Video: Johnson’s Birmingham reception even worse than May’s – but compare Corbyn’s

New PM’s reception in second city even more dire than May’s ‘tumbleweed’ visit – but Birmingham’s reaction to Corbyn far different

New Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited the UK’s second city today – and the reception he received has led to unflattering comparisons with even the city’s reaction, or lack of it, to his predecessor.

When Theresa May visited Birmingham last year, the absence of any kind of welcome for the ‘Maybot’ led many to describe it as a ‘tumbleweed moment’. But Johnson’s arrival was greeted by angry crowds as the Etonian tried to maintain a semblance of cheer.

However, the city’s reaction to Jeremy Corbyn last September was a different matter altogether. An anti-austerity protest saw tens of thousands shouting for ‘Tories out’ and ‘Corbyn in’:

Corbyn’s ability to draw and inspire crowds is not limited to protest marches. His events in Liverpool, Manchester and Mansfield this weekend were jam-packed long before he made an appearance, with many would-be attendees unable to get in because of the demand.

Boris Johnson and Theresa May are two sides of the same coin and Johnson looks even less popular than his personality-free predecessor. But in spite of a continued and relentless anti-Corbyn media barrage and dodgy polling, the Labour leader’s appeal endures.

Integrity and humanity have a pull that can’t be imitated.

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  1. Another Pravda style message from Skwawkbox.

    Corbyns rallies, meetings, tea parties and personal outings may be authentic and appreciated by many but unless he finds a wAy to communicate with vision and style to tens of millions, using the media, it’s not going to work.

      1. As little as 80%?
        I’d have thought closer to 100.
        A society that calls itself a democracy yet accepts a partial right wing press and broadcast media literally owning the narrative is seriously deluded.

    1. “Another Pravda style message”

      That’s too harsh. But it’s not comparing like with like, and it would be foolish to underestimate Mr Toad’s appeal to a certain constituency. Even now, after all the knowledge of his lying narcissism, I am surprised at the numbers who swallow his schtick quite enthusiastically.

      It would be a great mistake to underestimate this.

    2. Bob 27/07/2019 at 6:53 pm – Comparing The Skawkbox to Pravda is just insulting . When have you seen anything on here that was false propaganda ? If you don’t know how corrupt and self-serving “the media”” are you know nothing . Thankfully more and more people are now better informed .

  2. pravda is the MSM and BBC, this is something no one is showing anywhere this is positive factual news for Corbyn that undermines the establishment narrative.

    It is from sites like this and social media that link to it that provide the communication to the millions.

    i feel your missing something …..

  3. Bob……Your comments are unwelcome and you are well aware that the elite control the Media and Corbyn and the Labour party have the hearts and minds of the public…….Whats your solution capitulate ?

    1. I’m sorry to be a Party pooper – but the statement that, at present “Corbyn and the Labour party have the hearts and minds of the public” is wishful thinking without ‘some of’ interpolated in front of ‘the public’..

      And wishful thinking won’t win the next election. A poll showing (discounting YouGov) of between 25% and 30% isn’t good news, and certainly is far from evidence of the necessary hearts and minds being captured.

      1. RH. My heart and.minds concentated on Chris Williamson and if he’s out,then all of our tactics will be for nothing,……The damage this referal has done will be massive.and the loss to the Labour party terminal. This referral can only be orchestrated by the right wing to seriously damage the moral of party activists,and mine certainly is.. Loyalty must be reciprocated….this looks like treachery

      2. Aren’t you ignoring the fact that opposition parties and leaders score lower in polls than those currently in government, but that this isn’t reflected in people’s votes when it comes to a GE? Because if it were, then we would never have a change of government.

  4. If the vote is split 4 ways in a GE who wins under FPTP
    Number 3
    £1,000,000,000,000 increase in national debt under Tories

  5. Yes the Tories with the backing of the media are trying to mirror Jeremy’s direct to the people approach with contrived walk abouts (with pre warned Tory members to assemble for photo shoots).
    it’s Labour Genuine v Tory Fake.
    Johnson reminds me of Reagan, political imbecile, B movie actor, there to charm the public whist the real Neo-Liberal Right Wing
    Barbarians pull the strings.
    Johnson as an individual is just a typical bourgeois politician, a rump fed Tory, socialised to be a Tory, loyal to that cause, brought up on privilege but he is a political lightweight despite the act.
    So as the Tories attenpt to steal Labour’s ideas and practice (though fake in form) perhaps as well as continuing to be genuine Labour could up the intellectual ante by exposing the Tories as Neo-Liberal ideologues and Neo-Liberal Capitalist Legal Thieves (but put in simpler terms) for a Corbyn Surge Mark 2. Solidarity!

