given or received.”

        So it’s “never happened guv,nor, and if it did it was totally innocent”.

        Going on further into the report, there is a tweet about ‘Jewish blood’ by Scott Nelson – which was part of the evidence for which he was expelled from the party and for which he has apologised ..but that’s pretty unpleasant.
        There is a reference to ‘Rothschild’ by a ‘Rachelswindon’ account – a screengrab makes it clear she wasn’t aware of a Rothchild ref being an AS trope apologised, said she would not use it since and hasn’t done (or doubtless CST would have highlighted it).
        There are some references to a ‘jewish lobby’ in tweets by ‘Christina’ – again, a screengrab by her (on page 29) distinguishes between Zionist jews and other jews, though there are some worrying potential tropes there.
        There is a blog called ‘warmongerhodges’ with one reference to reading about shady goings on by the Rothchilds and Rockerfellers – so about bankers, not necessarily jewish bankers.
        The methodology mentions ‘1,570,938 tweets’ which were searched. The results of this in terms of what might actually be classified as AS from a million and a half tweets are listed above.
        The rest of the report is based on the usual conflation of anti israel criticism and AS.
        A thoroughly shoddy piece of work.

      3. Here they are…

        “Signify is an ethical data science company. We use machine learning and open source data sets to find out what people care most about. Then we help our clients build positive, helpful campaigns that resonate with thousands of people.

        Signify’s core values are honesty and respect for privacy. We want to show the world that AI and big data can build social empathy and inspire better products and policies. We stand for positive and practical communication.”

        My emphasis.
        Just another fucking PR company then. But this one is ‘ethical’
        in the way it seeks to manipulate public opinion.

      4. From their website:

        Partner with Signify

        Signify work with a number of other agencies in politics, media, brand and corporate communications.

        Each partnership is built on the development of shared revenue models and innovative proprietary technology.”
        My emphasis.

        I’d be interested in what ‘shared revenue’ the CST offered.
        Or the BBC, the Guardian, ITV, Nickelodeon, Channel 4, Demos and Hook Research.
        I suspect that last one is the only ‘shared revenue partner’.

      5. David, the Pdf of the report has more info on them at the end. It mentions that they have been involved in research about anti muslim views in the past, so I’d speculate a Hope Not Hate/Ruth Smeeth connection.

        Whoever wrote the report has done so from the perspective that AS in the LP is a deep seated reality – and that anyone arguing against that view is wrong. So a HNH connection fits the bill.

      6. “I mention it [The Lobby’] every time I can when the subject of antisemitism comes up on line but I don’t see many other people referring to it, which is a shame.”

        I do the same. It’s like throwing pebbles into the sea – but the more the actual information gets disseminated, the better. I also point to the 2009 Oborne ‘Dispatches’ documentary on the subject of the Israel Lobby. It contains less detail than the Al Jazeera series, but packs a punch because of its detachment from the current feigned ‘crisis’. Among the highlights are a conservative MP (anonymous) quoted by Oborne in saying that he won’t get very far in his exposure because of politicians running scared of the Lobby and, even more tellingly, Alan Rusbridger being quite explicit on camera about the pressure put on the Groan by the Lobby’s heavy mob (the results of which we see in that paper’s complete capitulation to propaganda on the issue).

        See :

        One asset of this exposure is that it can’t be labelled ‘left wing’.

        I also keep at hand a list of articles which convincingly expose the manufactured nature of the scam. These can be passed on to anyone who is interested in the declining art of real journalism.

        Finally, I reckon it’s worth pointing people to the JVL website as a source of intellectually coherent analysis and comment – as opposed to ranting propaganda from the right.

        The one ray of light that comes from this latest confection is that it actually confirms beyond doubt the venal nature and source of the propaganda initiative as it tries to turn Asa Winstanley’s research on its head. The venal perpetrators are obviously really scared of truthful investigative journalism from Jewish individuals who are advocates of Palestinian rights!

        .. further confirmed by the antisemitic slagging of JVL in which the BoD nexus far out-performs any real antisemitism in Labour.

    2. And in the magazine section there is an interview with Alan Johnson in which he attacks Corbyn. Corbyn should be proud to be attacked by someone as truly dreadful as him.

    3. Oops David – my apologies! Perhaps take it as a compliment that I mistook you for Allan H and his excellent researches!

      1. His excellent what?

        How strange he hasn’t stepped forward today to enjoy his moment in the spotlight. 🤐

      2. Hey timfrom, give the man his due – he does post some excellent, relevant links.
        Sometimes he goes off at a weird tangent but none of us are perfect.
        Nobody here will have noticed because I’m always on my best behaviour but I can be a crabby old bastard sometimes.

      3. “I can be a crabby old bastard sometimes.”

        … it’s a distinguished club. Victor Meldrew’s an old mate.

    1. Didn’t know there was a name for it but, being an argumentative mean old bastard, I’ve encountered the rather pathetic technique it quite a few times.
      Most memorably on Hyde Park Corner, but I’ve seen it here too.
      I find sarcasm as an extreme sport usually sorts the men from the trained marine mammals.

      1. Of course, the smearers will insist that us calling for actual evidence of anti-Semitism is US sealioning THEM.

      2. …technique it describes ffs.

        Another cut’n’paste fupuck.

  2. Look, any Comrade worth his or her salt and who has been around the block a few times knows not to be naive about the tactics that the Right Wing scum, be they up front Tories or the scum who call themselves Centrist but are really running dogs (or in most cases scampering pups) of the Establishment! These types are just of no account! Any Commie, such as myself, (always voted Labour) will tell you the history of provocations by the Right (who are usually wrong) beginning, probably with the ‘Zinoviev’ letter! So, on these paltry attempts at provocation don’t follow the petit bourgeois and not get angry! Just get angry, keep the memory of the Tory scums perfidy and when Labour win and these type approach will smiles and blandishment, remember your anger and then get even! And push those who take up Parliamentary seats in this blighted Parliament (for it will not change overnight) to stand by your guns, and your direct action so that they will not wilt and betray their principles for a pottage and thus betray us the people! So, Comrades, get angry and get even!😈

    1. The trouble is Tony,many who I would describe as “soft left” which would describe many Labour members and supporters have not “been round the block a few times” and can be extremely naive about such matters.I was run out of the “We Love Diane Abbott” group because people didn’t understand we had a Zionist provocateur on there.I almost always go into attack mode when I meet these people,and when I am satisfied I call them out ,but never engage for long .I just point out they are a troll and do not engage any further

    2. Tony Hagger
      We have never been the street fighters we think we are, there is nothing cheap and nasties would not consider and now we have the government where nothing is off the table
      If we win we will dutifully do whats best for the country and repair the damage
      Whereas a good Street fighter would finish you first
      There is nothing radical in the manifesto and nothing to take down the class system that feeds the Tories
      Methinks thems the facts folks

  3. Maybe, in the light of this timely Skwawkbox warning, genuine Left wingers posting on here will from now on be a bit more “woke” to the malign tactic behind the constant diversionary toxic narrative peddling of the obsessive , simplistic, dog-whistle, “Zionist conspiracy within Labour” meme, by that regular disruptive Troll, posting as “Jack T” ? Probably not – too many Lefties posting on here fall for it every time – thus simply helping to sustain the MSM’s “Labour members are obsessed with Israel, Zionism, and Jews” smear story.

      1. Thing is Ha’penny lost *himself* in confusion a long time ago.

        I’ve seen plenty of alleged ‘conspiracies’ come and go (one of them is Ha’Penny seeing trolls under every bridge when his preconceptions don’t compute) – and I always get out me mate Occam’s cut-throat when I see one coming.

        *This* conspiracy is very real.