  6. Johnson’s Tories have taken the lead in all three polls our so far tonight; more the reason we have to be a unified Labour Party in using all our energies to fight him.

    1. So what? Of course with a new leader there is going to be a honeymoon period. In all of them, the Tories hit the dizzy heights of 30%.

      Nothing to worry about here.

    2. …joeStop reading that tory rag !…….Whatever they are paying you for that dross is too much……get a copy of the beano thats more your mark.The grown ups have campaigning to discuss….

      1. I would suggest, The Broons, but the Bash Street Kids is essential reading. Their motto was, Smashus nothurtus, we could all learn a lot from, Plug, Danny and all the others. They all managed to prevail against the most awful, relentless and unscrupulous enemies. The adults, better known to us as the Tapeworms. Remember their colours? Black and red. Nothing wrong with comics. Our backbenchers are full of unintentional ones. The enemy are bricking it. Multi-coalitions. I wonder if Madame Pottymouth read Bunty? She would’ve altered the first letter of course. A man can dream that the fingers will be getting dozens of re-elected traitors. To the barricades.

    3. Honeymoon period …. and pse check out the backers of said polls Joe K , you know they are biased . Agreed about unified Party , have a word with TWatson about that perhaps

  7. Joseph, reverting to patronising me says a lot more about you. 4 polls now out tonight put them ahead. Why don’t you take your own advice, and suggest to SkwaWkbox that he starts campaigning?The article theSkwaWkbox has posted after this is about the Birmingham mayor; nothing to do with campaigning.

    1. Joe Your every comment betrays the Labour party and Corbyn…..You only come out from your hole troll to feed poison using squawk box… joe kak get back in your box and stop trolling

    2. ” Your every comment betrays the Labour party”

      Joseph – this is the language of paranoia, not politics.

      You don’t have to agree with Joe to recognize that he has a valid point, namely that position of Labour isn’t exactly a bed of roses. That’s even when the oddities of YouGov polling are discounted.

      We can bang on all we like about the usual suspects, all of which banging contains truth – but it doesn’t alter the situation.

      Ultraviolet it absolutely right that it was predictable that the nation contains sufficient dozy f.wits for Mr Toad to have an initial boost as the Farago defectors move back to the Tories. The line graphs of the two parties correspond to that thesis.

      More worrying is that the lines of Labour and LibDems also mirror each other – coming back to the fairly obvious conclusion that it is the LibDems and Greens ‘Remain’ vote that is the main threat to our Party.

      The point is that something has to happen to change this pattern that has been clear for quite some time. All the rage against the MSM and the treachery of PLP members, coupled with genuine affection for Corbyn will not do that.

      This isn’t a faith-based operation – it needs to be based on a clear strategy, and in my view, an alternative to Brexit is an important plank. As a foundation, the NEC needs to get a grip instead of looking lost and bemused in the face of the wider problem – as well as the antisemitism debacle.

      Bottom line – if there was a GE tomorrow, I would be feeling *very* twitchy. Brecon and Radnor will be interesting.

      1. You.may be right ,RH,and we both know that we will be fighting an election without the full support of the party.We have had time to sort out the detractors in amongst us,but we still go into an election without the correct team and have to face the enemy.We do not need activists with doom or negative aproach.We will have enough doommongers amongst us without talking our party down. consructive criticism is okay but constsant attacks against Labour I am not so much is negative propaganda and demoralizing.I am hoping a good news on Chris Williamson,otherwise I will head for Cambodia to help in supplying clean water and proper sanitation to people that actually need my help…..And I must say RH that faith has been vastly underated by many including yourself…..sometimes in history it was all we had left after the invader drove and starved us out of our own country….

      2. Mmmm … Joseph. All I’d say in summary about current strategy is – remember Einstein’s definition of insanity, and Keynes’s comment on problem solving in the real world.

        … and, as far as faith is concerned, remember what Granny used to say : “God helps those who … Etc.”

    3. I am nobody’s spokesman but even I recognise that the regularly produced Skwawky is always campaining. Words can be intentionally revolting as when the traitors claimed that Corbyn didn’t fight hard enough at the referendum. Enough now, let’s grind them to dust. Enjoy the climate change cos it’s going to get hotter.Regards all, just give the polls amiss.Thanks.

  8. BBC Dateline London – meant to be a forum for London-based foreign correspondents to provide a glimpse into how “abroad” sees the UK – had, as usual, Alex Deane and Carrie Gracie for the Tories guiding the conversation in the ̶r̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ Tory direction.
    Gracie stepped in after a few seconds to stop Nabila Ramdani developing a contrarian theme due to ‘time constraints’ but let Irish Brian O’Donnell ramble on for three times as long stating the obvious on the backstop.

    Deane (Conservative commentator, comprehensive school boy) had the gall to say in response to a point about the preponderance of private school-educated Cabinet members… “Well, you can’t blame people for the schools their parents sent them to.”

    We don’t, Deane boy… we blame them for not rejecting the despicable views they learned at toff school and from their toff parents.
    Some of us were raised by racists and bigots and still managed to turn ourselves into decent human beings.
    There’s even less justification for your kind, you neo-Fascist dupe.
    Being despised as a twat by your contemporaries at school is no excuse for turning Torier-than-thou.

    1. Yes, I saw this, just at the point when Nabila Ramdani is about to remind the audience of Priti Patel’s antics while on ‘holiday’ in Israel Carrie Gracie who was chairing the debate for the BBC shut her down. Patel as we remember was trying to get UK aid diverted to Israeli field hospitals run by the Israeli army in the occupied Golan Heights, internationaly recognised as Syrian land. Israeli officials have refused to identify who they treat in the hospitals, and whether they are regime forces, rebels or civilians.
      Patel was forced to resign from her cabinet position after the scandal was made public, but this does not seem to be mentioned in any debates about her appointment as Home Secretary in the media. Carrie Gracie is an experienced BBC corresponent and I suspect was under orders.

  9. I find that I can rarely stomach mainstream broadcast news and current affairs. It’s a violent emetic – so I hope you’re feeling better, David.

    Nothing more needs to be said about this country’s self-image than that a lying narcissist who is viewed from abroad as a completely untrustworthy tosser has achieved an uptick in Tory support – coupled with the fact that the pen in which he perfected the lying and narcissism is regarded as the most excellent education.

    … which wouldn’t be quite so bad if Labour also hadn’t kept on talking about the same farming techniques as ‘excellence’.

    1. RH your quote.. God helps those who help themselves?That sounds like somthing from the od protestant idea of conquer the world and bring the natives the good news.. Labour right wing fanatics.. are the equivalent of that theme,or the poor are sinners and deserve to suffer?Modern conservatism from Boris

      1. Not in this context. Just a commonplace caution against passivity.

        I won’t get into the issues of the recondite world of religious conflict or the mythological imagery that the saying uses.

    2. I’m the same these days RH, Online offers far better quality news no MSM outlets comes anyway near the SKWAWKBOX for Labour news

  10. Pravda…..Truth. Post Truth; Fake News…..can you believe MSM? Which journalists can you trust? Dominant mainstream narratives are created to construct public consent of ‘preferred’ ideologies. MSM is either simply a window on the world or a stinking; festering; lying sewer located in a box in the corner of your living room. MSM get their news agenda from other Media organisations; an incestuous circle of self supporting reactionary agencies. Truth! What a quaint idea.

  11. good news is Johnson and Swinson are the dream team, fill yer boots
    usual suspects will have no choice but to get behind party, Johnson with a majority and No Deal are the nightmare scenario
    GE allows us to dump fantasy 2nd referendum brexit
    no 4
    we will honour the result 52/48 with Labour brino and then put it to a free confirmatory vote against remain

  12. Joseph O’Keefe, at least you’re listening to one of us. That’ll do for me.

    1. Joe I always listen and learn but do not necessarily agree!Knowledge is power

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