    1. Yup, we’re obsessed with Zionism. All socialists should be.
      I hope we will always be obsessed with a political movement that espouses apartheid and ethnic cleansing and turns a blind eye to imprisonment without trial and and the extra judicial military murder of women, children, and medical personnel. We must fight against this evil regime as long as we have breath in our body.

    2. Personally, if I could ignore the ‘antisemitism/zionist’ palaver and let it play itself out, I happily would. It bores the f**k out of me to the point of boiling my piss with it’s incessance from the likes of hodge, (ell)mann screeching and watson assisted by the likes of LFI and the JC who persistently keep the issue in the spotlight.

      It’s like Michael Corleone’s frustration in the Godfather III scene: ” Just when I thought I was out…They pull me back in….Our true enemy has not yet shown his face.’

      But it’s not hard to guess who it is, is it, Michael??.

      They insist there’s a correlation between the election of Corbyn as leader and the increase in antisemitic sentiment. By the same token they insist the correlation between their affiliations coupled with their their anti-Corbyn, anti-socialist agenda is ‘antisemitic’.

      So they, and THEY ALONE decide what’s what, do they? If that’s the case ‘They’ can GTFO of it.

      Will nobody ever tell my WHY do they NEVER say ‘Anti-JEWISH’??

      Rhetorical question. Everyone knows the people who made THAT allegation would be laughed at and their bubble would be exploded by their own gobshitery.

      As much as Jack T bores me with this ‘antisemitism/zionism’ thing, he’s only playing them at their own game.

    3. Bad Penney, thanks for the publicity. Your technique for deflecting blame is rather more crude than some of those others described on Skwawkbox. You merely insult anyone who calls out your Zionist fifth columnist friends whilst at the same time burnishing your left wing credentials. Typical smoke and mirrors.

      I’m quite surprised that you even think readers will fall for it. I don’t see why I should but I’ll offer you a little advice on how to conduct an argument. See if you can go back over my posts and pick out anything I’ve said which is untrue. It’s possible you could salvage a tiny bit of credibility but I doubt it.

    4. Penny.. You and I both know we get a bad press whatever.If it wasn’t AS it would be somthing else.The smears will not stop till we remove the helpful idiots in parliament that feed theMSM.Jack T might be obsessed but I wish we had a few more like him who were obsessed with clearing out the vermin that infect our party…….I’M obsessed with the occupation of Ireland.. doesn’t make me wrong penny

      1. As I said in a post a few days ago Joseph (I think it might have been in response to you saying exactly what you’re saying again now), the black op smear campaign against Jeremy and the left wouldn’t suddenly come to an end if the ‘moderates’ in the LP were jettisoned from the party. Of course it wouldn’t. Yes, replace them with JC-supporting MPs so that Jeremy would have a much better chance of carrying out his manifesto if he won a GE, but to imagine that the smearing and demonising would stop once they were gone is just pure fantasy/fiction.

      2. I think we can safely assume that Jo Swinson, the new leader of the LibDems, would have gone along with the Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda had she been around then and a German citizen. The following is from a Sun article:

        Quizzed [on Radio 5 Live] if she thought Jeremy Corbyn was racist, Ms Swinson answered: “He has spectacularly failed to deal with anti-semitism in his party.”

        Referring to BBC’s recent Panorama investigation, Is Labour Anti-Semitic?, she said: “Frankly the response to that Panorama says it all.

        “Instead of going to war with anti-semitism in his party he went to war with the BBC for uncovering it and to impune the reputations of those brave young Labour staffers who spoke out about it.”

        When pressed on whether the Labour leader was an anti-semite, Swinson responded: “He’s certainly not dealing with it, and as a leader he needs to set the tone and the culture in the party.”

      3. I was just checking to see if the Daily Mail covered the Radio 5 interview with Jo Swinson and, as such, came across the following article from a couple of days after the Panorama hatchet job – ie a couple of weeks earlier – in which she says more-or-less the same thing. Here’s what she says:

        Jeremy Corbyn was accused of using ‘disgusting’ Donald Trump-style tactics to shut down criticism of its handling of the anti-Semitism crisis today.

        Liberal Democrat deputy leader Jo Swinson tore into Labour for what she said was an attempt to label a Panorama documentary as ‘fake news’ after former staff made a series of hard-hitting claims.

        ‘The thing I find most distressing about this is when faced with such a documentary, such powerful testimony from so many different individuals who clearly care about the Labour movement, that the response from the Labour party is to go to war with the BBC instead of going to war with anti-Semitism in their own ranks.

        ‘The way in which they are responding to this is just astonishing, that they are trying to discredit and that they were doing it even before the programme aired effectively to try and call out fake news.

        ‘Don’t try and tell me these people who are telling us their own experiences, that they are not valid and that they are wrong and that somehow, you Jeremy Corbyn know better what is anti-Semitic and what has happened to that person.

        ‘And I just think it is really disgusting the way in which they have done that rather than saying we have got a problem and we need to deal with it and we are going to deal with it, and it’s just words but the actions do not back it up.’


        The only ‘problem’ Jeremy and the LP has with A/S is the totally manufactured and contrived ‘anti-semitism’ smear campaign of course, and THAT is the only thing that’s disgusting:

      4. It appears S*n ‘journalists’ can’t spell impugn.
        I’m shocked…
        that one of them knows there’s a word that sounds like ‘impune’.

  4. I think the Independent is using a variant of this to try to boost subscriptions.

    The other day, they had an Independent Minds article on what it would take for Labour to get rid of Corbyn.

    Today they have one headlined “Why did Labour do so badly in the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election?”

    I want to scream, “Because it is a Lib Dem/Tory swing seat you fking morons”.

    I think this is a marketing tactic, hoping that some people will pay their money so they can do just that.

  5. Good news is their increasing desperation, by any analysis the CST report is positive for the party and members
    Bad news is what are we doing with TWatson and usual suspects
    What is the definition of bringing the party into disrepute or a series of libel against members
    Now its AS to mention smears and involvement of Israel, pathetic, but no where near what we have brought 9n ourselves

    1. Doug Watson and supporters are waiting for another envelope from the Israeli embassy…. Moneys tight and propaganda and fit ups Cost …. Money……How much was spent on getting Chris Williamson silenced?

      1. What happens under PR if an MP goes rogue are they replaced from the pool, does it end bye-elections

      2. Doug, I’m not a fan of PR but I think I’d support a system in FPTP that permitted party leaders or ad hoc committees to replace dead, permanently incapacitated, jailed, defected, kidnapped or just useless MP’s with ‘reserves’.
        I don’t think random events should disrupt government and I do think the electorate mostly vote for party rather than individual MP’s.
        Not an expert on the business of Parliament so I could be talked out of it by someone who is.

      3. David
        from working in the free advice sector for over 20 years, I have never approached an MP to help one of my clients,
        so having a local connection means nothing to me,
        as far as I know theres a list of candidates under PR,
        so I would like to think there would be a by-election contested by next one on the list
        what makes a mockery of democracy is present system

  6. Add another one to the list, from The Hangover
    ‘ Street Map ‘
    Meet you on the corner of dont care and fuck off

  7. perfect example recently Graham Hindson , who is hopefully blocked from SB , but appears tp be commenting in the Torrancing fashion over on the Canary , beware and don’t engaged is a very useful bit of advice

  8. That’s what happened to me on Twitter. The McCarthyIsraelists provoked me over my Celtic surname by bringing up Irish terrorism. When I responded with Irgun, I was reported, not to Twitter, but to my union, Unite. I was falsely found guilty of antisemitism and denied access to future official positions for two years despite appealing to the General Secretary (No Show Len).

    1. Richard,good job you are not a criminal,an Irish name always gets a judge going ape shit…. And never try denying having a violent urge or unable to control the dreaded drink? Thats another ten years mr . O’Flannery… Sir.. Take him down

    2. As you will know, Richard, other union members have suffered in the same way. The only redress is outside the knee-jerk organisation that imposed the sanction.

      There can be no quarter given to the vileness of fake ‘antisemitism’ where individuals exploit real historical suffering as a means to a partisan end.

  9. The master of blocking not bickering is surely Jeremy Corbyn himself. I think he riles his enemies more by not reacting to their taunts. Monsieur Zen is how he characterises himself. Of course those people who want a traditional leader think he’s not doing it right. It’s just that he doesn’t play those games.

    1. Perfectly correct.
      However, I remember watching Mohammed Ali fight and occasionally thinking ‘stop dancing around and clobber him one’!
      Surely an old socialist war horse like myself is entitled to the occasional bit of mindless violence?

      1. I watched the Foreman fight for the first time again a couple of years ago, still thought he was going to get killed then realised it was all in my head, Ali played him all the way and Foreman didn’t land a shot,
        Pray to God JC knows what he’s doing,
        only thing for certain is any man who can respond to being called a fucking anti semite and a racist with I’m sorry you feel that way is going to make a great PM and is a better man than me
        Still need a horrible bastard to do the shitty stuff though

    2. Really? Monsieur Zen? I didn’t know that.

      Been trying to think what BloJo reminds me of – not his politics but his walk, his stance and that hunched-over look he affects.
      Younger folks might not remember the Honeymonster from the adverts so here it is:

      Now picture it shaved.

      1. You swine David. I can’t get that picture out of my head now. Gosh, how will I be able listen to our unelected golden leader now. Thank you for that. My missus is in hysterics. A great way to start a political conversation with normally apolitical friends and neighbours. Tell Steven Bell. Nice one.

    3. They have tried almost everything to destroy him. I said almost intentionally because they have stuff awaiting the next GE. They seem concerned about his age, his health and his physical ability to do the job. His answer was to go on a gruelling national speaking tour. It’s very nice of them to be concerned about his health. They were very quiet after he was assaulted, perhaps the grapes and flowers were given in secret. Does anyone know what Lady Pottymouth had to say about the violence. I’m sure she empathised greatly since she has been facing threats and danger at every branch meeting she attended since joining the Party. She can be forgetful though as shown during her mayorship. Kiddies and things like that. I wonder where she stands in the table of richest amnesiac socialist Dames. There is something about this dame, as the song sort of goes. All he best.

  10. Yes perhaps we should stick to positive arguments in favour of our left wing democratic socialist cause.
    I went on my first Pride March today in my city with my union and behind the brass band they had hired (‘Sweet Caroline’ went down well) and 60,000 people against bigotry, made you feel good as a human being and put the small gatherings of the Far Right to shame!
    Sell our cause, we have powerful arguments for diverse working people in every country!

    1. “… perhaps we should stick to positive arguments in favour of our left wing democratic socialist cause”

      You’re right … up to a point. But propaganda on this scale has to be countered – it won’t just go away.

      And – the organisation of the Party’s strategy needs looking at. The NEC has been mired in confusion (or subversion) over the AS issue, and the same old same old in terms of Brexit is shedding votes, when the Party should be creating *clear* distance from the Tories and Mr Toad on this issue.

      Just moaning about the LibDems won’t cut the mustard.

      We start the communication war with a ball and chain on one leg, because of the propaganda press. WE don’t need handcuffs as well.

      1. clear distance
        the only party that will honour the result 52/48
        secure labour jobs first brexit and manifesto commitments
        deliver confirmatory vote, labour brino against remain
        now in GE who you gonna vote for

  11. No but I would have sang:,
    ‘Jeremy’s Army is on its way.
    Jeremy’s Army is here to stay.
    And we would rather have Labour in!
    Than the Tories any day!’
    But a good point, I could put a request in next time to the band before & our union could print off song sheets, it very well could be done and let the Neo-Liberal capitalists tremble as I am bloody organised Ha! Ha!

    1. RH, very interesting. Not least because the CST’s refusal to blame Labour is at odds with their appalling ‘Engine of Hate’ report. Maybe there isn’t a united front among the staff.
      But that JT article makes the Sun look almost reasonable (ok, maybe not). JC a bigger threat to minorities than English fascist groups? How hysterical can a newspaper get?

      1. Simon, “the CST’s refusal to blame Labour” got me thinking – the fact that this ‘report’ comes from a PR company masquerading as an academic data researcher – coupled with its ‘shared revenue model’ makes me wonder what the relationship between the two entities really was.

        “Hey CST, we’re Signify – we’re a data research company – and we respect your work so much we’d like to use our software to help you.
        Needn’t cost you anything at all – in fact we’d love to help with a donation.
        We think you might be under-reporting the number of antisemitic incidents. We can take a look but we’d need your authorisation so we can justify the hours. Would that be OK?”

        CST might see no harm in that. They might even now be trying to distance themselves from this fiction.
        It’s just that I’ve looked at their website before and it’s been exemplary – so I find their association with this inexplicable.

        If I’m even close to the mark, who’s really paying Signify?

      2. David, might Signify have done any work for Hope Not Hate? That might be a connection?

      1. there is only one recognised Jewish organisation that is four square behind JC, party, members and supporters that’s JVL
        Replace JLM and LFI with JVL and make sure they are funded properly

      2. Perhaps pure opinion from this publication with no evidence of cause and effect, if this was a comment in an academic paper it would fail.
        Many of us have been on the front line facing the Far Right (and putting ourselves at risk) in confronting them and racism in all its forms. But funny I can never recall any of our right wing critics standing with us?
        As Far Right US billionaires put millions to far right groups and individuals around the World including here, it will be Labour (and particularly the Left) and unions who will continue to confront them.
        I was actually recently confronted by a man who claimed to be a Labour affiliate and who had decided Labour was guilty of AS but wasn’t prepared to look at the websites I suggested like JVL and Jewish Dissident plus look at the reading I had found useful.
        I said if he was in town when the next demo against the far right was on, he was welcome to join me but he scuttled off. Hmmm!

  12. Block dont bicker is the smart way to overcome our political opponents and torrancing minor celebs it denies them the ability to whine about ‘online abuse’

  13. Johnson “misled” public on NHS funding, says Labour
    Boris Johnson has “misled” the public and NHS staffers today by pledging £1.8bn of “new money” to improve health services around the country and modernise 20 hospitals, according to the Labour Party.
    Johnson paid a visit to a Lincolnshire hospital today, where he confirmed what appeared to be a giveaway of NHS cash – with £850m going to 20 hospitals over five years, mostly in Brexit-backing areas. “I want to stress, this is new money,” the Prime Minister told the BBC, while Health Secretary Matt Hancock described it as “new money from the Treasury”.
    But Downing Street has now confirmed that the majority of the supposed funding boost – £1bn of the £1.8bn promised – is not new. This afternoon, Oliver Wright of The Times tweeted: “They’re now trying to work out where the other £800m came from. That may not be new either.”

    1. Johnson couldn’t give a flying f. about the truth – his strategy is based on the Leave campaign – that there will always be sufficient shit-for-brains characters in the electorate willing to swallow any old sick if they’re told it’s got three rosettes in the reviews.

  14. If you suspect Torrancing then simply ride the coat tales of the anger the carefully crafted bait post creates ITS FREE ADVERTISING! If it is not intended to bait and upset Labour Party members then the OP will not be upset but if it is Torrancing then this really gets up their nose. 😉

    Your answer to the post should be the following:

    Angry at what the post says?
    Then encourage people and their friends and family to Join The Labour Party! Maybe get your CLP to run some membership drive picnics and Garden Fetes or even a club trip. Put on some music have some scones and jam. Join the Middle. Join the Labour Party.

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